Thursday, July 12, 2007

Political Update

Lady Bird Johnson, former first lady, has passed away at the age of 94. Johnson, a known conservationist and lady of principle, has suffered a stroke a few years ago, but this death was unexpected. Johnson was able to use her husband’s presidency to spread the idea of beautification of America’s highways and equal rights within education. She was the unofficial head of Head Start – an education program which serves the needs of underprivileged children to advance their learning. Johnson also unofficially had an hand in the “green movement” with her requests for Americans to plant more flowers and trees and to clean up garbage around them. Always a class act, Lady Bird Johnson will be sorely missed.

And onto more political news (unfortunately not the good kind):
A shocker - Bush wants us to "stay the course in Iraq" In his live press conference this morning, he went over the points that the Iraqis have hit and the ones they are missing. This is right as most Americans and even some GOP congressmen have been asking the President to begin to remove troops from Iraq as soon as this October. While Bush discusses the need “ from the to hurt us here” and explained that is why we are forced to remain in the civil war torn country, this press conference is on the heels of the Homeland Security office’s findings that Al Quaeda are back to the same strength they were in the months before the 9/11 attack. This is damaging news because one – there is no specific threat we are watching right now and our main reason to continue to fight in Iraq has been to get rid of terrorists. If they are growing by the hundreds, then is the job getting done? And if Americans look at this as another scapegoat to remove the chatter about Harriet Miers not speaking in front of Congress about the US lawyers firings scandal – then are we ever going to trust this administration. At this point, I’m not sure which I am more scared of – Al Quaeda attack or the fact that I can’t believe a word out of any of the highest officials in America.

And you are not going to believe this one, but apparently another “holy roller” senator from Louisiana has been caught with his pants down. Well not literally, but I’m sure those phone calls to and from the newly popular DC madam (what a job!) were just a government official checking in with his constituents. “HUSTLER” is taking credit for the release of the damaging information and the then forcing of Senator David Vitters to admit he has “sinned”, but his wife has forgiven him.

Sen. Vitters is most famous for being a large proponent of anti-gay marriage legislation and abstinence only school programs. I am sure glad this man cares so much for the sanctity of marriage that he didn’t mind hanging out with prostitutes. Larry Flynt can also be credited with bringing to light the sexual misconduct that forced Congressman Bob Livingston to step down from his seat, which ironically was then filled by Senator Vitters before he joined the senate. This is also the same area by the way which Jimmy Swaggart made famous with his sexual misconduct scandal. For conservative Christians, these boys certainly like to get themselves into a heap of trouble in regards to extra curricular sex. This story can also be of interest to those supporting Giuliani for the 2008 presidential ticket. This will be the third member of his backing team that has been caught in a scandal in the past two months.

Rudy Giuliani is also suffering another blow to his run for the 2008 spot on the Republican Presidential ticket. The International Association of Fire Fighters route against Giuliani in this 13 minute online video that interviews firefighters, family members of victims of 9/11 and colleagues. All those interviewed declared Giuliani weak and that there huge errors on his part that they believe cost many firefighters their lives on 9/11. The items they were most concerned about were the faulty radio situation the FDNY was working with and the mistreatment of dead firefighter’s remains. Giuliani and his camp have already spoken out against the group – describing them as large Democratic supporters. The camp also issued a response to each accusation in the 13 minute video where Rudy disputes the discussion. No sign yet on how this will effect the

Speaking of untrustworthy politicians, you need to read Lou Dobb's blog on The anchor discusses really that our entire government right now are a bunch of lame ducks and with the majority of Americans finding themselves as Independents (around 40% of the population) the Democrats and Republicans both need to step up their game or the people might actually vote them out. He puts in a call to us citizens to wake up and realize – we can honestly change the course of history if we began voting with our noggins and wallets.

I would post about some Democrats and their issues - but unfortunately they don't have anything going on right now - bad or good. Man 2008 is gonna be a fascinating year.