Monday, March 31, 2008

Reality Round Up.....

Every Monday, The Spielster will be wrapping up who was told to pack their knives, America voted, pack your stuff or your tour ends here last week…

  • * America voted off Chikezie this week from American Idol. Although he wasn’t the most talented or charismatic contestant on the program, there were definitely some worse performances than his. And Kristy Lee Cook’s assault on Red State America with her “Proud to Be an American” performance, as she didn’t even find herself in the bottom three this week. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Chekezie and chatted with him about his experience on AI this year.

  • * Erik Hopfinger, the tattooed tough guy on Top Chefwas asked to pack up his knives fter his corn dogs were judged to be too soggy. It’s been a rough road for the nice guy chef and I don’t think anyone thought he would be staying till the end. These chefs did not aim to impress the judges this week with their lame street fare for a local Chicago block party.

  • * Bret Micheals sent the last attractive lady, Jessica, home last night on Rock of Love 2. The last four ladies went to Las Vegas with Bret and Heather from Rock of Love 1. Heather started massive shit between the girls and Daisy about her still living with her ex-boyfriend, Nikki Sixx 2.0 and being all in debt. Heather was just jealous and all these bitches are nuts. Jessica, the na├»ve one, well at least that’s what we were told every 5 minutes, was told her tour stopped there because she “was a young soul”. Which means Bret knew she would become tired of him and his old balls as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. It’s pretty obvious Daisy is going to win.

  • * Tyra and the judges sent another one packing this week and the unlucky girl this time was Aimee. ANTM has a knack for almost hitting hits viewers in the head with which model will be in the bottom two at the end of the episode. This week’s shoot took place in McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg. Its always weird to watch these chicks hang out somewhere when I spend a good amount of my time. Anywhos, Claire was a bitch to Dominique during the episode and sucked at her shoot. Aimee whined about not getting naked and sucked on her photo shoot. Ultimately the judges knew Aimee was going home because she was just “girlfriend pretty”. Also, Anya won the first challenge of the day and got to take a soft core photo shoot with Nigel. Now that’s my kind of prize.

  • * We watched another hoochie go home on Flavor of Love 3. The ladies met with old contestants Saaphyri and Buckwild to make a “sexy” calendar and the two ladies thought none of these chicks were good enough for the prince Flav. So they brought in four new girls, who are obviously looking for love in a 50 year old has been rapper. But before this, Flav kicked out Shy last go around. It was probably because she made the mistake of telling him the cost of fixing her teeth was equal to the price of a brand new Mercedes. The girl had such bad breath that Flavor brought it up numerous times to her and she ended up going to the dentist. Now Flav is not picky at all when it comes to ladies, but even he has breath standards. It just keeps getting better.

  • * And finally, I don’t watch the following shows, but that doesn’t mean my readers don’t. Here is what happened in the other reality shows last week, like >a href=””>Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor: London Calling, Big Brother and that Pussycat Dolls mess on CW.


  • Friday, March 28, 2008

    Daily Rounds....

    Thank gosh its Friday. Here’s the latest news……

  • * John Krasinski sat down with USA Today and chatted about his upcoming release, Leatherheads and his affection for George Clooney.

  • * Sumner Redstone and Tom Cruise buried the hatchet and talked shop over lunch in Beverly Hills. Supposedly, Cruise is interested in returning to the Mission Impossible franchise, which is still owned by Sumner’s Paramount.

  • * Speaking of Scientology fans, Pete Doherty is allegedly learning the basics behind CSI because of a new love interest and a wanting to stay clean of drugs.

  • * Finally, Lost Highway is available on DVD in the US. It’s a no frills version, nothing like the Special Editions of Twin Peaks or Wild at Heart that were released in the past few years. This movie has one of my top five scariest moments in movie history. Here it is:

  • * Run Fatboy Run, written by Michael Ian Black, starring Simon Pegg and Hank Azaria and directed by David Schwimmer is not getting the best reviews. In other State News, have you checked out Michael Ian Black’s and Ken Marino’s arc on REAPER? Genius!
  • * And finally, make sure you stay away from wombats! A man is alleging that she was raped by a wombat and that after the traumatic encounter she was then able to speak Australian. You can’t make this shit up people.


