Friday, July 27, 2007

And here's to it being Friday...

This was a very interesting week in Hollywood and I personally am hitting my 100th post with this here little ditty. This weekend is apparently supposed to be one storm after another, but hopefully it will break up for me to rock out to TV on the Radio. Also, I am not sure how this happened, but I omitted The Simpsons Movie from the list of things to do this weekend. It opens in 4,000 theaters tonight, so enjoy folks. And now let's get to it:

  • Naomit Watts and Liev Schreiber finally had the baby!!!! I feel like that poor woman was ready to pop a billion years ago. The baby, Alexander Pete Schreiber, was born yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. Congrats to the lovely couple!!!!
  • Vick pleads not guilty. No word yet if he will be suspended or not from the NFL until his trial date in November.
  • Rumer Willis present at time of drug bust. Someone is taking after mommy....
  • Astronauts drunk in space! So that's where all those dings came from in the fender...
  • The View will have some new faces this fall. It is rumored that Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard will be joining the gabfest that is The View. Kathy Griffin was also once in the running, but has since been removed from the short list. It is rumored her big mouth, the fact that she is white and does not get along with Barbara has the deciding factors against her. The official announcement is not expected within the next few weeks, but with all the rumors swirling around Barbara might let us know the "real story" a bit sooner then she would have wished.

  • Johnny Depp all set to bring Dark Shadows to a theater near you. The gothic soap opera hit that was the predecessor for Twin Peaks and Picket Fences will be produced by Depp's production company with Warner Brothers. Depp is also hoping to play the lead.
  • Can Britney really be this stupid? On the heels of the tell all article and disastrous photo shoot with OK Magazine, Britney apparently fired her assistant - who had not signed a confidentiality agreement when she was first hired by Ms. Spears and disobeyed a court order to get approval from K-Fed to bring her children out of state. It was reported she brought her two sons with her to Las Vegas - a definite legal no no - and that when K-Fed heard he immediately forced her to return to California. I can't believe this is actually happening. K-Fed the responsible parent? Britney might actually lose her kids to this dude. Wowzer!
  • Smoking pot might have direct lead to schizophrenia Or just a mean case of the munchies!
  • And if that wasn't enough for you this morning, the Lohan bust just keeps getting better and better.. While Dina Lohan is dissing on Jay Leno dissing Leno for mocking her daughter and Michael Lohan is is telling his side of the story to anyone who would listen the tape of the 911 call has been released and Lindsay, according to a story on TMZ, wasn't only not alone in the car but basically kidnapped 3 dudes. Okay, when are the aliens going to showing up in this story??? I mean I know this girl is a total mess and has a huge amount of family problems - i.e. both parents would rather talk to some glossy tabloid instead of their own kids - but this nuts. Everyday there is something new to this story and what seemed to be a simple DUI arrest with some coke has turned into and all out kidnapping???? I can't wait for the real story, if we ever get it.

  • Thursday, July 26, 2007

    To Do's for the Weekend - 7/26 - 7/29


  • Spank Rock DJs BPM Magazine Anniversary party at Hiro Ballroom - 10 PM


  • The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre PresentsThe 9th Annual Del Close Marathon. Started in 1999 after the improv force passed away, the marathon celebrates the master with non stop improv marathon all over the country. Check out the link for tickets and shows still available.
  • Rue Brutalia! live at The P.I.T. The show begins at 9:30 pm and its highly recommended to buy tickets in advance
  • Etsy Trashion Trunk Show at Etsy Labs Indie designers bringing you hot fashion made out of recycled goods.


  • Sonic Youth playing McCarren Park Pool This performance will be their "Daydream Nation" album in its entirety. Tickets are sold out.
  • If you can't make it to the pool or Rock the Bells tour at Randall's island Grandmaster Flash will be at the Water Taxi Beach for their usual beach party. Directions and hours here


  • Rock the Bells tour Tickets still available for this show
  • TV on the Radio at McCarren Park Pool Party RSVP list is closed so show up early folks!


    If you want your event showcased in the to do list at Spielster - email the information by Monday the week of the event at

  • da daily round up

    Let's get to it folks:

  • Gawker brings us more of the insanity that is the Lohan case.
  • Disney “bans” smoking from all of its future motion pictures. We sort of..
  • Michael will be returning to "Lost" next season. No word on how long Harold Perrineau will reprise the role of Michael or if his son Walt will be making an appearance. Thank you ABC for some idea of whats going to go on in 7 MONTHS FROM NOW!
  • Iphones surpisingly not that big of seller. Wait people didn’t feel like shelling out 600 bones and waiting on line to get a phone???
  • Oprah and Oxygen Network are getting sued. . Doesn’t anyone realize you can’t bring her down?
  • Probe into Pat Tillman's death will most likely cause some firings and demotions in the military
  • Nikki Sixx asks rocker friends to add entries to his upcoming release “Heroin Diaries”. The book is mainly Sixx’s diary entries from his time during a bad bout of addiction, but the musician decided to enlist friends like Tommy Lee and Slash to submit their own bios about their addiction with heroin. The book, set to be released in September 2007, will donate 25% of its profits to the Covenant House California, which works with homeless children and getting them of the street. There will also be a soundtrack to accompany the book.
  • Speaking of Slash - Guns N' Roses - the band will be reuniting this weekend at the Key Club in LA. Axl Rose will not be present, but don’t rule out a full style reunion in the future. I am sure Velvet Revolver ain’t doing that well.

  • Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Daily Round Up

    After all the Lohan madness, let's get to some entertainment and media bits:

  • The longest running TV program is hitting the big screen this weekend The Simpsons make the jump to theaters and will premiere its first feature length film on July 27th. It is expected to be the number one draw at the box office this weekend.
  • American males rejoice... Jessica Alba is officially single again.
  • As if the Campaign 2008 process wasn't annyoing already MySpace will begin in September with Town Hall type discussions with the Presidential candidates. They are taping Ivanka Trump as the moderators to bring “a hip and economically mobile” generation to the table. Um, this election thing is getting out of hand with the YouTube and MySpace . Although I like the idea of people my age able to now have direct contact with those in the running, watching politicians trying to be hip and cool is about as comfortable as a family reunion when you are 15 years old.

  • America's Next Food Network Star speaks out Amy Finley, who was picked as the winner of the reality competition dishes with TV Guide and tells them about the behind the scenes drama, how this has changed her life and what to expect from “The Gourmet Next Door” and her show on the Food Network
  • Toyota performing road tests on their plug-in hybrids They have been given approval from Japan to begin performing road tests on the first of their plug-in hybrid cars. GM is said to be in the beginning stages as well in creating an electric rechargeable car. Environmentalists are happy about the adaptations occurring in the car industry, but some are wondering if using all that electricity at home, which is mainly provided by fossil fuels, is any more beneficial to the environment. Hey, at least we are on our way to a cleaner day.
  • My Life on the D-List ends another season. This time around we got to see the real human part of Kathy Griffin, dealing with a difficult and public divorce and the death of her father. Kathy’s show is honest and makes you want to just be her friend. What is great about Ms. Griffin is she never takes herself too seriously, a quality that is truly disappearing from the entertainment business. I can’t wait for the next season!!

  • Airports are being warned about terrorist lead "dry runs” by the Transportation Security Administration. This information was leaked out to media outlets and the TSA has said the situation is not as serious as it sounds. The watch comes on the heels of various suspect objects have been smuggled into airports.
  • Social networking site Facebook’s heads are being sued by the guys who believe they created the idea behind the preppy answer to Myspace.

    This weekend's must do's and reality round up will be coming a bit later today.


    Lohan pleads innocence

    Lindsay Lohan gave an exclusive quote to Access Hollywood' Billy Bush after his panel discussion of her career on "Larry King Live" last night. Bush wrote Lohan an e-mail checking in with the star and she responded with:
    "Yes. I am innocent... did not do drugs they're not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin's mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy."

    The latest word on the starlet was she "received medical treatment and has entered a rehabilitation center". At this point, the whole story has definitely been told in a few different ways and I would love to find out the true one.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007


    Here is the full story of last night's arrest.... Apparently last night, Lohan was not alone in her car, which was allegedly chasing the mother of one her personal assistants. Also, it has been leaked that Lohan herself believed she was bing chased herself. No word on who was chasing her and if they were, why; but no paparazzi agency has come forward with photos of the chase - leading us to believe that whoever was chasing her wasn't a photographer.

    She is currently in rehab, which was confirmed on the Larry King Live program that was hosted by TMZ's, but sources are saying that she might have tried to harm herself -i.e. attempted suicide - earlier today after her release from jail. After a full day of hearing people dissect her every move, I truly feel sorry for her because she can not handle her life and the course it has gone down. But for now, we will just have to wait and see if jail time is imminent and if her career can handle this large of a blow in a year that has already been having everyone say she was washed up.

    going inside with the crew from LOST

    Music by John Frusciante

    Daily Round Up

    So now that we have had our Lohan fix, let's check out some other happenings in entertainment :

  • Laurie David was "cheating" on Larry with a REPUBLICAN! OK that's about as close to blasphemy as it can get. The Queen of green has also not be so ECO conscious when it comes to her home on Martha's Vineyard. Well it's official, this bitch is off my good list and onto the pile of idiots. In my book, anyone who cheats on Larry David deserves a kick to their coota.
  • Ewww! Why do perverts always have access to the newest technology? I feel like they should all just get jobs as market analysts. Nothing against analysts..
  • YouTube and CNN help the public debate the Dems Yeah cause nothing removes the hatred from the conservatives like zany questions sent in from actual voters. Uggh...when will 2008 be here already so I only have to listen to one idiot from each side and not them all at once?
  • Paula Zahn gets the boot from CNN right when Campbell Brown leaves CNBC for CNN. Don't worry Paula, you always have those dang birds to bother.

