Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paul Newman - A man and a legacy....

While I never personally knew Paul Newman, I do believe his presence will be missed on this earth. As an actor, father, humanitarian and overall good man, Newman was able to affect people all over the world and all while being humble about what he did. Paul Newman passed away at his home in Westport, CT this past weekend, alongside family and friends. While most praised Newman for being the polar opposite of most of his colleagues in Hollywood, he felt it was overindulgent and unnecessary. Unlike a lot of public figures who do charitable work nowadays, Newman just did it. A class apart from others, Paul was a person who was able to promote his personal interests and delve into other areas outside of his career which is probably what kept him sane and successful.

The man, who was unmistakably one of our country's greatest actors, will be fondly remembered by many for working within the system and celebrating his private triumphs privately. Married to his second wife for over 40 years, celebrated actress Joanne Woodward, Newman truly embodied a man that only most of us can dream about. With his convictions, he represented the Democratic party in the public eye since the 1960's and believed being President Richard Nixon's enemy list was "the greatest compliment he could receive". Newman was loyal to a fault to those around him and his convictions. And while it took almost thirty years into his career to be awarded with an Oscar, Newman was revered within the industry for decades. Newman was able to be a man's man and a lady's man, all while remaining true to himself and his family. He was a liberal who understood that the issues were beyond the standard politics. He was an actor who found the humor in his career and did not wallow in the self indulgence most do. He was the embodiment of "Just do it". He was a lucky man who found his true love the second go around and was able to create a life, including family, happiness and content with her until the end. Through the many links below, you can read further details into the strength of Mr. Paul Newman. While his death was not a tragic one, he will be greatly missed. But it is refreshing to say goodbye to someone who lived such a full and rewarding life.


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  • Monday, September 29, 2008

    Sarah Silverman and "The Great Schlep"

    Just when I Think I'm over Sarah Silverman, she makes me fall in love all over again. The comedian brings her racially charged humor to a living room near you in her plea for Jewish kids to visit their grandparents in Florida and convince them to vote for Barack Obama. Her arguments, while as per usual, go over the politically correct borders, are right on and actually seem genuine. And seriously kids what would it hurt to visit Nana in Boca? Enjoy!

    The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

    Monday Box Office Recap - Shia Continues to Own Opening Weekends.

    Shia did it once again. In LaBeouf’s steady stream of blockbusters, Eagle Eye, a flick he stars in alongside Michelle Monaghan, pulled in near $30 Million this opening weekend, putting the film in the number once spot and fourth for September historical opening weekends. The movie’s high opening marks many in the young career of Shia LaBeouf and continues to prove to Hollywood that audiences just can not get enough of the curly hair bad boy. Coming in second was Nights in Rodanthe, a big screen adaptation of romance novel king Nicholas Sparks book, starring two time on screen couple Diane Lane and Richard Gere. Lakeview Terrace, the neighborhood thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson, kept a close edge in third place. The big surprise of the weekend was the success of Fireproof, a Christian-themed flick starring Kirk Cameron and made with a budget of $500,000. The movie came in fourth overall, with a $6.5 million gross. The movies high weekend gross was reportedly due to tickets purchased ahead of time from Church groups and was made from only 839 theaters. Samuel Goldwyn, the studio that released the film, is said to increase theaters the movie can be seen to take advantage of the obvious demand. And The Coen Brother’s Burn After Reading remains a popular film, coming in fifth, with just a little over $6 million this weekend.

    Sadly the weekend did not prove to be too nice to Spike Lee or Clark Gregg. Spike Lee’s latest war based mystery Miracle at St. Anna came in at ninth place with $3.5 million this weekend, a major decline in the director’s typical box office draw. The movie, based on a story about a regiment of African-American soldiers in Italy during World War II has not received the best reviews and as we can see from the most recent war themed movies, American audiences are not in the mood to watch ANY war on the big screen. Another loser this weekend was Choke, the big screen adaptation of the amazing Chuck Palahniuk novel. With a great cast, mixed reviews and incredibly interesting advertisements EVERYWHERE, the movie pulled in $1.3 Million, putting it in 14th place for weekend box office totals. Granted the movie opened in about ¼ of the theaters most of the other top grossing flicks did, but the studio and insiders are quite surprised by the low figures. Here’s this weekend’s other big winners:

    Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
    1. Eagle Eye - $29.2 million
    2. Nights in Rodanthe - $13.6 million
    3. Lakeview Terrace - $7 million
    4. Fireproof - $6.5 million
    5. Burn After Reading - $6.2million
    6. Igor - $5.5million
    7. Righteous Kill - $3.8 million
    8. My Best Friend’s Girl - $3.8 million
    9. Miracle at St. Anna - $3.5 million
    10. Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys - $3.2 million

    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    SNL revisits the Katie Couric interview with Governor Sarah Palin

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Things to Preoccupy Yourself With While the Economy Crumbles Around Us.

  • Read Entertainment Weekly's article with funny men and Emmy winners Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert about their take on this year's election and other hysterical things.
  • * Watch the Season Five premiere of The Office tonight at 9PM!
  • * Be jealous of me for getting to see the My Bloody Valentine reunion show this past Monday night at Roseland (More on this tomorrow).
  • * You can discuss celebrities letting us know about their homosexuality or their longtime girlfriends.
  • * Continue to pray for and wish speedy recoveries to Travis Barker and DJ AM.
  • * Get super psyched for Choke, starring Sam Rockwell, in theaters tomorrow!
  • * Wonder what the hell Kim Thayil is up to nowadays??
  • * Listen to the the new TV on the Radio album DEAR SCIENCE!

