Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And here we go.....

So my apartment is finally coming together, which should hopefully allow me to honor my commitment of bringing the funny entertainment news to you all every day once again. Since today is a lovely Tuesday, lets keep it light and airy. First, lets start off with a story that perked up my ears this morning in front of my computer. Apparently Andy Dick and Jon Lovitz got pretty heated last week at an LA comedy club.

This wasn't he first time the two had a spat and apparently Lovitz has been hating Dick for years ( I know the rest of us have too, but who knew Jon could stay mad at someone). The problem comes from instances surrounding the murder of the amazingly talented Phil Hartman. Lovitz has "sort of blamed" the death on Dick for the incident leading up the murder by Hartman's wife. These two are rarely in a room together and as always, Dick pushed Lovitz a bit too far last week and
and finally someone fought Andy Dick Personally I wish it was more of a duel and Dick ended up in a hospital, but if this is all true about Dick mocking Hartman's death, well he deserves a lot worse!

Not sure if you all are fans of reality TV, but if not, you really must check out ROCK OF LOVE the new VH1 reality dating show with 15 chicks and Poison's lead man Brett Micheals.

For all of you familiar with these love/reality shows VH1 has this will not disappoint. Imagine a bunch of horny strippers with bleached hair or bad tattoos, drinking problems, a small house and a pole in said house, with all the ladies vying for the attention of one ROCK STAR and there is ROCK OF LOVE. I have been extremely excited for this show since I knew this would be three times better then Flavor of Love, which was about a bunch of video hos trying to marry Flavor Flav. See the difference between Rock and Flavor is - well, Brett is coherent and attractive, so you can believe woman would want to sleep with him. Also, I grew up in the 80's and I remember what my baby sitter used to say about this man (by the way, she was a metal slut) and I can imagine that most of the women on this show have been waiting to meet this man for years now. With the first episode already done and a bunch of crazies still in the house, I am very excited for the madness to ensue. And I would love to see who you think is gonna take it. Will Mr. Michaels pick a woman perfect for conversation and his kids or will he pick a blond stripper with big fake boobs. The world may never know. Again I highly recommend that and the other 80's hunk themed VH1 has on right now, Scott Baio is 45 and Single. This show allows us to see what happens when a man who has been able to sleep with pretty much very hot chick in
Hollywood (except Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry) does once the fun has run out for you and you must settle down with just tone dumb blond. The perks of this show are not only Baio fumbling for meaning in his life, but catching up with some real back in the day stars, such as Erin Moran (Joanie from Happy Days) and Nicole Eggert (Charles in Charge, Baywatch fame). Yes, both of these women "dated" and slept with Baio. This should be an interesting watch since the first episode has us learning that it was Moran who broke up with Baio and that apparently he has a small penis. But that lady is nuts!!! (Anyone else remember the Howard Stern TV show???)

And on to some other reality tidbits:
- Brad was kicked off "Hells Kitchen", leaving us with 5 contestants.
- There are only 2 finalists left in the battle for "The Next Food Network Star" and guess who probably won - the talented cook or the chick with big boobs. It better be Amy!
- We are already down to the quarter finals of the World Series of Popular Culture and I am not a finalist..ugggh! But you can play at home here

To tide you over until tomorrow, check out these stories:
Please tell me this is a joke I know the chubby kid is funny, but can't you wait until you actually have a "quality" film to put him in.
making fun of Perez Hilton, I mean being jealous of him will not be going out of style anytime soon.
Get the inside scoop on season three of Weeds .
NBC is going green, well sort of - Now Larry David can go back! (if you don't get it - too bad)
Trump is cashing in on all the favors owed to him and forcing celebs to endure "You're Fired!" - I guess Martha Stewart wasn't enough for this man.
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Speaking of, check this out
A deep look into the hottest wizard professor ever Ok, you found me out - I have a boner for Alan Rickman.
And finally,
The $10,000 prize for photo shopped picture of a celebrity then there was some really angry comments And the response...
By the way I have seen this chick in real life and neither picture does her justice.

Ok that's enough for you filthy scoundrels to ponder until morning. And as always - tips and ideas - send my way!!!!