Saturday, April 28, 2007

And away we Tribeca

TMZ's coverage of Tribeca's "Gardener of Eden" premiere

Last night I had the opportunity to view two of Tribeca premieres, first "The Hammer", starring Adam Carolla and then Kevin Conolly's directorial debut "Gardener of Eden". Lets dish about the movies and the celebs on the red carpet....

"The Hammer" premiered at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center to a hefty crowd for a indie premiere at 6 pm. I was working the event and was able to watch the film its in entireity. With lead performances by Adam Carolla and a crew of little known actors and tells the blue collar love story which takes place in Los Angeles, CA and the amatuer boxing world. Jerry Ferro (Adam Carolla) is a one time winner who left the boxing world and began the endless grind of the montiny of the contracting and carpenrty arenas. (didnt that sound all pretty like??) Well its an independent stab at the comedy genre that can bring a "Jerry McGuire" fan together with a "Dirty Work" fan. The blue collar has big eye dreams and tries to become an Olympic boxer before he turns 40 and find solid love in Los Angeles. I have to say as a viewer I wasn't expecting very much walking in, but boy was I surprised. It was a cutesy film that I think was true romantic comedy that most folks could get behind. With a very low key vibe, small cast and very place in Burbank, I recommend this movie for someone who wants to view a cutesy film that uses wit.

And now to "Gardener of Eden" a dark, yet funny movie centered around Adam Harris and his suburban fall. Adam Harris is played adorably by Lukas Haas as a twenty-something who was kicked out of college and can't seem to find his nitch back home. What begins as a simple surburban New Jersey tale, which shows a group of 5 friends making by with their blue collar jobs and reliving high school keg parties, turns into a dark and comic book look into a jaded soul. Adam works at a crumy deli and one day accidentlally views the death of a regular ederly customer, which forces him to wonder "Why bad things happen to only good people?"

Adam watches his friend as his friends continue to ring in their weekends with bong hits, keg parties and high school girls, he becomes increasingly more disillusioned with his small town and vents through anger. He attacks the first guy he sees on the street and wakes up a hero - as he just accidently apprehended the "rapist" who had attacked 7 women in the small town. Its this catalyst that allows Adam to wallow in his "faux" heroism, meet Mona (Erika Christensen) and seperate himself from his friends and reality. With heartfelt acting and quite realistic violent scenes, this movie is a great first effort for Kevin Connolly. Its exciting to see a product which obviously means so much to the group. I had the real joy to sit right in front of the reserved section of this screening and watching Connolly's emotion during the film, but hearing the comraderie between the cast was even better. Personally, I am huge fan of Haas and am excited that his performance has been well received from the critics so far. This movie carries the homesickness feel of "Garden State", with enough uncontrolled violence to equal out the edge of comedy running through this movie. And Giovanni Ribisi, who plays the jerky town drug dealer is absolutely hysterical in this and I see his career moving the same way of Paul Giamatti's.

Although I really enjoyed the film, it was the celeb candy that was almost more worth it. Leonardo DiCaprio, the producer of the film, was the main event on the red carpet and before the movie began. It was amazing to watch an entire audience watch in awe as one movie star walks in. In person, Leo oozes movie star quality and was quite charming. Tan, handsome and dreamy, Leo swooped in and practically stopped time. Joining Leo and Lukas in the crowd was Adrian Grenier (Entourage), Carla Gugino (Entourage) and Petra Nemcova, it was definitely true that the pretty people made it to this premiere. I hope that this flim is just the beginning of the directorial career of Kevin Connolly.

Here are some pics, care of WIRE IMAGE, of the red carpet festivities:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

She's gone, Rosie's gone

She has officially stated she is leaving....

