Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Election '08...I can't believe this primary thing is still going on...

So we pretty much have who is running against each other in November for the Presidency wrapped up after yesterday’s primaries in Texas, Rhode Island, Vermont and Ohio…SIKKEEEEE.
Ok so the Republicans know which old crotchety white man they are throwing into battle , but us Democrats are still trying to figure out if we want Obama or Hillary to be our candidate. I am going to go on record and claim that I saw the Obama momentum growing the minute he spoke at the 2004 convention, during the year that I slowly lost my mind and wished pain and hemorrhoids on all of those who voted for Bush, but that’s not the point here. This year the Democrats have an amazing ability to elect someone who actually stands for something and will change the history of the United States of America. I wish Hillary and Obama had walked into this primary season holding hands and declaring that they would run together, but egos and all that other bullshit political mess got in the way and now they are fighting each other to the end. Since they are practically neck in neck with delegates and either way is almost 1,000 delegates down to automatically win the nomination, this means that we will see these two going at each other, and not in a sexy way, until Pennsylvania, another incredibly important state in the general election – just ask John Kerry and Al Gore. I for one am excited that the Democratic party seem to be equally invested in both candidates as opposed to the past few elections where we all sort of threw up our hands and said – who will probably be the strongest. Honestly, I supported Kerry wholeheartedly and believed he was a wonderful candidate. I even made a bag that said so, which at one point lead me to almost getting punched by a biker on the LES for Kerry’s “bad mouthing of the soldiers”. But I knew that my party wasn’t really “in love” with this candidate. But they are this time.

Everyday I go back and forth, thinking did the liberal part of the Democrats’ collective brain malfunction and just get so gosh darn happy that we had a viable black and a viable female candidate for the first time we got ahead of ourselves. Did we not consider the possibility of going up against “War Hero”, “Patriot”, and “Maverick” John McCain as a possibility? I mean the man must have sold out his soul for a reason. He knew he would win, if for no better reason then his party almost felt obligated to right the wrong they made in 2000. So where do we go from here? Will Obama and Hillary come together instead of rip each other apart? Is Howard Dean pushing for a shared ticket, since the momentum is truly on both sides of the court? And if so, what the fuck will Rush Limbaugh do with himself if the Commander in Chief is a woman and the Vice President is a black man or vice versa? It’s almost worth it just to enjoy being bashed by the right again. Well at least this time we know we can’t get impeached for a sex scandal. Oh and by the way – GO HILLARY! As a young, female who has seen this woman survive some of the harshest attacks ever, I know she has what it takes to fix the mess we are in and redefine our role as participant in the global economy. I mean even ultra conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck is singing her praises.