    And to end today's massive posts, here is a trailer from the new movie "The Ten". The cast couldn't be better - Paul Rudd, Winona Ryder, Liev Schreiber, Famke Janssen, Gretchen Mol, Ken Marino, Justin Theroux and the normal cast of characters from "Wet Hot American Summer" and "The State". Ready to hit theaters on August 3rd this summer, it is ten little stories surrounding the Ten Commandments. The movie did extremely well at Sundance and has gotten a huge amount of buzz so far. Can't wait to see it. check out the trailer and let me know what you think.



    Both of her bloodsuckers parents have released statements. And Daddy Lohan has spoken with literally all gossip/tabloid media to give "his side of the story". He will be on Larry King Live tonight at 9pm on CNN.

    Also, she is looking at possibly a year to three in jail for these charges - if convicted. Read more about it at TMZ, which is having a field day covering this. They are also reporting that her assistant Jenni Muro was not involved in the chase incident of last night which led to Lohan being pulled over and then arrested. No word on why she was chasing a car at 2:15 AM while high as a kite and driving on a suspended license as of yet.

    At this point, she needs to get clean or she is going to lose everything.

    MORE UPDATES TO COME...and productivity in offices to decline...

    Britney Update

    Whoever woke up this morning and thought it would be a boring day in Tinseltown was sadly mistaken. On the heels of Lohan's crash and burn this morning, OK! Magazine has informed us of the sad story that is Britney's life hitting stands this Friday. And this gossip site seems to have all the inside info. Here is just a snippet of Ms. Spear's "behavior" throughout the interview and coordinating photo shoot:

    "The girl allegedly can’t stop touching herself. As in fondling her breasts, rubbing between her legs… I can hardly bear to write this. She apparently goes about it absent-mindedly, as if not aware she’s not alone and at the same time, genuinely curious about her own body, described to me as “like a 5 year old discovering her genitalia for the first time”. Allegedly of course." For more info, check outLainey Gossip.

    Oh its a good day for us gossip whores....



    Apparently, Lohan was attempting to chase down her ex personal assistant when she was arrested last night. Also, she had been contacted paparazzi organizations recently inquiring about how she could get paid for information on herself – i.e. her letting them know when she is partying and shopping. Her lawyer has just released the official response and basically it continues – this girl needs help, but apparently no one can give it to her.
    Here’s Lohan's lawyer's statement about her arrest last night And of course now Daddy Lohan really wants "to help his daughter" god no wonder this chick is driving into trees.


    And as I wrote this – she is back in rehab. No specifics on the location, but we are definite that it is not Promises. Does this mean she gets a refund from that place????

    and in other news

    OK Magazine will release "real" Britney pictures Well obviously, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are in a duel to the death to be the biggest fuck up in Hollywood. Right after Britney took a nearly skinny dip in the Pacific Ocean she decided “Hey Y’all I need to tell my side of the story”. So she went to OK! Magazine and they agreed ( no specifics on money as of yet). Apparently though Spears was such a mess during the photo shoot OK! wasn’t sure which was a better story – her life story the past few months or her destructive and crazy behavior during the interview/photo short. Well according to TMZ, they found the latter more interesting and are going with that. So it’s official at this point right, you don’t need to be a doctor to know this girl is bipolar and on massive amounts of drugs. How does this chick still have her kids???

    And in happier news…

    Harry Potter breaks records at the bookstores as well Surprise surprise, Potter is best selling book even after all the leaks. If you are attempting to recover after the final installment,
    wallow with other Potter fans here

    Drew Carey - as expected - will be the new host of "The Price is Right" Not sure what this means to you all, but its definitely a change....

    Maggie Gyllenhaal will be taking over for Katie Holmes in the next "Batman" installment I don’t care what chick is in it as long as Christian “Yummy” Bale keeps on coming back…And besides Holmes has a lot on her plate with that raising an alien and being married to a gay dude thing she has going for her.

    Julia Roberts will receive the American Cinematheque award in Beverly Hills on October 12th. She will be the 22nd recipient of this award. Roberts presented this award to her buddy George Clooney only last year.

    "The State" finally makes it to DVD Insert “stick my balls in it” joke anywhere

    Liars to tour with Interpol oh and they are playing MSG…yeah you heard me…MSG…ahh I miss 2003.

    An Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan...

    Dear Lindsay,

    OK, its obvious its time to talk. Apparently there is not a soul around you who cares about your well being or can get through to your obviously stubborn fat head, so I am going to try. Last night you were arrested for the second time in 3 months for a DUI and the cops found cocaine on your person. You literally just walked out of an extended patient care rehab center and already you are back up to your old tricks. And hell, we know – you are young, rich and obviously disregard your life enough to keep putting it in this kind of danger. But let’s go back to one thing again – YOU ARE RICH!!! So you want to get wasted and you don’t want to be sober right now….that’s fine, illegal, but fine.