  • Barack Obama on The View

    Barack Obama spent some time with the ladies on the View this morning. He was on for about a half an hour and answered a great deal of questions. He discussed racism, his recent drama with Rev. Wright and his ground breaking campaign, as well as his plans for if he gets the job in the White House. I have compiled a clip form of the program, courtesy of my new fave website Red Lasso. Obama was able to present a few ideas of his today that I was unfamiliar with and his ability to handle these women was refreshing. The best part was him asking Elizabeth if she had to put together a reel of her dumbest 5 quotes ever and the laughter between the other ladies on the couch.

    While I will spare everyone my pick on whom should be President, I think this man has so much character it's ridiculous. He is a savy politician whose youth has been an asset to his campaign and the voters. Its rare to have a politician so eager to reach out to the masses and if he was to win the Presidency, it would be incredibly refreshing to have a leader with an open door policy of communication.

    Here is the interview, in segments, and please let me know what you think!!!.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    UPDATE: Part 3 is now fully functioning - THANKS WVG!!!!!

    Casting Round Up....

    Here's the casting news of the week for films....

  • * Lindsay Lohan has been cast as Nancy Pitman in a movie centered on the Charles Manson followers titled Manson Girls. Filming will begin next year.
  • * Elizabeth Banks was cast as Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s upcoming bio pic of George W. Bush. Josh Brolin will be playing W himself in Stone’s W, which will begin production next year.
  • * Will Arnett has joined the cast of the upcoming Disney feature When in Rome. The movie focuses on Kristen Bell, as lonely New Yorker and her travels to Italy to find a man. Also starring in “When in Rome” is Anjelica Huston, Jim Heder, Josh Duhamel and Dax Shepard. Filming is slated to begin later this year.
  • * Dennis Quaid and Kate Walsh joined the ensemble cast of Legion, the first directing effort for Scott Stewart. Shooting will begin in New Mexico in the coming months.

  • Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Langhorne Slim on David Letterman

    Last night, Langhorne Slim and his band War Eagles had their network television debut. The amazing indie folk artist did a hell of job performing "Restless" on The David Letterman Show. I love Langhorne and his honest style. The song, along with his new album, brings a great maturity to the blues/folk stylings he is known for and shows a depth not capitalized on with his previous works. Langhorne can virtually take an audience to wherever he wants his storytelling over acoustic guitar and I am so glad to see this talent being recognized. I have known Slim for many years now since we went to Purchase College together and even back then we all knew this day would come. He has been working on his craft since school, playing small clubs all over NYC and the states and continues to grow his fan base ten fold with each year.

    To see one of your friends become well known for their honest talent and shake hands with David Letterman is pretty mind blowing. So if you have yet to check out Langhorne Slim, please stop by his Myspace page and listen to some of his great new record. Here is the awesome performance from last night's Letterman episode.

    Picture courtesy of Hilary Ruggiano

    Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    American Idol last night - David Cook blew the others away!

    So most of you by now are well aware of my returned interest to American Idol. This season I definitely think is one of the best ones ever and I’ll tell you why. This time around, the ones who are doing well are actually the ones with most talent. There are of course the requisite annoying singing girls who push their voice too hard and are always pitchy and I am bored to death with them. We also have Kristy Lee Cook, who is pushing her “Proud to be an American” schtick about as far as her country-music loving voters can take it.

    But it doesn’t matter because I have David Cook to entertain me every week. I am not usually a fan of rockers like this, but this dude has so much talent its ridiculous. And as opposed to Chris Daughtry, the only rocker type who was genuine and could have won the contest, Cook finds new ways each week to push himself out of the rock comfort zone. Last night, the contestants were asked to perform a song that came out the year that they were born and most of the performances actually bored me to tears. But, Cook blew me and the judges away with a slowed down version of “Billie Jean”, originally by Michael Jackson. It’s pretty brave to change up an MJ song, but when it is done well, its wonderful. Simon said the performance was amazing and I can not agree more with him. Cook has what it takes to win this competition and to reiterate Cowell’s remarks from a few episodes ago, if the contest remains about pure talent and charisma, no on can beat him.

    Check out Cook’s rendition of “Billie Jean”.

    Tyra Banks leaving America's Next Top Model????

    Is Tyra Banks leaving “America’s Next Top Model”? OK! Magazine is reporting that the supermodel diva is incredibly unhappy with her CW program and wants out! She has apparently not been getting along with Jay Manuel, whom carries photo shoot creative director these days, and is finding teaching skinny girls how to model is not as rewarding as the work she is doing on her syndicated talk show. Banks has been reportedly beyond difficult on set this season and does not spend any time with the contestants more than she has to, which is very different from previous cycles.

