Friday, July 27, 2007

And here's to it being Friday...

This was a very interesting week in Hollywood and I personally am hitting my 100th post with this here little ditty. This weekend is apparently supposed to be one storm after another, but hopefully it will break up for me to rock out to TV on the Radio. Also, I am not sure how this happened, but I omitted The Simpsons Movie from the list of things to do this weekend. It opens in 4,000 theaters tonight, so enjoy folks. And now let's get to it:

  • Naomit Watts and Liev Schreiber finally had the baby!!!! I feel like that poor woman was ready to pop a billion years ago. The baby, Alexander Pete Schreiber, was born yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. Congrats to the lovely couple!!!!
  • Vick pleads not guilty. No word yet if he will be suspended or not from the NFL until his trial date in November.
  • Rumer Willis present at time of drug bust. Someone is taking after mommy....
  • Astronauts drunk in space! So that's where all those dings came from in the fender...
  • The View will have some new faces this fall. It is rumored that Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard will be joining the gabfest that is The View. Kathy Griffin was also once in the running, but has since been removed from the short list. It is rumored her big mouth, the fact that she is white and does not get along with Barbara has the deciding factors against her. The official announcement is not expected within the next few weeks, but with all the rumors swirling around Barbara might let us know the "real story" a bit sooner then she would have wished.

  • Johnny Depp all set to bring Dark Shadows to a theater near you. The gothic soap opera hit that was the predecessor for Twin Peaks and Picket Fences will be produced by Depp's production company with Warner Brothers. Depp is also hoping to play the lead.
  • Can Britney really be this stupid? On the heels of the tell all article and disastrous photo shoot with OK Magazine, Britney apparently fired her assistant - who had not signed a confidentiality agreement when she was first hired by Ms. Spears and disobeyed a court order to get approval from K-Fed to bring her children out of state. It was reported she brought her two sons with her to Las Vegas - a definite legal no no - and that when K-Fed heard he immediately forced her to return to California. I can't believe this is actually happening. K-Fed the responsible parent? Britney might actually lose her kids to this dude. Wowzer!
  • Smoking pot might have direct lead to schizophrenia Or just a mean case of the munchies!
  • And if that wasn't enough for you this morning, the Lohan bust just keeps getting better and better.. While Dina Lohan is dissing on Jay Leno dissing Leno for mocking her daughter and Michael Lohan is is telling his side of the story to anyone who would listen the tape of the 911 call has been released and Lindsay, according to a story on TMZ, wasn't only not alone in the car but basically kidnapped 3 dudes. Okay, when are the aliens going to showing up in this story??? I mean I know this girl is a total mess and has a huge amount of family problems - i.e. both parents would rather talk to some glossy tabloid instead of their own kids - but this nuts. Everyday there is something new to this story and what seemed to be a simple DUI arrest with some coke has turned into and all out kidnapping???? I can't wait for the real story, if we ever get it.