  • Campbell Brown...Where have you been all my life?

    Episode 11 - Project Runway - Music is my desginer! - SPOILER ALERT!

    So let’s just be honest and say last night’s episode of Project Runway was, in Suede’s third person words, “WHACKADOODLE!”. We get it. You are phoning it in PR Season Five. I am not sure who wants it to die of failure first Bravo or the producers, but really this was one of the last challenges you wanted before Bryant Park? I get the makeover challenge and actually I think it’s a great idea, but making Korto into country is weird and seems like a third episode challenge, not the one before we figure out the final three. And honestly, what is up with the producers wanting these designers – all known for women’s wear – trying to slip them up with designing menswear. One hot tranny mess of a challenge is enough Heidi! Regardless of the wacky premise, I figured out another fun fact that has eluded up until this point – KENLEY=SANTINO! Come on, you know its true. She’s got way too much attitude, the other designers are bored to tears with her, but the judges will not get rid of her because they know she has a sellable aesthetic. Last night she bitched at her fellow designers, pulled a real attitude with Tim Gunn (which in my mind is inexcusable) and then pulled sad sack story on the runway for the judges. Want some cheese with that whine? Ugh Keenley, grow a pair or sew a pair, but quit complaining.

    The challenge of last night to makeover your fellow designer with an outfit based on a style of music was interesting and tragic for most contestants. I think, as it seems the past few weeks has shown us, Jerrell and Korto are the ones to beat. Korto created a punk inspired look, but did not make Suede look well any worse then he normally does. His sad little pudgy goth kid walk down the runway did make me feel bad – for me. Jerrell dressed up Kenley like a pop diva/hoochie and special guest LL Cool J was licking his lips all about it (Really some chapstick company has yet to pounce all over this guy and lips?). Leanne made some sad Holly Hobby meets Hipster alley country western outfit for Korto. Granted country style has the ability to cross the line to costume in one stitch, but this was neither country nor costume. Kenley’s attempt at making Leanne hip hop was lost on almost everyone. While her outfit wasn’t as bad as everyone alluded to, its NOWHERE near hip hop, but it did evoke Kenley in it. Which sadly, I can not same the about the “rock n roll” outfit Suede threw upon Jerrell. It was poorly made, dated and did not scream Suede other than not looking good. Which is truly the reason Kenley stayed and Suede got the ol’ heave ho. And as one can see from his Bryant Park runway show, Suede does not have the chops to even pretend to be America’s next great designer. Next week looks like a doozey with all of them crying up on the runway. I wonder who makes it to the final three?

    What did you think of last night’s challenge? Did the right person win?
    Here’s the looks, once again.

    Suede's design for Jerrell

    Jerrell's design for Kenley

    Leanne's design for Korto

    Kenley's design for Leanne

    Korto's design for Suede

    And as always, here are some more recaps and Project Runway fun:

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  • Where in the World is John McCain???

    Many have wondered why this blog has gone super political recently. Well honestly, I feel like my life is four things, waiting for Project Runway (my recap is on its way!), listening to the new TV on the Radio, hanging with my boyfriend and dog and flipping between cable news networks and political blogs to get the good sense of what in Sam’s hell is going on in this election. Yesterday was definitely an interesting day for me and the rest of the thinking world. First John McCain, after waiting NINE WHOLE DAYS to understand what an economic crisis is, stood up against the economic failings of the Bush Administration and big business and vowed to cease his political campaign until the bailout bill was passed in Congress. Um, so does that mean Obama wins cause I’m cool with that? McCain either made a more dangerous move than picking Sarah Palin as his running mate or he staged the most perfect photo op and won the election yesterday. And since it takes a few days to see lifts in the polls, it’s all up in the air. But as of now, all sides of the aisle, pundits, news execs and his fellow Senators are saying this was a desperate move, from a desperate man and truly shows his inefficiency as a leader – you know people who have to deal with various crisis all at one time. Even FoxNews is looking at this as way to hijack the spotlight and glory once again and reports that politicians on both sides of the aisle are infuriated with action. Yeah McCain managed to visit Clinton's Global Initiative Conference here in NYC today to discuss what else, but the economy! Um hey...isn't this the same dude who said yesterday he wanted to run right back to D.C. to help out all the other incompetent Senators and Congresspeople to put together a bill. Yep I am sure this will fly well with the American people. But this is a country that didn’t seem to mind when their President continued to read a book to five year olds once he found out our country was being attacked by hijacked airplanes, so what can you do?

    Last night, John “I ain’t no celebrity” McCain was set to appear on the David Letterman show when he canceled so he could fly back to Washington DC and help out the financial crisis bail out talks. Only he was actually still in NYC all night, but one could only assume his advisers thought showing up to a talk show the same day you decided to put your campaign on hold “for the country” would look silly (never mind his appearance this morning at the Clinton Global Initiative). And David Letterman found out the hard way and let’s just say from the clip below, Letterman doesn’t like to be made a fool.

    I'll try and find something and get back to you....

    If it's not obvious to you yet the destruction Sarah "Hockey Mom" Palin can cause to the United States, maybe the below interview can clue you in.

    Thanks Senator McCain.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    McCain takes NINE DAYS to Realize Economy In Shambles...

    Oh really? Really? Today is the day you decide that the looming financial crisis is too much to bare that you want to cancel the debate for this Friday Sen. McCain? Just last Monday the fundamentals of our "economy were strong" and then later in the week you decided that it was a catastrophy. Really McCain, I thought the economy was just another issues American's didn't care about? But honestly Senator now that the polls have you down by double digits in regards to the economy and leadership, you know the thing all your talking heads were whining about this morning when they were done worrying about the decline of the economy. Oh and lets not forget that one of your campaign managers, Rick Davis was paid nearly $2 million dollars by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac up until LAST MONTH. And Davis was being paid to make sure YOU were more lenient on regulation. Remember you and your hate of regulation? Oh come on. If I haven't forgotten and neither have countless others, surely you can remember how you were opposed to regulation in the past. But I guess that's just another flip-flop for you.