    America’s Next Top Model is currently in its 10th cycle, which is similar to a season and while the “supermodel” guests are getting better this time around, the challenges are becoming boring and monotonous, with a hint of preachy. On the other hand, Tyra’s daily talk show is doing extremely well, especially with the caliber of guests she is getting, i.e Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and with her drive to become a modern day Oprah, it would be a smart move to make the transition to a serious talk show host. Personally, Banks can go away, as long as Jay stays and I will still tune in.

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Daily Rounds.....

    The election coverage, if you can consider what the major outlets are considering actual coverage even news, i.e. trips to Bosnia in 1996, is driving me to an early grave. I have promised myself not to fall for it this year so let's get to the pop culture news of the day...or actually the past couple of days...

  • * You got to feel bad for this dude.

  • * YEA!!!! David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are coming back to HBO. Woohoo!!!! I fucking love Mr. Show and can't wait for these dudes to bring the funny back.

  • * Things I learned today: Rich women in Hollywood are dumb: Priscilla Presley and her friends allowed some fake doctor to inject them with silicone and Demi Moore thinks she can maintain her looks with leeches. Confirmed - they are dumb!

  • * The LA Times discusses the genius that is John Hughes and how is still impacting comedies being made today. Hughes has created some of my favorite moments in cinema history, so this is a very intersting read on the reclusive comedic writer.

  • * How does Wal-Mart continue to find ways to become more evil. They actually sued an ex-employee who became brain damaged in a car accident for their medical payments back. Someone get me a cucumber...

  • * Can you stand the heat? Lollapalooza's line up is freaking amazing this year!!! I wish I knew I wouldn't pass out in Chicago's August heat waves.

  • * Of course they are saying this. Apparently at the gossip mags don't give two sticks about Pop Ficton, the Ashton Kutcher show. Well wouldn't you say this after a celebrity proves you aren't doing your job?

  • * South Park will have every one of their episodes online for free.

  • Check out The Breeders and album release party for Mountain Battles. Its on Vimeo.
  • And finally, Michael Stipe is funny. Check out the new R.E.M album on iLike. And watch his very important announcement below.

  • *

  • Monday, March 24, 2008

    Apologies and Salutations....

    First and foremost, apologies to you my loyal readers. Last week was STRESSFUL. I started a new job with about 10 times the responsibility I am used to, which is a very good thing and then got my first cold of the winter, right on the last day of winter – how cute! I was bed ridden until Sunday and then my ass was looking for a new pair of jeans, so you were all a bit lost in the shuffle. As I attempt to invest more time in this site, I find it harder to actually write anything. It’s easier nowadays to get overwhelmed with everything out there. I am looking to streamline the site, make it more reader friendly and much more participatory for the readers. I want to make sure I am bringing new and updated content and not just regurgitating information that ten other blogs have done. In the next month, you will be seeing some much needed updates and format changes and we all hope that this is for the better. I am constantly finding myself needing a change with this site to make sure everyone is getting something out of it. As I mentioned earlier this year, I am bored to death with some of the celebrity chatter that is going on nowadays and apparently, I am apparently not the only one who doesn’t get where this gossip nonsense is going. Don’t get me wrong…I watch reality TV, I know pretty much all there is to know about Lohan and find it interesting when Courtney Love does something ridiculous, but all in all, haven’t we moved way past that to creating celebrities just to talk about them? I don’t know if everyone is feeling me here and I am sure the next big juicy story will make me salivate and jump all over these fools, but right now I am wanting to find out more about the new movies, books, tv shows, etc and not so much what the hell Heidi and Spencer did on their Easter break. Ironically, this weekend marked the death of 4,000 US soldiers in the Iraq war, so I understand why we are continuing to dumb down the news with Britney Watch!, but come on.

    The Spielster will be updating with brand new content, whatever it may be, later today…..THANKS!

    Image courtesy of Flickr

    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Minnie Driver finally admits it...

    Yeah we reported this news over a month ago and the other blogs snoozed on it for various reasons, but Minnie Driver finally admitted to Jay Leno that she is pregnant on Thursday night. Driver was a guest on The Tonight Show in part of the publicity tours she is doing to promote the second season of FX's The Riches. The star has been hush hush with the news and other major gossip magazines were wary about publishing anything about the baby until she confirmed her pregnancy. She is reportedly in her second trimester and seems to be doing great. She did not let Leno in on who the daddy is, nor what's the sex of the baby. But she was able to have fun with it.

    Here she is joking around with Leno about being fat when she lets him in on the "secret".

    Again, we here at The Spielster wish Minnie Driver the best of luck with her pregnancy.

