Monday, July 2, 2007

Daily Round up

In real news - Seven are detained in the investigation for the terror attacks on Glasgow, Scotland, and London, England and one of them is Jordanian taught physician.

In not so real news - The rumors are true and Salman Rushdie and Padma Lackshmi are going to get a divorce. Per Rushdie’s rep, the split was not a collaborative effort, but “he decided to agree to a Padma’s wish for a divorce”.

And apparently Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo do not want pics taken of them having sex by strangers to get out into the public. I know it’s shocking. Now I am all about – “hey you are a celebrity and your business is our business!” but doesn’t being on vacation show that you are actually not working – therefore paparazzi – stop taking their pictures. You can read more here

The story behind wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife, 7 year old son and then himself last weekend, has just got a bit more interesting. His doctor, Phil Aston has had his office raided and has just surrendered himself to FEDs in the investigation of the three’s deaths. Dr. Aston has been charged with seven counts for illegally distributing medication – which some are blaming for Benoit’s mental snap. Check out CNN’s coverage of the story here

In much happier news: Why didn’t 7-Eleven think of this earlier? To promote the upcoming “Simpsons” movie (as if it needed any more promotion) the movie studio and &-7- Eleven have teamed up to temporarily rename the 24 hour convenience stores “Kwik-Mart” and sell the same delicacies Apu is always giving out to the citizens of Springfield. Kudos to the marketing agency who thought up this idea.

In other gossip bits…Kathy Griffin – a personal favorite of mine – goes off on Ann Coulter. and so does Elizabeth Edwards, Presidential hopeful John Edwards’ wife, after Coulter’s disgusting remarks about their son who died tragically in an automotive accident years ago. I hate Ann Coulter and find the fact that she is famous the biggest sin of America. I know I know – publicity is publicity, but this bitch would sell her own mother’s kidney if it would cause a stir. I just find it hilarious that she never has fact nor opinion to back up her propaganda.

And for all of you science/health junkies – Yahoo was spreading the love this morning reporting findings on “mindfulness”, learning from mistakes and ways to fight against Alzheimer
learning from mistakes &
ways to fight against Alzheimer's