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

News Update - 4.23.07

David Halberstam, Author and Reporter, Dies at 73
Boris Yeltsin, Russian Leader, Dies at 76

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Speaking of celebrity sightings and NBC

While we were enjoying the first real nice day New York has had in about 4 months, my boyfriend and I ran into the cast of the Office - Jim (John Krasinski), Karen (Rashida Jones) and Toby (Paul Lieberstein) drinking coffee chilling by a dog park. Meerly 15 minutes after that, Myles and I visited the GIANT ROBOT Printed Matter 2 show, which opened yesterday. We were quite lucky to come away with a few great prints and ran into Parker Posey sifting through the art.

I recommend all locals to visit this gallery and buy some original prints. More infor here Giant Robot New York

And my favorite gossip bit has to be about Laurie David (love her) and Sheryl Crow (love her as well) gave Karl Rove some shit last night at the Annual Correspondent's Dinner in Washington, DC.

Crow and David' version from the Huffington Post
Rove and Crow go at it. AOL's version

I think what these women are doing is great and its a much needed does of reality that has to be shown to Americans. Honestly, there are things we can all do to make our life a bit better and easier to lvie lets enjoy Earth Day with some helpful tips. Check out these links for more earth friendly and green living!!! hope you all enjoy today!

- NRDC\'s guide
- the green guide
- green living online
- living Green
- Ideal Bite

Saturday Night Live Recap -

So last night Scarlett Johansson hosted SNL and I have to say she did a pretty good job with the skits she had. But the hit of the night was Bjork's debut of her new song "Earth Intruders". Check it out here before NBC removes it...

Some more funny things were the Really? segment with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers and the Marble Coulumns skit....

Here there are....

All in all, the episode was "ehhh"...I would rate it a B-....Scarlett was good enough, but the skits were a bit weak and again SAdam Sandberg's digital shorts hit it out of the park. The opening skit stunk and I'm a bit bored with 8 minute skits....lear how to edit your stuff. Next week is a repeat so who knows. What I am wondering is about the after party and if certain Mr. Reynolds came along with Scarlett...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tyra poses the question - How stupid can the models be this season? LIVE BLOG

When a loser from the second season of America's Next Top Model gets the people excited, you know its a bad season. This chick April, who I last saw guest bartending at "Calico Jacks" for corporate happy hour has obviously gone quite far in her career. I am so glad Tyra Banks brought this girl back to teach these students the tricks of the trade.

Its amazing when a show manages to make a mail away Russian bride one of the more intelligent chicks in the pack. So Tyra decides to drag all this nimrods to Austrailia and the winner of the next competition will become a correspondent on, you guessed it the Tyra Banks show. God I hate this woman.

Did Tyra find these girls off a yellow short bus??? Oh and Jael - coked out hybrid of Lohan and Scarlett, was kicked off tonight. Watch out Silverlake - someone's coming back fro her drugs...

Joan and Melissa you are out...

Ok ok...TV Guide Channel decided that the reason they lose red carpet coverage to the big networks and E! was the hosts Joan and Melissa Rivers. I am thinking that what once was just a channel guide has yet to spring to life in network form. Sorry but it's true. So TV Guide Channel decided that blowfish Lisa Rinna could do the trick, so they gave her the hosting gig instead and sent the Rivers girls packing.

Lisa Rinna, for those of you who don't know, is a marginally talented woman with a sick body and ridiculously pumped lips who has managed to retain a career in Hollywood for 20 some odd years. (Only in Tinsletown) She owns boutiques, was a soap star and then become the Kelly Ripa, well RIpa-like host for a soap opera talk show, and then danced with stars (if you can call them that) and now hosts what I deemed the gayest show ever - TEASE! on Oxygen (just the theme song alone would get kicked out of the army)...So rightfully so, TV Guide saw winner right there.

The Rivers have no confirmed plans, which could mean we might have an award season without the two lovely ladies. And the crowd breathes a breath of fresh air. Let's look at some highlights from their pioneering career on the red carpet

so apparently britney spears is a bit smarter and snarkier then we think...