    EYE SPY - Celebrity Sightings....

    I have the uncanny ability to run into celebrities. Not sure if its because they run rampant here in New York City or am I just frequenting random places. Here's the round up of peeps I saw this week...and no, there will be no canoodling rumors here. I will try and put these EYE SPY sections together each week.....ENJOY!

  • * I saw Josh Hartnett, Michael Pitt, Leo Fitzpatrick and Lukas Haas at a birthday party in Brooklyn last week. They all were hanging out with friends, being respectful and enjoying themselves. And none of them were making out with Helena Christensen, sorry.

  • * I spoke with Ann from America's Next Top Model at Williamsburg thrift store Beacon's Closet. The girl is gorgeous in real life and very down to earth.

  • * Again, I caught James McEvoy chatting with fans on the set of his film WANTED and giving autographs. What a nice guy!

  • James McEvoy is a nice actor....

    So I live in LIC here in NYC and they are usually filming a movie or tv show at least once a month here. Not sure why we attract so many films, but I have gotten use to it over the 5 years I have been here. This weekend they are filming some crazy action sequences for the upcoming film WANTED, based on the graphic novel series of the same name. It stars heavy hitters Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, as well as up and comer Jame McEvoy, best known for his role in Atonement. Today, while I was walking my dog Oliver, a bunch of people in their early 20's knocked on the many many trailers lines up and down my block and out popped James. He was courteous, came out and spoke with the group, who were fans of his, for about 15 minutes. He then took a bunch of pictures with the group until he had to go into makeup. It's so refreshing to see this kind of behavior from an actor nowadays. I didn't have my camera with me to take pictures, but it was nice to see some fans get one on one time with McEvoy. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the career. Odds are he will be the only celebrity I see all weekend here since Jolie is insanely pregnant and I do not believe Freeman is in any actions scenes, but who knows.

    Here is the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster:

    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    I can't believe that country girl got a pass....

    My name is Danielle and I watch American Idol and I am pretty shocked by this week's results. While I know David's performance was cheesy, it definitely was not the worst that night. I am pretty sure his stripping past did not help him grow a fan base. But how is that Kristy Lee Cook still here after this performance last week.

    I think the new Lindsay Lohan movie Chapter 27, about the death of John Lennon will sit better with Beatles' fans then this murdering of "8 Days a Week". See, this chick thinks because since the country/Southern thing worked for my girl Carrie Underwood, it will work for her. She forgot one important thing - Underwood has talent. This Cook somehow managed to ruin two songs, two weeks in a row and she needs to get her candy ass booted next week. And how did David Archuleta, who forgot lyrics and was off pitch for half the song, not even get in the bottom three? America - you are disappointing me as always. Here is Hernandez getting the boot.

    Work Out Season Three - I will tuning in...

    I really enjoy watching Work Out, the reality show that focuses on Jackie Warner, trainer to the stars and her ever growing training business Sky Lab. Last night after the season premiere of Top Chef, we got a half hour glimpse of the third season. I have to say that this season looks like its going to be interesting with the new trainers and new projects coming up for Sky Lab. And I am going to go out on a limb and say that Jackie, best known for her athleticism as well as her ability to turn straight women gay is losing a bit of her dykability with me. I used to be like "Oh, I get it" and now with the long hair and pompous tude - not so much.

    Drama will always surround a small business, especially with the help of reality producers and I am pretty sure this season will be no different. But I get a feeling that once your boss becomes a household name, they also become a lot harder to work for.

    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    EXCLUSIVE: Meeting of the CSI Minds....

    Sources report EXCLUSIVELY to The Spielster that The Church of Scientology called an emergency meeting late last night at their Clearwater, Florida headquarters resort. Insiders tell me that this was not just any other meeting and that ALL levels of Scientologists were expected to attend the midnight meeting. It might have been an early celebration of their leader L. Ron Hubbard's birthday or it could have meant something bigger to the followers. Is it possible for another prophecy from Hubbard? Who knows, I got a letter from the man a few months ago- NO JOKE!

    The meeting was also expected to discuss the recent efforts of the anti-Scientology group Anonymous.
    The group, who has continuously picketed the Churches, leaked private information and targeted
    its members, are increasing their presence in the media. One can only think what is next that they
    will distribute and odds are that the meeting had a great deal to discuss on the group. This could be the reason why we haven't seen Tommy Boy out and about the past few days either, he was making hubbard a birthday gift. Cross your hands everyone and make sure Xenu ain't on his way back. Next week check back to see what other couples the CSI have created to gather more members. You might not have ever guessed some of them!