    So let's discuss the fact that you believe now, two days before the first debate, when your poll numbers are in the gutter and the American people are TERRIFIED of continuing on the losing track your party set up for us, you decide you want to postpone the debates? Why not two days ago? Oh right, you and your insane lack of economics will swoop into DC and save the taxpayers and Americans the burden of a $700 BILLION buyout courtesy of big business and the Republicans? The gall of the Republicans will never seem to amaze me. This is another slap and tickle act from the party who created the disaster. Yesterday was not a disaster though and the fact that McCain has not voted on anything since April of this year should not shock you. The fact that the President, who only a few weeks ago continued to declare our economy strong and on the mend, is now screaming crisis, scares me even more. The bill that he wants our representatives to sign, right before an election and a congressional break, is eerily timed as to when they were requested in 2002 to sign off on the invasion of Iraq. Because when a Republican is down in the polls there is nothing they like more than a disaster. This go around at least it's not a terrorist attack but merely the U.S. falling further and further into 3rd class status. Sadly Obama will have to just go along with this notion that McCain somehow could even fix this crisis to avoid the mass hysteria of morons who vote against their wallets and best interest every go around. So how does one fix something that it took them years to realize was broken? I guess the same way it took us about five years to realize a memo regarding national security was important. But somehow, as always, the Republicans will do their very best as to blame Democrats for everything. Isn't leadership about responsibility and accountability or does that only matter when you are getting blow jobs from interns while your country flourishes? Instead of NOT POLITICKING on this important issue, McCain did just that by blindsiding Obama into the debate cancellation and used this to steal the media spotlight - once again! Senator Obama and McCain will meet tomorrow in Washington, DC with other politicians and President Bush to try and begin fixing the economic hot mess we are in, but who knows what other disasters are on the way in the next 40 DAYS for us to ponder before going into a voting booth on November 4th? The "stop world and let me off" rhetoric from the McCain camp today is beyond bogus and insulting. President's can't manage to prep for debates and solve financial crisis at the same time? Well if you can't, you can not have the Presidency - its that simple. For now, the debate is still on for this Friday, who shows up is a better question.

    So Campbell Brown obviously wants me to crush on her...

    As most of you may know, I have a few girl crushes, specifically on feisty chicks who don't take no bull. And before this election cycle Campbell Brown would not have appeared in that list of crushes, but recently she has been giving it to the McCain campaign. First with the confrontation with Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesperson and now with her "Free Sarah Palin" editorial, Brown has found a place in my heart that I only thought was reserved for Rachel Maddow. Please journalists, take note and do the same!

    I can appreciate editorial stances and the necessary probing (don't get any ideas!) it takes to get to the truth of the matter in politics, as long as it doesn't become too partisan for either side. The McCain campaign, since July, has deviated from "The Straight Talk Express" and hopped aboard the "We Hate the Press" express. I understand that as a Republican he can feel a bit attacked on the issues, since he votes so closely with Bush on almost all policies, but isn't this why he is running? And if you believe someone is strong enough to be your running mate as Vice President, shouldn't she be able to discuss issues with the press, even if they are hostile? I mean come on Sarah Palin wants to be second in command of America but is too scared to discuss her policy points with Campbell Brown? Really??? If Barack Obama or Joe Biden were to sit down, as they have on too many occasions to mention, they always answer the questions. The same can not be said for the other side. And if you can't be accountable for answers before an election, how can we trust you will be after? Eight years of secrecy is enough for this American!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Project Runway Recap - Episode 10 - Graduation Day - SPOILER ALERT!

    Last night’s episode of Project Runway had the designers create “new looks” for six young women who just graduated college and were ready to move onto the real world. The designers met with their picked at random customer and the customer’s mother and put together a full look to get them a head start with their careers. Most matches made sense, like Jerrell and his client, as well as Kenley with hers. But unfortunately this was not the case for all the young women, just ask the poor girl, who aspires to be a graphic designer, how it was to work with Joe. To put it bluntly, last night we had one true winner and runner up and then simply some bad to worse looks. Just let’s be thankful these girls weren’t forced to wear some of these outfits.

    Now let’s get to the heart of the episode. We learned a few things from last night’s episode of Project Runway. First, Suede and Joe have absolutely no taste or design aesthetic. We have sort of known this for a while, but the outfits those two created last night for young women who just graduated college were ATROTIOUS. Honestly, if I were the judges, I would have kicked them both out. The second thing we learned is that Kenley is beyond full of herself. In the beginning, I was very much behind her, but this attitude and thinking you are deserving of winning every challenge, with virtually the same look each time, is very bothersome. When she was told she was safe, the stink face that came over her was priceless. Granter her customer, a mini-Kenley with a better attitude, was very happy with her look. But it was not the best ensemble out there. Kenley’s attitude has been getting increasingly worse each week and it is frustrating to see her continuously putting down others and elevating herself. Humbleness is a virtue miss. And finally what we learned is Jerrell has got it! Honestly, his three piece outfit was perfect and chic and I wanted it the minute she put it on. Michael Kors said it best when he described the piece as “sophisticated to a 22 year-old”. For the past few weeks, Jerrell has not only brought us good fashion, but a real sense of his design aesthetic. Korto did well on the challenge and while the outfit was beautifully put together it wasn’t a full knockout. Kenley’s was nice, but it was too similar to pieces she had presented before and Leanne’s was nothing to write home about, nor nothing worthy of going home.

