Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another one down and another one down - Project Runway Recap - Episode 9

So last night’s episode of Project Runway was apparently the one that most designers fail on. Throughout all five seasons, there is always a challenge half way through where the designers don’t get the task at hand, start losing their edge and produce poop. I am fairly certain last night had to be that episode. First, the task was to work with a designer already auf’d (always awkward) and then create an “avant-garde” garment incorporating your astrological sign into it. I’m a Capricorn so a dress made to look like a stubborn goat would have not been to hot, but I just think some of these designers did not get the challenge. I think what threw them was the term “avant-garde”. This does not mean put together mismatched dresses and big exaggerated crap and throw it down a runway. For avant-garde, please check out most of Christian’s pieces last go around and Santino’s pieces from a few seasons back. Kenley’s was a disaster, Blayne produced a dress based on what my insides look like when I hear Suede talk about himself in third person and Terri’s was just awful. Suede’s was not terrible, but a misfire, with his nightie/Dynasty house outfit, which was not in the slightest bit avant-garde, but wasn’t a shit fest like the designers’ pieces above. Truly the top four were the top four on this challenge. Jerrell, Joe, Korto and Leanne understood the challenge and produced quality products. This is the time of the season where the ones hiding in the shadows with mediocrity get whittled out and I can all but confirm that the above four designers are the ones who will be showing tomorrow at Bryant Park.

Last nights episode also highlighted the rudeness and narcissism some of these designers are filled to the brim with. Kenley and Terri were rude at the meet and greet with past designers, throughout their challenge and sadly to the judges on the runway. There are times when it is appropriate to defend one’s work, but seriously these two women produced pieces of poo last night and rightly so, their assigned assistants backed away from the train wrecks. The only reason Terri went home over Kenley is strictly how well the pieces of poo were made and while Kenley’s was beyond atrocious to view, it was crafted well. Unfortunately, Terri’s was not only ugly it was poorly constructed and overall looked very very cheap. Blayne’s we don’t even need to get into because the obvious atrociousness of this is stunning. Last night’s episode just made me wish Kelli and Wes were back designing and that Suede would lose the third person act. Jerrell killed it I thought with his mixture of patterns and fabrics and his obvious grasp on avant-garde was refreshing. And rightfully so Jerrell won. Korto’s and Leanne’s pieces were beautiful and really fit their astrological sign. Joe’s was quite exciting, but a bit too costumey for me to be considered truly avant-garde. This season is really boring and I hate to say but I do not believe the move to Lifetime will reenergize the program. Good news though – Top Chef is back in October. Next week’s episode looks to be more of the same and I think Suede’s days are numbered. Also, I have a prediction that Kenley’s attitude blows up in her face at the next challenge. Anyways, here’s last night best and worst.

Here are the worsties from last night's episode:

And here are the besties from last night's episode:

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