Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daily Update

Today is chock full day of entertainment goodies and political info. It’s been a bit since I posted and I wanted to make sure the stop by was worth your while. Also, some interesting things have been happening in the “behind the scenes” of entertainment. I do have to say the saddest part of today’s entry is end of JANE…….

It’s with a sad heart and worry for the young females that I acknowledge the putting to rest of “JANE”. The magazine geared towards young women for an affinity towards hip celebrities and the latest alternative scene has officially gone dunzo. August will be the last issue published
acording to publisher Conde Nast. JANE was once the continuance of my favorite magazine ever – Sassy. Jane Pratt, the namesake and one-time editor-in-chief, found a great niche of young woman who were interested in alternative/DIY scenes, but not so much that they completely left the mainstream. After Pratt’s departure in 2005, the magazine suffered low sales and even lower editorial content. I think the end of this magazine means a few things and one is NYLON’s readership will definitely increase. And by the way, will I be getting a refund of my $10 subscription???? Check this out for the scoop on the "alleged" demise of JANE magazine and its staff...

And now onto important political/news worthy stuff:

Sicko has been doing fairly well in the theaters, considering it’s a documentary and is in a smaller amount of theaters. I am not sure if you have had the pleasure, well if you can look at it that way, of checking it out yet, but the HMOs and pharmaceutical companies have been preparing to battle for awhile on this. Here is Michael Moore's response to Blue Cross' “anti-Sicko" talking points memo I’m just excited someone inside had the guts to send it to Moore.

Washington Post summarizes The Huffington Post's success...

An interesting take on one of the only politicians with pride in the US - Mike Bloomberg

Ford looks to have plug in Hybrids available within next 10 years and they are hoping there will be that many years of American Idol to promote their products to come as well.

Here’s the round up of who is in, who is out and who is bitterly afraid of getting fired:

FOX names Kevin Reilly, tossed NBC entertainment president, as network president

Another look into Ben Silverman, NBC's new "go to guy"

And for those of you who care, 24 pulls plug on original concept for 7th season

And in the “what do we talk about now?” category

Find the nearest Kwik-E-Mart

This little nugget is a bit old but it’s pretty damn funny. See how the AV Club manages to hit the nail on the head for the 10 directors you hate, but you didn’t realize.

one of the funniest Gawker bits ever....

David Lynch doesn’t approve of product placement - but Gucci commercials are okay Don’t get me wrong…I love this dude, I always find it interesting his ability to do commercials for various companies, while seeming so “anti-commercial”.

It’s a brutal 95 degrees here in NY and I am sick of this humidity BS. So for what its worth humans, please try to conserve so 95 with 90% humidity isn’t an everyday occurrence for us. I know the environmental discussions have been beaten to death this past month with the rising gas prices, LIVE EARTH performances and Al Gore’s son being arrested, but let’s get serious. Change a bulb in your house, carry your lunch in a tote, refill a water bottle for an entire week, ride the bus – better yet ride a bike (I still need to start doing that). Every and any little bit might actually make an impact and it’s way easier to start with one small step each day then trying to become super green tomorrow. In fact, don’t even try to become green, just become more earth friendly. I mean I like this place and I would love for it to be around a lot longer!!!!