    Here’s an idea though – HIRE A DRIVER!!! They are these amazing people who will literally pick you up at your house, drop you off wherever you want to go and hang around until you want to leave. I know it’s amazing!!! You can even get a big car or a limo where you can party on your way to places, like everyday is your own prom. I recommend the driver option because you are rich and if you don’t take my advice, you won’t be for much longer. And I am truly trying to look out for your best interests – even if NO ONE AROUND YOU CARES ABOUT YOU. We all felt bad for you the first hundred times you were caught wasted behind the wheel, but this is ridiculous. See in the 80’s, you know the decade you grew up in, a lot of celebrities were doing similar things – getting high in clubs, partying all the time, driving under the influence, but it wasn’t widely known. And that’s because we didn’t have TMZ or PerezHilton or this said blog to post pictures of you – a celebrity – doing stupid stuff. Robert Downey Jr. has gone through what you are going through now, but 10 fold. I mean the dude woke up in someone else’s house once after a crazy cocaine/heroin binge, so you know he has seen his dark days and guess what, bro did some hard time in jail. Luckily, he is a good enough actor to make a come back and is all sober in a new agey way now.

    You my dear have done a hand full of movies, got paid quite well for them and with the rack and the voice, you are a step away from being crowned “Next Demi Moore”. Unfortunately, you keep making box office stinkers and getting high and more importantly – getting your ass caught. Now those of us who would eat off our own right arm to have your luck and opportunities will say we wouldn’t take it for granted, but that probably isn’t true. The same way I understand why Scott Baio, I get why you are all fucked up. Your mom is a raging hobag who would obviously sell her kids out for her gain and your dad is big fat criminal who is just using your name now for fame. You have had an unfortunate run with men and I am sure you have had way too many bad encounters to mention. Your friends seem to use you for press, money, drugs and then rat on you like they were Adriana from the Sopranos. And after awhile I am pretty sure this can rip you apart and make you doubt yourself. I know giving up drugs isn’t that easy, especially if you are obviously addicted and not just “partying”. I am not even gonna discuss some “role model” BS cause if parents are looking to you to give their kids morals, well then they are mentally stunted. But I do want to make sure you clearly understand how close you are to losing it. Either your life or your career is going to go up in flames and real soon. People can’t even remember if you are a good actress, but they sure know you love to party and that’s the problem. At this point, you will most likely be going to jail and guess what- it’s not going to be some cushy Paris Hilton/ Martha Stewart jail. They are going to make an example out of you cause you are basically pissing all over the criminal system and the courts they don’t like when celebrities do that. And obviously, you have some kind of death wish and your problems are not really being dealt with at Promises or any other lameo “rehab” facility that caters to stars, but you need to make a decision and it needs to be soon – do you want to end up like these people???????

    I suggest you start reading Tatum O’Neals autobiography and realize you can still win an Oscar in this town and do nothing with your career. There has been a slew of your kind who ran Hollywood for a short time and then burned out. Here’s a few:

    Let’s learn a lesson from these folk! Clean it up!

    Mugshot photo courtesy of

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    And while you were checking your air for asbestos....

    So while we were having explosions pumping asbestos in the air (oh right NYC, just in the dust of the manhole explosion), Hollywood was getting ready for the 2007 Emmy nominations. Announced this morning at the butt crack of dawn for some of us, they were a lot of newcomers honored with a nomination this year. So let’s get to it. And the awards can possible go to:

    "The Office"
    "30 Rock"
    "Two and a Half Men"
    "Ugly Betty
    "Boston Legal"
    "Grey's Anatomy"
    "The Sopranos"
    Hugh Laurie, "House"
    James Gandolfini, "The Sopranos"
    Kiefer Sutherland, "24"
    Denis Leary, "Rescue Me"
    James Spader, "Boston Legal"
    Edie Falco, "The Sopranos"
    Kyra Sedgwick, "The Closer"
    Sally Field, "Brothers and Sisters"
    Minnie Driver, "The Riches"
    Mariska Hargitay, "Law & Order: SVU"
    Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock"
    Steve Carell, "The Office"
    Tony Shalhoub, "Monk"
    Charlie Sheen, "Two and a Half Men"
    Ricky Gervais, "Extras"
    America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty"
    Tina Fey, "30 Rock"
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "The New Adventures of Old Christine"
    Mary-Louise Parker, "Weeds"
    Felicity Huffman, "Desperate Housewives"

    The show will broadcast live on September 16th from the Shrine Auditorium and FOX is the lucky channel that will be airing the program. With all the hoopla over The Sopranos, its 15 nominations (all in major categories) and this being its final year, watch out for the program to do well that night. HBO leads the pack of stations with 84 nominations all together and NBC comes out next in the battle of top networks. Surprises were “Lost” and “24”, usual favorites, and their lack of nods this year. Others that should do well The month of August we will be doing mini-features on the nominees we believe deserve to win and those who were shut out – undeservedly. We here at Spielster would love to hear your favorite picks!

