Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol last night - David Cook blew the others away!

So most of you by now are well aware of my returned interest to American Idol. This season I definitely think is one of the best ones ever and I’ll tell you why. This time around, the ones who are doing well are actually the ones with most talent. There are of course the requisite annoying singing girls who push their voice too hard and are always pitchy and I am bored to death with them. We also have Kristy Lee Cook, who is pushing her “Proud to be an American” schtick about as far as her country-music loving voters can take it.

But it doesn’t matter because I have David Cook to entertain me every week. I am not usually a fan of rockers like this, but this dude has so much talent its ridiculous. And as opposed to Chris Daughtry, the only rocker type who was genuine and could have won the contest, Cook finds new ways each week to push himself out of the rock comfort zone. Last night, the contestants were asked to perform a song that came out the year that they were born and most of the performances actually bored me to tears. But, Cook blew me and the judges away with a slowed down version of “Billie Jean”, originally by Michael Jackson. It’s pretty brave to change up an MJ song, but when it is done well, its wonderful. Simon said the performance was amazing and I can not agree more with him. Cook has what it takes to win this competition and to reiterate Cowell’s remarks from a few episodes ago, if the contest remains about pure talent and charisma, no on can beat him.

Check out Cook’s rendition of “Billie Jean”.