So just when you thought the media's coverage of Britney and her mess of a life was comes X17online to the rescue. In what looks like Amy Poehler on a bad day, Britney tunred the tables on some foreign paparazzi and said "Like how much she loves he world and like you should believe everything the press says". Geez, this girl got into the GOP Kool-Aid.

check out what has to be Britney's audition reel for "Mad TV", courtesy of Britney speaks up...

I have to give it to this girl. If she can't find a job singing anymore, maybe that show "Girls Behaving Badly" will hire her...just a thought.

so apparently britney spears is a bit smarter and snarkier then we think...

So just when you thought the media's coverage of Britney and her mess of a life was comes X17online to the rescue. In what looks like Amy Poehler on a bad day, Britney tunred the tables on some foreign paparazzi and said "Like how much she loves he world and like you should believe everything the press says". Geez, this girl got into the GOP Kool-Aid.

check out what has to be Britney's audition reel for "Mad TV", courtesy of Britney's speak up...

Monday, April 16, 2007

For those of you about to rock - check these local bands out

So I am a native New Yorker and for a couple of years, our music scene, was not so good.  Not sure if because all the major labels came in and swooped everyone up or even the indiest of bands were getting major coverage, but after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs thing we were in a stale mate.

Then TV on the Radio came out and other bands and New York started picking up again.  Recently, most shows are selling out and i have had the privilege of seeing some great bands, such as Black Lips, Les Savy Fav and The Thermals.  Two groups that will be going places and fast are thankfully local goodies and I am excited to see the next steps for both of them.

The first happens to be a good friend of mine for years, Peter Toh.  He is a great musician, wonderful lyricist who doesn't fall into any genre exactly.  His video - Ages has just been featured on and his recent performances in his hometown of New York have been creating quite a buzz.  Toh has the ability to bring any listener into his world through of carefully and romantically executed songs.  I can't wait to see what comes next to this truly versatile musician.

Here is the video ages: care of Hidden Track TV

The second group destined for indie greatness is the Big Sleep.  I had the opportunity to see this band open up for Les Savy Fav when they played Bowery Ballroom April Fools Day.  The three piece, signed to French Kiss Records, has been playing for the past few years.  It's their newest release "Son of the Tiger" that is making waves within the industry.  And their recent shows with The Thermals and Les Savy Fav is allowing them to show their talent to a whole new audience.  The band's songs can transistion through a Sonic Youth style roar to a Zeppelinesque riff and with dueling vocals from Sonya the bassist and Danny the guitarist, this group manages to bridge about 10 genres together without losing their flow once.

With a sincere presentation and a wild rock based sounds, The Big Sleep can only get bigger.  And they are quite nice people to boot!  Here's their video for Murder.

Tragedy today at Virginia Tech

Since I have been stuck home all day , I have been albe to watch the tragedy unfold at Virginia Tech University. At this time, 33 people are dead, 21 are injured and of those 21, 4 are in stable condition.

I can not even express what a tragedy this is and how insane it is to think that someone could take these many lives with such actions.

Please read more at: CNN , MSNBC & Yahoo where coverage has been updated all daily on a routine basis.

During the press conferences, we have learned that the shooter has killed himself, but was without ID and that there were two actual individual shooting crime scenes - the first one of 2 students at around 7 in the morning and then the hugeh blood bath at around 9 AM. Students were apparently warned about the situation via email.

Hopefully those injured will survive and get strong enough to surpass this senseless tragedy. And this almost might open up a real conversation regarding campus security. All I know is that this story has many loose ends that will take quite awhile to tie up. Our hearts and hopes go out to the victims and loved ones of this tragedy and hope that something - if any - comes out of this.

Henry Rollins and the Flavor of Love girls made the Nor'Easter a little more entertaining

The Henry Rollins show kicked off its newest season last Friday. The man began the opening with a rant on America - agreed with everything and interviewed Marilyn Manson. Peaches also did her first ever TV appearance and was awesome!

