Saturday, March 15, 2008

Minnie Driver finally admits it...

Yeah we reported this news over a month ago and the other blogs snoozed on it for various reasons, but Minnie Driver finally admitted to Jay Leno that she is pregnant on Thursday night. Driver was a guest on The Tonight Show in part of the publicity tours she is doing to promote the second season of FX's The Riches. The star has been hush hush with the news and other major gossip magazines were wary about publishing anything about the baby until she confirmed her pregnancy. She is reportedly in her second trimester and seems to be doing great. She did not let Leno in on who the daddy is, nor what's the sex of the baby. But she was able to have fun with it.

Here she is joking around with Leno about being fat when she lets him in on the "secret".

Again, we here at The Spielster wish Minnie Driver the best of luck with her pregnancy.