    Here are my top three from last night:

    Now let’s get to the worsties. Really I was almost speechless at how bad both Joe’s and Suede’s outfits were. They were poorly designed, dated, of course for their client’s needs and honestly just plain old ugly. Truly this should have been the challenge where two people go home. I would have rather seen Blayne’s poopy cloth tumor again than either of those two outfits. Suede came through okay because his Sgt. Pepper meets G&G meets Miss Divine circa 1992 outfit wasn’t as off the mark for his client as was Joe’s. To put it nicely, Joe threw together a collarless (YUCK!) suit that looked like it was created by a 15 year old high school football dude forced to participate in Home Economics. It was bad bad bad! Joe was sent packing last night for his ill fitting 80’s suit WITH A POCKET SQUARE and rightfully so. Suede is probably praying to God and thanking him for that swatch of fabric. Uhh I am trying to forget the outfits.
    Here are the worsties:

    I also allowed myself this morning to check out Joe’s Bryant Park collection and to kick a man when he is down, it was truly terrible too. I am sure audience members knew for sure this guy was a goner. Seriously check it out. Anyways, next week looks like an interesting challenge and apparently both Tim Gunn and the judges finally five to Kenley for being a royal bitch. Nobody likes a whiner!

    What did you think?

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  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Fiscal Conservatives - A Cartoon History

    This simple cartoon can easily explain to the American people who aren't worth at least $2 Million bucks what direction they should vote come November. To be honest, I believe that simple cartoons like this one can best illustrate the differences between the candidates on "important issues" and make more sense for voters than a bunch of bogus ads. So Obama, hit up Marvel and DC and start telling the people what the need to know...in cartoon format. I would love to see the one that illustrates the changes McCain and Palin would like to make to your health care programs.

    Courtesy of Balloon Juice

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    UPDATED: Sarah Palin: What she means to me....Part 1

    I am actually glad I saved my post about Sarah Palin and her qualifications. This weekend, I braced myself and watched the ABC News interview in its entirety. The interview was her only public interview since being affirmed by her party for the VP spot with Charlie Gibson of ABC News. To Palin's credit, she sure stuck on message with Charlie. And by this, she gave approximately the same answer to questions dealing with foreign affairs and war strategy. She seemed nervous when question of previous statements made earlier this year revering to the Iraq war as "god's plan" and her acknowledgment of not caring about the war any longer. The excerpts from the full interview from Friday night showcase attributes of Gov. Palin that I was already familiar with. She was able to stay on message- terrorism, Islamic, sure, war - extremely well and what's even more she has a similar gift that Bush has. And that is the ability to answer a question with a non answer answer. When confronted with questions regarding her strict views of religion and her belief that god is dictating the war in Iraq and pipeline production in Alaska she responded with quotes from Lincoln. When confronted with a straight forward question about her opinion on Bush's doctrine she responded with more conversion of war and terrorism (As we now know, this is because she was not completely familiar with what the Bush Doctrine was). When asked if she even considered not being ready before agreeing to run with McCain, she reiterated that she was ready and did not even waver in knowing this. Personally I think that was the scariest moment since anyone running for the second most important position should think about what they are bringing to the position, so pausing for reflection is not necessarily a terrible thing Governor. But not once, well at least not in the excerpts, did she reply with an actual fact or a plan of action. For a woman heaped upon a party and a nation just a few weeks ago, the only knowledge I gained from the interview thus far was her inability to truthfully answer questions without sound bites, her overall lack of foreign affairs and her reluctance to truly understand the magnitude of what was called onto her. This election cycle, I have been thrown through more hoops then any single one before. The party that has led to an attack on American soil, a downfall for the American dollar, housing crisis, security issues and overall malaise had some of the most bizarre heirs to the throne this time around. A man who the Right now acknowledges as a war hero and the best man fit man to run this country was only eight years ago dismissed by the Republican party for being "crazy", "unfit" and unworthy of the position comparatively with George Bush. His opponents this go around inspired the Democrats so much that their primary turn out was record breaking and led to the countries first female and black candidates for the Presidency. The choice of Palin by the McCain camp to be second in command is one for the record books. Her lack of track record, her near invisibility to the American voter before the announcement of her candidacy and the sheer fact that for someone running as a Maverick, a conservative croynist is an interesting choice to be your number two. Originally, Governor Palin was thought to be the answer to the Hillary voters who were apparently only voting with their vaginas. But so far Palin is proving to be almost completely opposite from Senator Clinton, her policies and her looks towards the future.

    Palin repeats the idea of the “right” that if you say things enough they can become true. She has repeatedly said that she refused earmarks from the Federal Government, which we now know is true. We know she ferociously supported the “Bridge to Nowhere” before she said “Thanks, but No Thanks”. And we now have it confirmed by the McCain camp that she never went to Iraq, but merely a military base within Kuwait. Add that upon the facts we knew before and the information that will be released throughout the “Troopergate” investigation and I can not see how this “reformer” and “conservative” can remain in the race. I mean the Republicans would not want to support a duo of “flip-floppers”, would they?

