Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the winner of Project Runway is...

Christian Siriano, the designer who single handedly brought back the term “fierce’. While, I was rooting for Jillian before the finale, I actually thought Rami should have taken home the prize after the runway show. But if PR was deciding on the winner on who had the strongest voice the entire show, it had to go to Christian hands down. Siriano, a 22 year old designer who currently makes NYC his home, presented the runway audience with a Spanish conquistadoresque look – billowy sleeved jackets, with incredibly fine tailored fit pants and ridiculously over sized hats. The look was all drama, but impeccably manufactured. What this kid has in creativity he matches in execution ability. I think that Victoria Beckham falling over for him and his personality, as well as his consistent strength over the course of many challenges, Christian was the obvious choice to win this season.

This is not to say that the other finalists did not have strong looks, because they did, and personally I preferred Rami’s to everyone. Rami’s pieces were spectacular, especially the woven detail on the evening gowns. Lord if I had some cash, that man would be rolling dough right now. I think though the judges looked at designers all together this season and personally I believe the guest judge always has a larger impact than we think because they are a fresh set of eyes. That being said, Jillian’s and Rami’s collections overall were much friendlier to the masses and much more wearable than Christian’s. Overall, this is the strongest and most talented group of finalists Project Runway has seen and I can’t imagine any of them not soaring through the ranks of the fashion industry. Tim Gunn said it best when addressing the runway audience at Bryant Park “To Christian, Jillian and Rami, it is a phenomenal race and all of you are winners. I’m thrilled and proud of each of you.” I have to agree one hundred percent and say this was by the far the best Bryant Park showing of all the seasons. Every season I never know where the judges are going to go, since there are always looking for something different. I think this year they were finally comfortable to pick someone who was a bit more avant garde than your typical American ready-to-wear designer.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the designers themselves.

Christian's Cream Chiffon Ruffle Top with Cream Patterned Pants

Jillian's Navy Strip Knit Top with Fabulous Sleeves and Basic Tweed Skirt

Jillian's Riding Parka with Legging Style Pant and Riding Boot

Rami's Black Tie Front Blouse with Magenta Woven Silk Skirt

Rami's 1930's Antique Lace Embellished Layer Evening Gown (THE BEST PIECE OF THE NIGHT!)

What did you all think was the best piece?


Anonymous said...

i agree rami had the best show too! but christian was consistently the strongest talent throughout the season. i can't believe i actually like a reality show and think the decisions they make are fair - bravo! :)

David Dust said...

Christian knows how to put on a SHOW! Believe it or not, my favorite look was the "Chicken Gown" - ridiculous, yes, but FIERCE!

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway Recap. your hair!

Patricia said...

Me again. I think you want the designers "soaring" and not "souring."

I think Christian absolutely deserved to win. Fashion needs creative spirits to think outside the box. Ready-to-Wear evolves by incorporating radical couture. Fierce indeed!