    For more on the Emmy nods and other nominees, check out & The Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences

    And in other news:
    Another one bites the dust.. Who knew cooking Latin food for the cast and crew of a Telenovela could be so hard? This week’s
    Top Chef had us saying goodbye to Lia, the chef from New York City, over her non-Latin polenta having dish.
    Personally, I thought Lia was good enough to make it way further in the competiion and I believe Casey or Sarah N would have been better suited to get up out of here – especially since Sarah didn’t even make a meal – she made a seafood version of guacamole. And to avid readers of SPielster , yes I am watching this season of Top Chef even though I promised after last season’s early removal of my favorite Sam I was done with the program and Tom Colicchio. So I amend that statement and will let you know that I am pretty sure this is the best group of chef’s so far. What I love about this go around is someone does great in a quick fire and then sucks at the main competition that night. Really its anyone’s game at this point and each week I am super excited to see what the chefs come up with. And I loved the redeeming of Howie and Joey last night!!!!!

    Winona talks about "The Saks incident" Apparently she was on pain killers, which makes you loopy. So she didn’t shoplift, she just forgot to pay. Big difference!!! Ryder also discusses with VOGUE the pure insanity of the coverage her incident received and how it has affected her career.

    Gwen Stefani sues Forever 21 This bitch has a lot nerve. Now I am not a fan of stealing – especially one clothing company ganking another clothing line’s idea, but Stefani wouldn’t have this problem if she even attempted to make her line price friendly to the people who want to buy this – young teen girls. This woman is a huge idol for young woman and she finally comes out with a clothing line and it’s took expensive for her core demographic to buy it unless they were on an episode “Super Sweet 16”. So Ms. Stefani, maybe you should see this as a sign to make AFFORDABLE clothes.

    T.I. remains in the number spot on the Billboard 100 chart Smashing Pumpkin’s “Zeitgeist” hit the number spot, Interpol’s latest landed in at number 4 (which could explain why this band is headlining Madison Square Garden) and Spoon’s new album “Ga Ga Ga Ga” winded up at number ten (Congrats Alternative music!!!!) The Pumpkins received the number one spot for online record purchases at 25,000 copies sold its first week. Not bad after a seven year hiatus.

    In tattoo news: Combustible tattoo ink about to hit the market Scientists created a combustible ink that is said to remain in little bead bubbles in the dermis and will be removable with just ONE laser treatment. Not sure if this will affect the industry, since I am sure as an artist you would prefer not to look at a tattoo as something others might want to remove one day – but this is probably good news for all the girls ponder tribal butterflies right above their ass cracks.

    And lastly and on the serious tip - Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick , or sick fucking freak (as I cutely refer to him) has been indicted on two felony counts for illegal dog fighting and the uproar is well….not as big as it should be. Anyone who can torture, brutalize and murder in cold blood this large amount of animals (Per reports, the numbers are at around 60 pit bulls who were stuck on this pig’s Virginia compound) When the FEDs raided Vick’s Virginia home, evidence of electrocution, starvation and other egregious acts onto innocent animals were found everywhere. What disgusts me isn’t just the fact that this piece of shit could torture animals, but it seems that NFL fans could give a rat’s ass. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has gone on record yesterday saying the NFL will allow Vicks to play while he waits for his time in court to come. And I agree with this guy’s assessment And I agree with this guy’s assessment , Sorry, but dog corpses and malnutritioned dogs is enough evidence for me that this sicko needs to lose his job and pronto. He and his kind are a danger to our society and if we continuously let celebs get away with murder – what kind of society are we? Because they were dogs doesn’t remove the disdain this man obviously had for life. Pro athletes have been able to get away with illegal activity for years and it seems that pro sports fans don’t really seem to care. Well as an animal lover, I ask that everyone takes the time to write a letter to Vick’s sponsors, the NFL and major sports media outlets – such as ESPN – and declare your outrage. This man should lose his job and immediately!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is some contact information for you all –
    NFL Headquarters Location
    280 Park Ave., 15th Fl.
    New York, NY 10017 (Map)
    Phone: 212-450-2000
    Fax: 212-681-7599

    Fox Sports Networks/Fox Sports Net
    10201 West Pico Blvd., Bldg. 101
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    ph: 310-369-1000
    FSN office fax: 1-310-444-8681
    fax: 1-310-969-6049

    ESPN Headquarters Location
    ESPN Plaza, 935 Middle St.
    Bristol, CT 06010 (Map)
    Phone: 860-766-2000
    Fax: 860-766-2213

    Please use these addresses and express outrage!!!!! For the doggies!!!!

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    And here we go.....