    For more information on Sarah Palin and the McCain ticket, please check out these stories:

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  • Monday Movie Box Office ReCap

    So this weekend was a bit different for the box office power players with both Tropic Thunder and The Dark Knight finding themselves at the lower portion of the top 10. Out of the top five movies at this weekend’s box office, four of them were new to the big screen this week. The Coen Brothers return to comedy “Burn After Reading” came in at number one this weekend with $19 million. The comedy starring Coen regulars Frances McDorman and George Clooney, as well as Brad Pitt and John Malkovich has received mixed reviews from the critics, but pulled in surprisingly high numbers for its opening weekend. Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys pulled in a strong $18 million to come in second with Righteous Kill, the highly anticipated cop drama starring Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, which is the first time they share screen time in a movie in ten years brought in $16.5 million for a third place finish. The Women and The House Bunny rounded out the top ten respectively. This weekend’s results had a few insiders very surprised that “Burn” was able to beat out Tyler Perry, usually a very strong box office draw and “Righteous” considering the press the movie has received. And from the trailer of “Righteous”, I am surprised this didn’t pull into first place easily.

    Of course I am kidding, but you have to love the guys at The Soup and their love of Spaghetti Cat. Anyways lets check out what other actors pulled in some more dough this weekend.

    Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
    1. Burn After Reading - $19.4 million
    2. Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys - $18 million
    3. Righteous Kill - $16.5 million
    4. The Women - $10 million
    5. The House Bunny - $4.3 million
    6. Tropic Thunder - $4.2 million
    7. The Dark Knight - $4 million
    8. Bangkok Dangerous - $2.4 million
    9. Traitor - $2.1 million
    10. Death Race - $2 million

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Tina Fey returns to SNL....

    God I love these two women. Tina's caricature of Sarah Palin was, as expected, spot on. And Amy Poehler's portrayal of the disgruntled Hillary is true to form. What this opening skit signifies is a lot of things, but mainly that the tide is changing. First, ho refreshing it is period to people able to mock two women politicians who were seeking the two highest positions in America. And I did love the jabs at the "sexist" treatment given to Palin, i.e. being told you are pretty is NOT sexist, and the treatment given to Hillary Clinton earlier in the election. But one thing is for certain, I can agree with Amy's HRC when she tells the media to grow a set of balls. Because if they don't, we are in for a bumpy ride.

    Lying Liars will not win....

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    "I'm Voting Republican!"

    Sike!!! But please check this hilarious video out to see what you would be voting for it you do.

    And if this isn't enough, let's take a little ride on the "Straight Talk Express".

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    5 songs you must have on their iPods or iPhones....

    There are a few songs I consider staples to a good play list nowadays. If I were to ever get the balls to publicly DJ at a NYC club or bar, these five would be essential throughout the night. They are not similar to each other in most descriptions, but I won't go anywhere without them on my iPhone.

    Fuck Forever - Babyshambles

    Whatever you might think of Pete Doherty in his private life, the dude churns out some great music. This music is further confirmation the Brits can blur pop and rock so flawlessly.

    Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before - The Smiths

    It does not and will not get better than the Smiths. Every time I hear this song, I am truly brought back to the first time I heard this band and how much my life changed after that.

    Paper Planes - M.I.A.

    Yes I know. Thanks to Pineapple Express, this song is heard from every douchebro's dorm room for miles. But gosh dang it, I'm taking it back. My boyfriend turned me onto M.I.A. a few years ago and this song could be the best thing she ever put together. With The Clash song bringing up the melody, Paper Planes is always a crowd pleaser.

    Bounce - MSTRKRFT Featuring NORE

    This song is so infectious, it could be one of my favorite dance songs EVER! It mixes hip hop, new wave techno, and part of Death From Above. I dare you to find a human who hears this song and can't move to it.'

    Rat is Dead - CSS

    This is light, dancy pop with subtly good lyrics. This band's new album is so good and refreshing to see the next wave aren't just one hit wonders.

    This is Why I Love Living in NYC!!!

    Today is the sort of day that makes it real easy to become sad about living in New York. It's hard not to remember what happened here seven years ago and that truly it could happen again. Everywhere I went today, I felt it - on the Subways, in my office building, even in the little park by my house. It's sometimes difficult to live in a city where so many things remind you of a terrible day. And there is an element of panic that can come over you so easily because of it. So it was a pleasant surprise getting off my subway stop on the way home from work and saw that they were filming Ugly Betty. I live in an area of NYC - LIC to be exact - where this is literally a weekly occurance. If they aren't filming a TV show, then they are filming a movie and if its not that, then its a commercial. But today, to see Lindsay Lohan dressed up like a fast food waitress and America Ferrera in her Ugly Betty garb put a smile on my face. For all you new readers, if there is one celebrity I adore its Lohan. Not sure its the freckled face Irish in me, that we went to the same high school or the fact that I think she is truly a great actress, but I have always known she would be huge.

    Recently she has had the good fortune of things picking back up for her in Hollywood after scandals so bad everyone in the business thought she would be through as an actress. It seems that with quality friends and loved ones around her, she got her stuff together and is working hard at working. It's bizarre to me that everywhere she goes, like earlier this week when she stopped by Charlotte Ronson's runway show at Bryant Park with Samantha, she is barraged with cameras. I mean even my little nerdy butt was standing on the street corner taking pics of her rehearsing earlier today. Recently, I have received a few emails asking me what I think about Lohan and her "change" from readers who know how much I like her. Well honestly, I think its great. I love that Hollywood can remain a place where stars are made and that it is entirely possible to be on the ground one day and at the top of the ladder the next. I think its awesome that my hometown girl has found herself someone that makes her happy and cares about her (Seriously, the Ronsons have to be the hottest family around). And I am even more excited that someone who does have talent and drive is back on the path to actual stardom. We live in a world where celebrity is no longer based on talent, but over saturation. We also live in a world where redemption is a friend to many so it is exciting to see someone who could have lost getting it back. So I hope she has fun during the rest of her time here and hey Linds, if you get bored, give me a ring. Just make sure not bring this guy next time I see you!