    DISCLAIMER: The Spielster is in NO WAY affiliated with Anonymous or any of their productions. I do not support, nor condone their actions. The Spielster is also not affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

    Don't get it twisted - Betty White is a gangster....

    Betty White appeared on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson right before the Oscars and she was fucking hilarious. She discusses her job as a an accountant and a drug mule. She also lets us know that Pat O'Brien can't keep his hands to himself.

    I have loved this woman since I saw her on Match Game when I was little girl and she represented the Scandinavians on the epic Golden Girls.

    She always brings the funny and was one of the original cute comediennes. Amy Poehler - take note - this is how you should be in 40 years. She's way smarter than you think and always finds a way to bring the raunch to an otherwise little old joke. And hands down Ms. White still has one of the best set of gams in the entertainment industry.

    Here is some more of the funny lady at the William Shatner roast. I love love love Betty White!!!!!

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Eliot Ness would never be this stupid...

    So yesterday afternoon us here in New York found out our Governor, you know the one who came in with guns blazing saying he would clean up the mess of corruption in the New York State government, was schtooping a prostitute.

    Elliot Spitzer has since made a cute little speech about how sorry he is for being an idiot and that he was supposed to uphold the law and instead he boinked a lady in Washington D.C. and paid her thousands of dollars. He of course dragged his poor and embarrassed wife out so she could stand behind him while he gave this "humble" speech and she looked as impressed at his revelations as I do when I see the American Idol contestants. Ironically, the former Attorney General, who made a name for himself crusading against big business and illegal rings, was brought down yesteday by the same stings he used himself.

    So I wonder, when will male politicians learn to keep it in their pants?? If you notice, you never hear about Nancy Pelossi or Dianne Feinstein cheating on their mates with interns, prostitutes or the boy in the bathroom stall next to them. And don't even front like men aren't attracted to these ladies in power. So what's the deal dudes? Are you this lonely? Are your wives really holding out on you so badly you would throw your careers and the lives of your constituents away for some hot sexy action? I mean Spitzer has a very attractive wife, who seems like she has it together since she hasn't murdered him yet for embarrassing her so badly, so what's the deal? And if you morons are going to cheat, let's take a cue from the mob. The made men are smart about their practices outside the marriage. They get some cute, young girl from Staten Island, who only wants an apartment, fancy dinners and a bunch of chunky gold jewelry and they keep her happy. They don't rock the waters and they seem to not get caught. You would think after all the years of watching criminals being brought down Spitzer would have learned to cover his tracks. Apparently the man we thought was so smart, is not. Uggh...I can't wait for the two parter on Law & Order. Dick Wolff must love this shit.

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Oh Project Runway...when will the fun end.

    This weekend Amy Adams hosted Saturday Night Live and frankly, she was gosh darn funny! She has quite good comedic timing, which you will see if you rent Drop Dead Gorgeous and her uncanny resemblance to Kristen Wiig was enough to create multiple sketches celebrating it. But, my personal favorite was Amy Poehler as Project Runway's fierce winner Christian Siriano. SNL mocked the reality format Bravo uses so well and here is the end product.

    I said it last week that this kid is TV gold and I am pretty sure out of any of the PR winners, he is the one most of us want to see again and again. As long as he increases his vocabulary past the word "fierce" and "I want to die".

    And here is some more news for you Project Runway fans:

  • * Apparently Tim Gunn does does not like Victorya Hong. He lets us know this and other juicy things about Season 4 of Project Runway in an interview with The Chicago Tribune.
  • * And Victorya responded to Blogging Project Runway. And by responds, I mean talks shit on Tim Gunn. Can't we all just be friends?

  • Friday, March 7, 2008

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds were amazing!

    Last night, I got drunk and watched Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds perform at the Plug Awards. All in all the awards portion was lame, but the event people knew that so they kept it short and sweet. The audience was able to check out some short sets by the adorable St. Vincent and grime star Dizzee Rascal. But the main event was the full length performance Mr. Nick Cave gave to the audience. It's been about 6 years since the man came here and rocked NYC and I am very much glad I was there. While I don't hate Terminal 5, I do wish it was a bit more audience friendly. Nick was amazing and the band were incredible. I have never had the opportunity to see him perform live and while he didn't play my two favorite songs of his ("Get Ready for Love" and "There is a Light"), it couldn't have been any better. Well it could have been twice as long. You can read more about the show here at Brooklyn Vegan.