    So my apartment is finally coming together, which should hopefully allow me to honor my commitment of bringing the funny entertainment news to you all every day once again. Since today is a lovely Tuesday, lets keep it light and airy. First, lets start off with a story that perked up my ears this morning in front of my computer. Apparently Andy Dick and Jon Lovitz got pretty heated last week at an LA comedy club.

    This wasn't he first time the two had a spat and apparently Lovitz has been hating Dick for years ( I know the rest of us have too, but who knew Jon could stay mad at someone). The problem comes from instances surrounding the murder of the amazingly talented Phil Hartman. Lovitz has "sort of blamed" the death on Dick for the incident leading up the murder by Hartman's wife. These two are rarely in a room together and as always, Dick pushed Lovitz a bit too far last week and
    and finally someone fought Andy Dick Personally I wish it was more of a duel and Dick ended up in a hospital, but if this is all true about Dick mocking Hartman's death, well he deserves a lot worse!

    Not sure if you all are fans of reality TV, but if not, you really must check out ROCK OF LOVE the new VH1 reality dating show with 15 chicks and Poison's lead man Brett Micheals.

    For all of you familiar with these love/reality shows VH1 has this will not disappoint. Imagine a bunch of horny strippers with bleached hair or bad tattoos, drinking problems, a small house and a pole in said house, with all the ladies vying for the attention of one ROCK STAR and there is ROCK OF LOVE. I have been extremely excited for this show since I knew this would be three times better then Flavor of Love, which was about a bunch of video hos trying to marry Flavor Flav. See the difference between Rock and Flavor is - well, Brett is coherent and attractive, so you can believe woman would want to sleep with him. Also, I grew up in the 80's and I remember what my baby sitter used to say about this man (by the way, she was a metal slut) and I can imagine that most of the women on this show have been waiting to meet this man for years now. With the first episode already done and a bunch of crazies still in the house, I am very excited for the madness to ensue. And I would love to see who you think is gonna take it. Will Mr. Michaels pick a woman perfect for conversation and his kids or will he pick a blond stripper with big fake boobs. The world may never know. Again I highly recommend that and the other 80's hunk themed VH1 has on right now, Scott Baio is 45 and Single. This show allows us to see what happens when a man who has been able to sleep with pretty much very hot chick in
    Hollywood (except Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry) does once the fun has run out for you and you must settle down with just tone dumb blond. The perks of this show are not only Baio fumbling for meaning in his life, but catching up with some real back in the day stars, such as Erin Moran (Joanie from Happy Days) and Nicole Eggert (Charles in Charge, Baywatch fame). Yes, both of these women "dated" and slept with Baio. This should be an interesting watch since the first episode has us learning that it was Moran who broke up with Baio and that apparently he has a small penis. But that lady is nuts!!! (Anyone else remember the Howard Stern TV show???)

    And on to some other reality tidbits:
    - Brad was kicked off "Hells Kitchen", leaving us with 5 contestants.
    - There are only 2 finalists left in the battle for "The Next Food Network Star" and guess who probably won - the talented cook or the chick with big boobs. It better be Amy!
    - We are already down to the quarter finals of the World Series of Popular Culture and I am not a finalist..ugggh! But you can play at home here

    To tide you over until tomorrow, check out these stories:
    Please tell me this is a joke I know the chubby kid is funny, but can't you wait until you actually have a "quality" film to put him in.
    making fun of Perez Hilton, I mean being jealous of him will not be going out of style anytime soon.
    Get the inside scoop on season three of Weeds .
    NBC is going green, well sort of - Now Larry David can go back! (if you don't get it - too bad)
    Trump is cashing in on all the favors owed to him and forcing celebs to endure "You're Fired!" - I guess Martha Stewart wasn't enough for this man.
    First it was TMZ, now it's a Brian Grazer movie Entourage is bring products and media outlets to another point with this season's coverage
    Speaking of, check this out
    A deep look into the hottest wizard professor ever Ok, you found me out - I have a boner for Alan Rickman.
    And finally,
    The $10,000 prize for photo shopped picture of a celebrity then there was some really angry comments And the response...
    By the way I have seen this chick in real life and neither picture does her justice.

    Ok that's enough for you filthy scoundrels to ponder until morning. And as always - tips and ideas - send my way!!!!


    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Political Update

    Lady Bird Johnson, former first lady, has passed away at the age of 94. Johnson, a known conservationist and lady of principle, has suffered a stroke a few years ago, but this death was unexpected. Johnson was able to use her husband’s presidency to spread the idea of beautification of America’s highways and equal rights within education. She was the unofficial head of Head Start – an education program which serves the needs of underprivileged children to advance their learning. Johnson also unofficially had an hand in the “green movement” with her requests for Americans to plant more flowers and trees and to clean up garbage around them. Always a class act, Lady Bird Johnson will be sorely missed.