    On the set of "Ugly Betty" pics......

    It's Baaacckkkk...The Daily Rounds..

    There was so many goodies to catch up with this week, I figured let’s bring back some DAILY ROUNDS…

  • * Michael Cera apparently does not want me to lust after him anymore. Cera is pulling a Claire Danes saying that he does not want to appear in an Arrested Development movie. He is not sure why any fan of the hilarious series would want a big screen version where there are three seasons on DVD. I say “Don’t make me get egg on you!”.

  • * In other weird movie news, studios think people who watched Saturday morning tripped out shows in the 1970’s are just waiting to see them come to the big screen. Another Hollywood studio, Universal, has cut a deal to make a live action version of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, another Marty Kroft production. I would also assume hallucinogen sales will skyrocket when this is released.

  • * If you are like me, you can not wait for the fifth season of The Office this September. Well Amy Ryan, hopefully a permanent cast member, dishes about the upcoming season, cast updates and the overall relationship with Michael her HR character will have. I know last season was not as good, but let’s just blame the inconsistency on the Writer’s Strike, okay?

  • * Lauren Conrad from MTV’s The Hills has signed a 3 book deal with HarperCollins to create a Young Adult series, loosely based on LC’s life. Um, really? Can anyone just get book deals nowadays? I get the intrigue and I can actually see it being a fairly interesting series for the YA audience, but can it just be based on her life and HarperCollins doesn’t try and trick us into thinking LC can write anything longer than a text message? Come on!

  • * Steven Soderbergh will be directing a biopic/movie based on the life of Liberace, the ultra famous flamboyant pianist and show man. Michael Douglas is set to play the title role and I am super intrigued to see how he will pull it off. Matt Damon was reportedly cast as Liberace’s companion, Scott Thorson. This will be a very interesting movie I think.

  • * Speaking of Matt Damon, the actor, spoke about his views on Sarah Palin, the VP nominee on the Republican ticket, this past Monday. The actor believes Palin leading would be “an absolute disaster” and that its preposterous for someone so lacking in experience to be running.
    Here is the video of his rant and, in my personal opinion, well warranted.

  • * Bill O'Reilly slams McCain campaign for lying attack ads and smears on Obama. Man, today is a civil day.

  • * And finally, Senator Barack Obama’s appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman last night gave David Letterman his second highest ratings of the year. The Senator discussed his plans, the attacks from the right, the ridiculous lipstick on a pig saga and was his normal charming self. Its nice to hear someone running for high political office speak with candor and charisma at the same time.


  • Seven Years Later, its Still Fresh for Some....

    It’s hard not post about the importance of today’s date. Eerily, this was the first 9/11 where the skies were not the bluest of the year. 9/11 is still a tragic day, even after seven years after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As a resident of New York, I have a few close friends who lost family members on that day and I remember the fear in all of us that morning and for days and weeks and months to follow. I have friends who have obviously never recovered from that fateful day we got the chair pulled from under us and attacked. I live in a city where when the police presence gets stronger and the sirens are louder, I know what day is soon approaching. Sadly, a lot of the downtown area surrounding the fallen towers has begun their revitalization campaign. But almost criminally, this morning’s memorial, the sixth in a series, took place by mounds of dirt. The center that was once the heart of commerce and business in America, remains a dirt lot with construction crews, morbid thoughts and ever growing tourist gatherings. There is no way for this day not to remain somber when we have nothing of benefit to look at it. Its insane to think that Thailand can rebuild a whole city within two years of suffering from a devastating tsunami and we have still yet to complete a memorial for one of the greatest disasters that our country will ever face. Red tape, political fights and just overall obsession with the dire situation seems to be getting in the way of progress and moving forward. Forward steps do not mean forgetting, but it does mean a possible place for forgiveness. Not necessarily to forgive those who committed the heinous acts, but the ability of America to forgive and move on to flourish. While we sit and wallow in the sadness that is this day, we forget all the great accomplishments those who lives were cut short that day. When we argue about body parts and missing things, we forget about the actual presence these people hold in your lives. And in refusing to move on, we as a nation continue to remain stagnant.

    In the middle of such a close and important election, its almost impossible to not use this as a metaphor for the upcoming Presidential vote. We can not just allow sadness and negatives take over and run the country and our lives. We must find it in our hearts to take away anything, whatever it might be, from that day and use it for the promise of a new. I know this post is a bit off topic from my usual Lohan stalking and Project Runway criticism, but sadly even seven years later I fear that most Americans are not even close to being done with their mourning stage in regards to 9/11. I was going to post my Palin criticism today, but knew it would be in bad taste, so please check back for that tomorrow.

    Make sure that you take the time to tell the ones you love that you do. Especially on days like today.

    Another one down and another one down - Project Runway Recap - Episode 9

    So last night’s episode of Project Runway was apparently the one that most designers fail on. Throughout all five seasons, there is always a challenge half way through where the designers don’t get the task at hand, start losing their edge and produce poop. I am fairly certain last night had to be that episode. First, the task was to work with a designer already auf’d (always awkward) and then create an “avant-garde” garment incorporating your astrological sign into it. I’m a Capricorn so a dress made to look like a stubborn goat would have not been to hot, but I just think some of these designers did not get the challenge. I think what threw them was the term “avant-garde”. This does not mean put together mismatched dresses and big exaggerated crap and throw it down a runway. For avant-garde, please check out most of Christian’s pieces last go around and Santino’s pieces from a few seasons back. Kenley’s was a disaster, Blayne produced a dress based on what my insides look like when I hear Suede talk about himself in third person and Terri’s was just awful. Suede’s was not terrible, but a misfire, with his nightie/Dynasty house outfit, which was not in the slightest bit avant-garde, but wasn’t a shit fest like the designers’ pieces above. Truly the top four were the top four on this challenge. Jerrell, Joe, Korto and Leanne understood the challenge and produced quality products. This is the time of the season where the ones hiding in the shadows with mediocrity get whittled out and I can all but confirm that the above four designers are the ones who will be showing tomorrow at Bryant Park.