    Image Courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan

    Amy Poehler you luck woman.....

    I have to say I am incredibly jealous of Amy Poehler. First, she is one of the funniest women to have ever walked this planet. Second, she is freaking adorable. And she gets to come home to Will Arnett every night. Here's the funny man with The human Giant gang.

    Hungover and the Daily Rounds..

    So I am in the words and tone of Paul Rudd, I am hung ovahah this morning. It was almost crippling to get out of bed, put on some clothes and make it to work this morning. And to top it off there was a sick passenger on the 7 train, which came this close to making me a sick passenger. It’s almost 12PM and I just now getting my wits about me. I have never been one of those people who can get rip roaring drunk, go to bed and wake up 4 years later and be productive. I filled my belly with greasy food this morning and now I’m just sucking back water like its going out of style. I got so wasted at the Plug Awards last night, which I will go into detail about in a later post, but it was fun. Today to save my sanity, we are rolling out with the Daily Rounds format and the larger posts will be coming your way in the afternoon. I have a lot of stuff to discuss today

  • * In political news, Natalie Portman thinks Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate. And she is not alone. MTV News caught up with superstar Jack Nicholson to discuss his support for Clinton and why he felt the need to put together a viral campaign video for the presidential hopeful. Nicholson believes “she is the best choice for our next Commander-in-chief”. See, who said Jack doesn’t like older women?

  • * Also, BarackObama apologized for "monster" remarks an adviser made in an interview with The Scotsman. Samantha Power , an unpaid foreign relations adviser to the Obama campaign stated that she believed that Clinton’s team were using dirty tricks and that Obama “fucked up” in Ohio. Power has since quit over the publicity mess that stirred up this morning. Now it definitely was stupid thing to say, but I have heard a lot worse. Just not sure why Democrats are still fighting Democrats when they NEED to win in November.

  • *Guiness put together a campaign of their own in order to make St. Patrick’s Day a national holiday. If you are like me and support the effort, you can view and sign the petition here. As an Irish-American, I find it insulting that little to no attention is paid to the sacrifices of the Irish immigrants who came here and built this country. Go Prop 3-17!!!!!

  • * Well Christian Siriano, winner of this season of Project Runway, already has a very important client. Victoria Beckham has begun working on designs with 21 year old designer. I think most of the clothing is for her specifically, which is a great platform for an up and comer, but I do believe that there are rumors that she will be working on her own line herself. I wonder if she is interested in a “fierce” collaboration.

  • * American Idol has it's final 12 contestants. While I am not ashamed to say I am sort of interested in this season, some of the participants that were kicked off this week and last seemed odd choices by me. I don’t care enough to vote for anyone, but sensation Danny Noriega was given his walking papers last night, as well as inspiring Asia'h Epperson. I think this might be an interesting and male-centric season.

  • * Ashton Kutcher is now punking the press instead of celebrities. In the past week, ridiculous stories surfaced of Paris Hilton meeting with a healer at a coffee shop and Cameron Diaz and Sean Combs boinking and the man behind it all is laughing at how easily the press and the public are tricked in to stuff. Kutcher’s show “Pop Fiction” is an exploration of the way the gossip sites and mags cover celebrity rumors and the process of these stories. Reportedly, Ashton has other stories circulating as we speak, so they are keeping hush hush on the filming of the show. I think its an awesome idea and really a kick in the butt for journalists and bloggers to do more homework than just commenting on pictures from Splash Online. One thing that can be said about Ashton is incredibly smart and I’m pretty sure he will own Hollywood in a few years.

  • * Corey Feldman discusses Lost Boys 2 and the demise of his forever broship with Corey Haim on his blog today. The actor says that MTV is interested in putting out a trailer for the film as soon as this week and that tapping the reality show for A&E has put relationship between the two Coreys in dangerous territory. It could also be that Feldman is a megalomaniac with an ungrateful bitchy wife and an incredibly needy and co-dependent ex-addict as a best friend, but whatevers. In other news, I have been happily watching License to Drive before I go to bed this week.

  • *Come on you knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The Lohan family has been all over NYC the past few days filming scenes for Living Lohan, a reality show for E! which focuses on Dina and her struggles raising kids, while pimping them out for cash. And Lindsay is said to be slightly involved with the program, which means that she will show up and pretend to give a shit about what’s going on. I will of course be a dedicated fan to this show, since you all are aware of my Lindsay madness.