Rollins interviewed Manson about his upcoming album and his thought on America. Manson, as always, was dry but very intelligent. I was a bit bummed they never broached the subject of Manson's relationship with Evan Rachel Wood, but Rollins ain't that kind of guy. Ben Stiller and Ryan Adams will be the guest for this Friday, April 20th. Check here for Henry Rollins show Schedule


On another premiere/relationship note, VH1 premiered "Charm School" with the Flavor of Love girls, hosted by Mo'Nique. Honestly, I was quite excited for this, since it will focus on the most outrageous girls fom the two seasons of Flavor of Love, but this show delivered more then I thought it would. Mo'Nique is a great host and the one contestant - Saphrrhyi, who I thought was literally lethal has seemed to have calmed down and brought her A game to this competition for $50,000.

There has already been an elimination, the girls lost their Flavor nicknames and it already looks like "Pumpkin" Brooke will be sleeping with half the LA population so this is VH1 brilliance at its best. Who knew Bridgette Nielsen and Flavor Flav would create this kind of reality television sensation????

Check out episode guides, cast bios and upcoming scenes here at Vh1's site

And speaking of VH1..."New York" Tiffany was dumped by Tango this weekend at the big "I love New York" reunion. No word yet if there will be a second season or a second chance for, well, Chance. Read the play by play here

Shia is having one hell of a year so far - SHINING STAR UPDATE

With the number one movie of the weekend and a great hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, Shia Lebeouf is truly on his way to mega star status. I can ramble about the prediction I made on the hot career, but let's just discuss the leading mans hits.

If it wasn't enough that Shia finally confirmed his part in the upcoming 4th installation of the Indiana Jones dynasty, his most recent film, Disturbia - a modern day teen version of "Rear Window". opened this weekend with $22.6 million dollars at almost 3,000 theaters across America. You can read more here.

The 20 year old also did a phenominal job at his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. With a gracious monologue and some great interaction with the funny cast, LeBeouf really held his own and showed some great comedic timing. Rounding out the show was Avril Lavigne and two songs from her brand new album. And amazingly Avril could sing in tune and without a track - a smart and crafty move I might say. Hopefully Ashlee is taking a cue.

Here is my favorite sketch from the weekend show

And this parody of an O.C. episode with an Imogen Heap soundtrack is brilliant.

Next week Scarlett Johansson will be stopping by the Saturday Night Live set with musical guest Bjork. See more backstage info, upcoming schedules and fan favorites at the NBC site

TV Land Awards...and commence the yawning.

So the TV Land awards were handed out during a pre-taped event and it wasn't the winners that shocked everyone.

Ann Coulter could be one of my least favorite human beings to ever walk the earth. No not could be - is. And she has all but disappeared after sticking her foot in her mouth and stating dispariging remarks towards Presidential hopeful John Edwards. Apparently she was just holing away until the event of the year - which is pretaped and most famous presenters are Kelly Ripa and Valerie Bertinelli. And Ann really wanted to sell the point home that she isnt racist or lonely - so she decided to attend the awards with Good Times" star Jimmie "JJ" Walker. Is this seriously true??

yea you heard me right...I won't post the picture because I don't want to damage my readers sensibilities, but yuck. What won't this woman do for publcity???


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Roundup - 4.15.07

So here is the some news I think you would all like to know....

Rolling Stone will be going digital... Jann Wenner is planning on bring Rolling Stone to the digital world and will be uploading around 1,000 issues so they are viewable online

Washington Post\'s tribute to Kurt Vonnegut

The bow tie is getting his own game show.. Tucker Carlson will be dropping the politics and moving to the game show circuit

Gus Van Sant and Bryan Singer are duking it out for Harvey Milk The directors are now both vying to bring the life story of America's first openly gay elected offical

Tv Guide dishes with the latest firees from the Apprentice

Duchovny is coming back to tv - Showtime style

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I called another one.... - * SHINNING STAR ALERT*

Kristen Stewart is hailed as the next big thing...