    And onto more political news (unfortunately not the good kind):
    A shocker - Bush wants us to "stay the course in Iraq" In his live press conference this morning, he went over the points that the Iraqis have hit and the ones they are missing. This is right as most Americans and even some GOP congressmen have been asking the President to begin to remove troops from Iraq as soon as this October. While Bush discusses the need “ from the to hurt us here” and explained that is why we are forced to remain in the civil war torn country, this press conference is on the heels of the Homeland Security office’s findings that Al Quaeda are back to the same strength they were in the months before the 9/11 attack. This is damaging news because one – there is no specific threat we are watching right now and our main reason to continue to fight in Iraq has been to get rid of terrorists. If they are growing by the hundreds, then is the job getting done? And if Americans look at this as another scapegoat to remove the chatter about Harriet Miers not speaking in front of Congress about the US lawyers firings scandal – then are we ever going to trust this administration. At this point, I’m not sure which I am more scared of – Al Quaeda attack or the fact that I can’t believe a word out of any of the highest officials in America.

    And you are not going to believe this one, but apparently another “holy roller” senator from Louisiana has been caught with his pants down. Well not literally, but I’m sure those phone calls to and from the newly popular DC madam (what a job!) were just a government official checking in with his constituents. “HUSTLER” is taking credit for the release of the damaging information and the then forcing of Senator David Vitters to admit he has “sinned”, but his wife has forgiven him.

    Sen. Vitters is most famous for being a large proponent of anti-gay marriage legislation and abstinence only school programs. I am sure glad this man cares so much for the sanctity of marriage that he didn’t mind hanging out with prostitutes. Larry Flynt can also be credited with bringing to light the sexual misconduct that forced Congressman Bob Livingston to step down from his seat, which ironically was then filled by Senator Vitters before he joined the senate. This is also the same area by the way which Jimmy Swaggart made famous with his sexual misconduct scandal. For conservative Christians, these boys certainly like to get themselves into a heap of trouble in regards to extra curricular sex. This story can also be of interest to those supporting Giuliani for the 2008 presidential ticket. This will be the third member of his backing team that has been caught in a scandal in the past two months.

    Rudy Giuliani is also suffering another blow to his run for the 2008 spot on the Republican Presidential ticket. The International Association of Fire Fighters route against Giuliani in this 13 minute online video that interviews firefighters, family members of victims of 9/11 and colleagues. All those interviewed declared Giuliani weak and that there huge errors on his part that they believe cost many firefighters their lives on 9/11. The items they were most concerned about were the faulty radio situation the FDNY was working with and the mistreatment of dead firefighter’s remains. Giuliani and his camp have already spoken out against the group – describing them as large Democratic supporters. The camp also issued a response to each accusation in the 13 minute video where Rudy disputes the discussion. No sign yet on how this will effect the

    Speaking of untrustworthy politicians, you need to read Lou Dobb's blog on The anchor discusses really that our entire government right now are a bunch of lame ducks and with the majority of Americans finding themselves as Independents (around 40% of the population) the Democrats and Republicans both need to step up their game or the people might actually vote them out. He puts in a call to us citizens to wake up and realize – we can honestly change the course of history if we began voting with our noggins and wallets.

    I would post about some Democrats and their issues - but unfortunately they don't have anything going on right now - bad or good. Man 2008 is gonna be a fascinating year.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Daily Update

    Today is chock full day of entertainment goodies and political info. It’s been a bit since I posted and I wanted to make sure the stop by was worth your while. Also, some interesting things have been happening in the “behind the scenes” of entertainment. I do have to say the saddest part of today’s entry is end of JANE…….

    It’s with a sad heart and worry for the young females that I acknowledge the putting to rest of “JANE”. The magazine geared towards young women for an affinity towards hip celebrities and the latest alternative scene has officially gone dunzo. August will be the last issue published
    acording to publisher Conde Nast. JANE was once the continuance of my favorite magazine ever – Sassy. Jane Pratt, the namesake and one-time editor-in-chief, found a great niche of young woman who were interested in alternative/DIY scenes, but not so much that they completely left the mainstream. After Pratt’s departure in 2005, the magazine suffered low sales and even lower editorial content. I think the end of this magazine means a few things and one is NYLON’s readership will definitely increase. And by the way, will I be getting a refund of my $10 subscription???? Check this out for the scoop on the "alleged" demise of JANE magazine and its staff...

    And now onto important political/news worthy stuff:

    Sicko has been doing fairly well in the theaters, considering it’s a documentary and is in a smaller amount of theaters. I am not sure if you have had the pleasure, well if you can look at it that way, of checking it out yet, but the HMOs and pharmaceutical companies have been preparing to battle for awhile on this. Here is Michael Moore's response to Blue Cross' “anti-Sicko" talking points memo I’m just excited someone inside had the guts to send it to Moore.

    Washington Post summarizes The Huffington Post's success...