  • * And finally, Robert Downey Jr. better pull this off. The actor is playing an actor, who finds out he needs to be black for a role in a military movie and therefore dyes his skin in Tropic Thunder. The movie directed by Ben Stiller has gone through enough problems during filming in the jungles of Hawaii and I hope this little piece of news doesn’t have the PC police after him. Downey Jr. believes that part is written well and once you see the movie, you will understand the character has dignity and that this no Soul Man.

  • Patrick Swayze diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

    I know I am a bit late in reporting this story, but I wanted to wait until it was confirmed by another source other than the National Enquirer Unfortunately, it seems they were correct in their reporting and Patrick Swayze has indeed been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
    The actor, best known for his role as a dancer from the other side of tracks in Dirty Dancing and the husband who won’t let even death separate him from his true love in Ghost, is reported to have been in treatment for pancreatic cancer since late last year. This type of cancer is considered one of the most lethal and hardest to treat.

    While the National Enquirer gave quite a grim prognosis of Swayze having five weeks to live, his doctor and publicist went on record with People Magazine and said that everyone involved is optimistic that the disease can be treated. Swayze is also reported to be in fine enough spirits and health to continue to work on upcoming projects, including that of a reality show being developed for A&E. My deepest sympathies go out to Patrick and his family and my hope for a speedy recovery. I have to say as a young girl who grew up in the 80’s, Dirty Dancing could be one of the most important movies in my childhood. I was a musical theater geek, who was obsessed with the 50’s and 60’s and I fell in love with this film and Swayze in the movie. It’s also where I first began my obsession with Jerry Orbach, the late and gifted actor. Last year was the 20th anniversary of the film and Patrick stopped by The Tribeca Film Festival to participate in the showing of the film and dance contests. He was an incredible good sport and nice to everyone he met. I wish there were more actors out there who were kind in real life and were able to laugh at themselves like Swayze does.

    But let's not get all mopey about this and try to look at the positives and the idea of recovery. I wanted to post something that Swayze did to make me laugh and the clip below is a perfect example of that. The clip is a skit from Saturday Night Live and it could be one of my top 20 of all time. Swayze and Chris Farley compete to be the next dancer at Chippendale's and well just watch it.

    Thursday, March 6, 2008

    And the winner of Project Runway is...

    Christian Siriano, the designer who single handedly brought back the term “fierce’. While, I was rooting for Jillian before the finale, I actually thought Rami should have taken home the prize after the runway show. But if PR was deciding on the winner on who had the strongest voice the entire show, it had to go to Christian hands down. Siriano, a 22 year old designer who currently makes NYC his home, presented the runway audience with a Spanish conquistadoresque look – billowy sleeved jackets, with incredibly fine tailored fit pants and ridiculously over sized hats. The look was all drama, but impeccably manufactured. What this kid has in creativity he matches in execution ability. I think that Victoria Beckham falling over for him and his personality, as well as his consistent strength over the course of many challenges, Christian was the obvious choice to win this season.

    This is not to say that the other finalists did not have strong looks, because they did, and personally I preferred Rami’s to everyone. Rami’s pieces were spectacular, especially the woven detail on the evening gowns. Lord if I had some cash, that man would be rolling dough right now. I think though the judges looked at designers all together this season and personally I believe the guest judge always has a larger impact than we think because they are a fresh set of eyes. That being said, Jillian’s and Rami’s collections overall were much friendlier to the masses and much more wearable than Christian’s. Overall, this is the strongest and most talented group of finalists Project Runway has seen and I can’t imagine any of them not soaring through the ranks of the fashion industry. Tim Gunn said it best when addressing the runway audience at Bryant Park “To Christian, Jillian and Rami, it is a phenomenal race and all of you are winners. I’m thrilled and proud of each of you.” I have to agree one hundred percent and say this was by the far the best Bryant Park showing of all the seasons. Every season I never know where the judges are going to go, since there are always looking for something different. I think this year they were finally comfortable to pick someone who was a bit more avant garde than your typical American ready-to-wear designer.

    Here are some of my favorite looks from the designers themselves.

    Christian's Cream Chiffon Ruffle Top with Cream Patterned Pants

    Jillian's Navy Strip Knit Top with Fabulous Sleeves and Basic Tweed Skirt

    Jillian's Riding Parka with Legging Style Pant and Riding Boot

    Rami's Black Tie Front Blouse with Magenta Woven Silk Skirt

    Rami's 1930's Antique Lace Embellished Layer Evening Gown (THE BEST PIECE OF THE NIGHT!)

    What did you all think was the best piece?