    Last nights episode also highlighted the rudeness and narcissism some of these designers are filled to the brim with. Kenley and Terri were rude at the meet and greet with past designers, throughout their challenge and sadly to the judges on the runway. There are times when it is appropriate to defend one’s work, but seriously these two women produced pieces of poo last night and rightly so, their assigned assistants backed away from the train wrecks. The only reason Terri went home over Kenley is strictly how well the pieces of poo were made and while Kenley’s was beyond atrocious to view, it was crafted well. Unfortunately, Terri’s was not only ugly it was poorly constructed and overall looked very very cheap. Blayne’s we don’t even need to get into because the obvious atrociousness of this is stunning. Last night’s episode just made me wish Kelli and Wes were back designing and that Suede would lose the third person act. Jerrell killed it I thought with his mixture of patterns and fabrics and his obvious grasp on avant-garde was refreshing. And rightfully so Jerrell won. Korto’s and Leanne’s pieces were beautiful and really fit their astrological sign. Joe’s was quite exciting, but a bit too costumey for me to be considered truly avant-garde. This season is really boring and I hate to say but I do not believe the move to Lifetime will reenergize the program. Good news though – Top Chef is back in October. Next week’s episode looks to be more of the same and I think Suede’s days are numbered. Also, I have a prediction that Kenley’s attitude blows up in her face at the next challenge. Anyways, here’s last night best and worst.

    Here are the worsties from last night's episode:

    And here are the besties from last night's episode:

    Want more Project Runway? Check out Blogging Project Runway giving all PR fans the latest news and gossip about this season and past season designers.

    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

    I will finally post my full report/editorial on the conventions, the quick turn the Republicans made back to conservative, the Palin effect, the truth about our little Alaska Governor, Obama's plans and the response to the past two mind bending weeks in politics this Friday. I swing to one side, as all of my readers and friends know, but I want this election to be about truth - not about swift boating. And FUCK YOU Karl Rove for creating a word that will forever remain an integral part of the political zeitgeist!!!!

    TV On The Radio is coming....

    I can not wait for this to come out. Please support real musicians. The new TV on the Radio DEAR SCIENCE will be released on 9/23. The ban recently sat down with Rolling Stone to dish about the record and why they want to "dance". I will be seeing the band on 10/14 & 10/15. Can not WAIT!!!!! "Golden Age" the first single for the album is dancey with enough TVOTR substance and background symphonics to break out dancing everywhere. Its obvious some time off was good to this band and this album, while a bit more "funky" is much more mature. And in a weird way, not overtly hip. We shall see what it does when it breaks, since this band have been the unspoken "next big things" for years in the music industry.

    Monday, September 8, 2008

    MTV Blows it Again Big Time....

    In sad news, MTV officially lost all credibilty with music fans yesterday when they decided to have another go at the VMAs. If last years atrocious show opener staring Ms. Meltdown of the Year Britney Spears and the near seizure enducing cuts back and forth from performances and presenters wasn't enough of a nail in the coffin, last night has to be. MTV presented Britney Spears with three separate awards for best yada yada and they did it with a straight face. The pop tart also didn't show up bloated, stoned or with a baby in her hand, so all in all it was deemed a success by the critics. These are actually the first VMAs Spears ever received in her career and I am pretty sure MTV guilted itself into presenting these since they all but destroyed her career last go around.

    The irony surrounding this event is a television station that continues to avoid the ever present fact that it is a pale shadow of its former self still manages to debase itself more and more each year with awarding videos and artists that it no longer represents. I am proud of myself that even the idea of Britney Spears reappearing was not enough for me to pull myself away from the 60 Minutes interview with Alec Baldwin to watch this shit show. (NO OFFENSE MTV, Really!) Anyways, the buzz is all over in praise of Russell Brand saving the near dead awards show. His star is definitely rising, but not sure being the funny captain on a sinking ship is the best career move. Brand who is basically the illegitimate child of the Sex Pistols and Hugh Grant is always hilarious and apparently the underlying sexy snark he delivers actually grabbed the audience this time around. In addition to the Spears' nonsense, Christina Aquilera, Rhianna, The Jonas Brothers and more performed. I think I just threw up in my mouth. Anyways, one time MTV darling Courtney Love blasted the program for the obvious reasons. Sadly, who knows if Courtney or Kurt Cobain would even find their way onto the station nowadays if they were just coming up. Defamer don't think so...

    Monday Movie Box Office Recap!

    Let’s be honest….this weekend was a bust for box office totals and MTV’s credibility. Bangkok Dangerous, yes seriously, came in number one. Just when I thought we as a nation could not get any dumber, we stoop to a new level and decide to advertise it with the box office totals. Tropic Thunder was bumped to second place after audiences had to find out what was up with Nicolas Cage’s wig. The House Bunny came in a strong third (comparatively). Summer strong holds The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia finished out the top five in fourth and fifth place, respectively. This weekend was the lowest grossing at the box office this summer and I cane understnad why. Movie fatigue and other factors, such as shitastic films can lead to buyers remorse from the American pubic. Or perhaps they were actually intersted in this year's presidential election. Who knows?

    Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
    1. Bangkok Dangerous - $7.8 million
    2. Tropic Thunder - $7.5 million
    3. The House Bunny - $5.9 million
    4. The Dark Knight - $5.7 million
    5. Traitor - $4.7 million
    6. Babylon A.D - $4 million
    7. Death Race - $3.6 million
    8. Disaster Movie - $3.3 million
    9. Mamma Mia! - $2.7 million
    10. Pineapple Express - $2.4 million

    Saturday, September 6, 2008

    Project Runway Recap - Episode 8 - Working with a Legend!

    First, I would like to say if there was no Project Runway on Wednesday, I might have seriously lost my mind. Secondly, I have to apologize for the delay in this recap and posts. Honestly, I have been all too consumed with politics the past two weeks and its been not only bad for my stomach its been keeping me from posting. My thoughts on everything political will be in another post later, so let's get to dishing Project Runway.

    This week's episode had a great premise and unfortunately it was beyond filled to the brim with product placement. At the end of this season, I seriously want to take some time and count the total time the program devoted to advertising. Anyways, the designers were informed that there were going to be designing a piece to possibly be in the Fall Collection of Diane Von Furstenberg, yes the iconic designer synonymous with sexy elegance and the creator of the wrap dress. The living legend greeted the designers in her Meatpacking District studio and allowed them to utilize fabrics from her own collection to create an inspired look, worthy of walking down the runway with DVF on the tag. Most designers enjoyed the challenge, even with the extreme pressure of designing something for Diane, yet I am not sure everyone refined their palette enough to present their items. Her collection is based on the Marlene Dietrich film A Foreign Affair.

    Honestly, I think only Leanne and Korto truly understood the magnitude of the challenge and produced pieces that reflected that. While most put together decent designs, they weren't truly DVF worthy, nor good matches with the already existing collection. Terri produced a varied version of the same three piece look she has each week, tailored pants, work blouse and jacket/vest thing. While I know this woman can sew well, her designs are pretty boring and other than the drag queen challenge, I can find most of her stuff in the women's section of Macy*s. What did shock me was Joe's literal take on Shanghai, with the creation of what looked like a cheap geisha style waitress uniform for some Japanese chain restaurant. It was terrible and worthy of being sent home, but it was Stella, who had consistently produced shotty work, went instead with her odd suit/capelet thing.

    Leanne's and Korto's were inspired, with a wonderful play on the sexy siren aesthetic of a film noir spy film from the 1940's. Korto, with the additional play of the color yellow throughout her black and white pattern gown, was wonderful. But truly Leanne's was beyond runway ready. The rich tone of her dress and the beautiful detail on the back made it beyond covet worthy. For the runway, Diane was a guest judge, as was Fern Mallis, the Director 7th on 6th and NYC Fashion Week. Both women, along with Michael Kors and Heidi Klum brought Korto, Leanne and Kenley's simple Asian influenced dress to the top three discussion. Leanne came out on top and her piece is not being sold through DVF, for $605 to American Express card holders only. After this week's challenge, I am fairly certain the top three this go around will be the ones sticking around till the end.

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    Monday Movie Box Office Recap - Labor Day edition....

    Surprise, Labor Day weekend was quite slow for box office totals letting Tropic Thunder managed to remain at the top for the third week in a row. It was followed by newcomer Babylon A.D. and The Dark Knight came in third with a little under ten million, bringing its box office total to just over $500 million and a new record for the box office history books. As of now, this movie could come close or shatter Titanic’s record for $600 million. The House Bunny and Traitor also faired nicely even with the lackluster numbers at the box office.

    I finally caught Pineapple Express this weekend, which finds itself in ninth place, and I have to say I thought it was truly hysterical. It successful blurred the lines between stoner comedy and 80’s cop/action/druggie movie. Ironically, I also caught Hard to Kill for the first time this weekend and it made me appreciate “Express” even more. Personally, I need to be entertained or educated while watching a film and this movie was straight up entertainment. Car chases, explosions, weed paranoia, corrupt cops, slacker losers, ninjas and a cursing Ed Begley Jr.! Really there isn’t much more you can ask for from the movie studios nowadays. In a weird way, I found the almost clicheness of the film refreshing. It reminded me of buddy/crime flicks like Tango & Cash, The Big Lebowski and even Die Hard.
    Let’s not get it twisted the premise, characters and events in this movie are ridiculous, but that’s what makes it amazing. When a film jumps the shark within the first 10 minutes, my hats off to it. I found it fresher than “Tropic Thunder” which I also liked and I thought the breakout actors had much more fleshed out roles in this film. Danny McBride, as always is a scene stealer and James Franco always succeeds as an affable stoner. Seth Rogen was like Dan Ackroyd and John Goodman’s first born in this film and Craig Robinson is finally given the screen time he deserves in a good movie I really can’t find a flaw with it. If you like movies that make you laugh and don’t explain how people can survive multiple explosions, you will LOVE Pineapple Express.

    Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
    1. Tropic Thunder - $11.5 million
    2. Babylon A.D. - $9.6 million
    3. The Dark Knight - $8.6 million
    4. The House Bunny - $8.3 million
    5. Traitor - $7.8 million
    6. Death Race - $6.3 million
    7. Disaster Movie - $5.8 million
    8. Mamma Mia! - $4.4 million
    9. Pineapple Express - $3.5 million
    10. Vicky Cristina Barcelona - $2.8 million

    And lastly, some sad movie news. "King of the Voiceovers" Don LaFontaine has passed away at the age of 68. He died from complications to an illness he was suffering and his survived by his wife and children.