    An interesting take on one of the only politicians with pride in the US - Mike Bloomberg

    Ford looks to have plug in Hybrids available within next 10 years and they are hoping there will be that many years of American Idol to promote their products to come as well.

    Here’s the round up of who is in, who is out and who is bitterly afraid of getting fired:

    FOX names Kevin Reilly, tossed NBC entertainment president, as network president

    Another look into Ben Silverman, NBC's new "go to guy"

    And for those of you who care, 24 pulls plug on original concept for 7th season

    And in the “what do we talk about now?” category

    Find the nearest Kwik-E-Mart

    This little nugget is a bit old but it’s pretty damn funny. See how the AV Club manages to hit the nail on the head for the 10 directors you hate, but you didn’t realize.

    one of the funniest Gawker bits ever....

    David Lynch doesn’t approve of product placement - but Gucci commercials are okay Don’t get me wrong…I love this dude, I always find it interesting his ability to do commercials for various companies, while seeming so “anti-commercial”.

    It’s a brutal 95 degrees here in NY and I am sick of this humidity BS. So for what its worth humans, please try to conserve so 95 with 90% humidity isn’t an everyday occurrence for us. I know the environmental discussions have been beaten to death this past month with the rising gas prices, LIVE EARTH performances and Al Gore’s son being arrested, but let’s get serious. Change a bulb in your house, carry your lunch in a tote, refill a water bottle for an entire week, ride the bus – better yet ride a bike (I still need to start doing that). Every and any little bit might actually make an impact and it’s way easier to start with one small step each day then trying to become super green tomorrow. In fact, don’t even try to become green, just become more earth friendly. I mean I like this place and I would love for it to be around a lot longer!!!!


    Monday, July 2, 2007

    Happy 21st Lohan!

    First things first, I have just moved so expect posts to be sporadic and once daily. Second, they will be packed full of tidbits, gossip and exclusives so while there will be few, they will be quality.

    And lastly, let's all wish Ms. Lohan a happy birthday today since the freckled faced star is celebrating her 21st year here. Hopefully there will be no alcoholic toast for her, but a more mindful celebration. We wish the best for her and hope she enjoys the beautiful weather in LA today. And we hope both her parents stay the hell away from her for awhile so this girl can start deciding who SHE wants to be.

    And speaking of Lilo...I will be doing a weekly piece on the trials, tribulations and the rise of young Hollywood today starting with Ms. Lohan. This weekly diatribe will begin next week - Wednesday, July 11th - when regular publishing capabilities will be in effect once again and my life will not be in cardboard boxes strewn around a freshly painted apartment. What I will be trying to accomplish with these stories is the background and events that make a young star a star nowadays. Here are the Spielster, we are looking to get more focused in our posts since rambling on about TMZ daily entries hasn't been fulfilling the journalist inside.

    Daily Round up

    In real news - Seven are detained in the investigation for the terror attacks on Glasgow, Scotland, and London, England and one of them is Jordanian taught physician.

    In not so real news - The rumors are true and Salman Rushdie and Padma Lackshmi are going to get a divorce. Per Rushdie’s rep, the split was not a collaborative effort, but “he decided to agree to a Padma’s wish for a divorce”.

    And apparently Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo do not want pics taken of them having sex by strangers to get out into the public. I know it’s shocking. Now I am all about – “hey you are a celebrity and your business is our business!” but doesn’t being on vacation show that you are actually not working – therefore paparazzi – stop taking their pictures. You can read more here

    The story behind wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife, 7 year old son and then himself last weekend, has just got a bit more interesting. His doctor, Phil Aston has had his office raided and has just surrendered himself to FEDs in the investigation of the three’s deaths. Dr. Aston has been charged with seven counts for illegally distributing medication – which some are blaming for Benoit’s mental snap. Check out CNN’s coverage of the story here

    In much happier news: Why didn’t 7-Eleven think of this earlier? To promote the upcoming “Simpsons” movie (as if it needed any more promotion) the movie studio and &-7- Eleven have teamed up to temporarily rename the 24 hour convenience stores “Kwik-Mart” and sell the same delicacies Apu is always giving out to the citizens of Springfield. Kudos to the marketing agency who thought up this idea.

    In other gossip bits…Kathy Griffin – a personal favorite of mine – goes off on Ann Coulter. and so does Elizabeth Edwards, Presidential hopeful John Edwards’ wife, after Coulter’s disgusting remarks about their son who died tragically in an automotive accident years ago. I hate Ann Coulter and find the fact that she is famous the biggest sin of America. I know I know – publicity is publicity, but this bitch would sell her own mother’s kidney if it would cause a stir. I just find it hilarious that she never has fact nor opinion to back up her propaganda.

    And for all of you science/health junkies – Yahoo was spreading the love this morning reporting findings on “mindfulness”, learning from mistakes and ways to fight against Alzheimer
    learning from mistakes &
    ways to fight against Alzheimer's