    Wednesday, March 5, 2008

    Project Runway Countdown....

    Ok so today, well tonight, is the day I have been waiting for. People I am on a computer 8 -12 hours a day, which I will one day blame for my cancers and blindness, but I digress, uhhh where's my point. Oh right, I have yet to see anything from the three designers who showed at Bryant Park for the Project Runway finale. Well all I have seen is whatever was shown in last week’s episode and I am seriously busting at the seams.
    Less then six hours away and I can't wait. I am pretty sure the real battle is between Jillian and Christian. While Christian is a master craftsman with insane couture skills, I think that Jillian just has more of a commercial friendly vibe and can see her clothes on a lot of different people. I think also this season will have the final three ALL going somewhere in their career. Yes, so my vote tonight is for Jillian, who I honestly think could be the next Donna Karan, but if any three of them win, I will be happy. I think for the first time everyone in the finale really deserved to be there and my guessing in the beginning of the season was actually correct.

    While I would love to be live blogging this awesome event, I will be having Zach Galifianakis make me laugh at 10PM tonight so no spoilers until my DVR is set and ready to play. In preparation, People magazine put together the best looks of season four of Project Runway. Below the adorable video of Tim Gunn and Christian having a walk off are some of my favorite pieces this season. So everyone enjoy the fabulous Bryant Park show and I’ll see you on the other side of the finale. And please feel free to comment on who you think should win. Once we have recapped, I would LOVE to hear what everyone thinks about the winner and the collections as a whole!!!!

    Some of my favorite designs of the season....

    Election '08...I can't believe this primary thing is still going on...

    So we pretty much have who is running against each other in November for the Presidency wrapped up after yesterday’s primaries in Texas, Rhode Island, Vermont and Ohio…SIKKEEEEE.
    Ok so the Republicans know which old crotchety white man they are throwing into battle , but us Democrats are still trying to figure out if we want Obama or Hillary to be our candidate. I am going to go on record and claim that I saw the Obama momentum growing the minute he spoke at the 2004 convention, during the year that I slowly lost my mind and wished pain and hemorrhoids on all of those who voted for Bush, but that’s not the point here. This year the Democrats have an amazing ability to elect someone who actually stands for something and will change the history of the United States of America. I wish Hillary and Obama had walked into this primary season holding hands and declaring that they would run together, but egos and all that other bullshit political mess got in the way and now they are fighting each other to the end. Since they are practically neck in neck with delegates and either way is almost 1,000 delegates down to automatically win the nomination, this means that we will see these two going at each other, and not in a sexy way, until Pennsylvania, another incredibly important state in the general election – just ask John Kerry and Al Gore. I for one am excited that the Democratic party seem to be equally invested in both candidates as opposed to the past few elections where we all sort of threw up our hands and said – who will probably be the strongest. Honestly, I supported Kerry wholeheartedly and believed he was a wonderful candidate. I even made a bag that said so, which at one point lead me to almost getting punched by a biker on the LES for Kerry’s “bad mouthing of the soldiers”. But I knew that my party wasn’t really “in love” with this candidate. But they are this time.

    Everyday I go back and forth, thinking did the liberal part of the Democrats’ collective brain malfunction and just get so gosh darn happy that we had a viable black and a viable female candidate for the first time we got ahead of ourselves. Did we not consider the possibility of going up against “War Hero”, “Patriot”, and “Maverick” John McCain as a possibility? I mean the man must have sold out his soul for a reason. He knew he would win, if for no better reason then his party almost felt obligated to right the wrong they made in 2000. So where do we go from here? Will Obama and Hillary come together instead of rip each other apart? Is Howard Dean pushing for a shared ticket, since the momentum is truly on both sides of the court? And if so, what the fuck will Rush Limbaugh do with himself if the Commander in Chief is a woman and the Vice President is a black man or vice versa? It’s almost worth it just to enjoy being bashed by the right again. Well at least this time we know we can’t get impeached for a sex scandal. Oh and by the way – GO HILLARY! As a young, female who has seen this woman survive some of the harshest attacks ever, I know she has what it takes to fix the mess we are in and redefine our role as participant in the global economy. I mean even ultra conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck is singing her praises.

    There is nothing that needs to be said

    that hasn't been already, but what is going over there in Nickelodeon product development that this found its way onto a toy store's shelf.

    Here is the full comprehensive list of the other "odd" toy products Nickelodeon ok'd for their hit show Dora the Exlporer.

    Top 9 Puzzling Dora Toys