Yahoo is reporting about Stewart's most recent role playing opposite Meg Ryan in "In the Land of Women", also starring Adam Brody and Olympia Dukakis. This looks incredibly similar to "Garden State", but more mainstream. I like all the actors and know I will be checking it out because as you read here 6 months ago - I called Stewart's star statues - read all about it here:
Kristen Stewart Shining Star Alert - originally posted in November 2006 &
Kristen Stewart Shining Star Alert - originally posted in March

CBS bows to pressure and fires Imus

CBS has decided to end its business dealings with Don Imus and Les Moonves released a statement discussing the situation and their side of it. The statement can be read at the link below.
Don Imus gets canned...

Personally, I think what he said was atrocious but I do not believe he should have been vilified in this manner. People make mistakes and apologies are usually accepted. I find it interesting since this was a white/black issue it was taken so seriously but Isaiah Washington still has job after his debacle.

I think the bigger issue here wasn't about race, but about demeaning women - especially athletes. I think making a scene out of this on both sides was a mistake and we could have taken this and learned from it. Instead, there is just another divide between actual discussion about our differences in America.

Let me know what you think.

Kurt Vonnegut has passed....

RIP Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut was 84 years old when he passed away yesterday from injuries sustained in a fall a few weeks ago. The talented and relevant author, who penned "Slaughter House-Five", was known best for his outspokenness and thought provoking stories.
Vonnegut left an impression on generations of writers, as well as rule breakers, with his take on life and on "the man". We will miss his presence.

Nicole Richie gains weight - and its news

From My Mouth To reports about Nicole Richie's weight gain. And we are excited....

See here:

courtesy of Ramey /

bye bye fatties - Reality Round Up - 4.12.07 Edition

Haley go bye bye American Idol kicks off another half talented performer..

Carissa go bye bye I can't believe this show is still on, but the finale was tonight and the dude how designed the best won - but again who cares??

Whitney go bye bye Tyra finally realizes keeping the girl who is fatter then her will no improve ratings and gets rid of the last fat girl, oh sorry - plus size

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gossip Roundup - 4.11.07 - Afternoon Special

Check out my gossip updates at the sister site to spielster:

from my mouth to - The Daily dose of Gossip

Apparently - The election of 2008 is causing cancer!!!

So it seems that every time you turn around nowadays, someone involved with the 2008 Presidential election. Now I am all for conspiracy theories - but we can't blame this one on the Bush family...or can we???

Fred Thompson has joined the ranks of Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow with announcing he was diagnosed with lymphoma about 2 years ago. While Thompson might not be a front runner, the Republicans were looking to him to announce his candidacy for President. They believe with his strong background, moderate conservative views and theater background, he would be a much better candidate than the current front runners. Elizabeth Edwards is interviewed in the April 9th issue of Newsweek and explains how recurrence of cancer will not stop her will to live or her drive to get her husband in the White House. This family has been through a great deal throughout the years and are still happy and together – now that’s some moral values!!!!

Read more about cancer and the Presidency:
Thompson story here
Elizabeth Edwards gets real in the latest issue of Newsweek
NBC's coverage of cancer and its affect on the public

Reality Round up

Another one bites the dust.. Leeza Gibbons will dance again, just not on this show....

Sanjaya could actually win this thing.... With a poor showing from most of the contestants, Sanjaya and Blake are the only ones who stand out next to Jennifer Lopez on last night's latin themed American Idol Check out some recaps before the results show tonight here

Not sure when the Apprentice turned into the Real World...but another contestant has left the mansion To be honest, this is the season that lost me. Tents, LA and love problems - this show might as well be produced by the WE! network. But this past Sunday, Heidi and Kristine were "fired"!

Speaking of women's programming, if you haven't started watching it yet, don't wait - you need to check out Bad Girls Club on Oxygen Network. With a season starting where a girl attacks multiple members of the house, falls asleep and then goes on the attack again, you know its better then the tepid Real World. Watch women drink, make out and party on Tuesdays....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Diane Keaton is honored

So my favorite lady of the cinema - Diane Keaton - was honored last night by The Film Society of Lincoln Center. The event, which was open to the public, featured a highlight reel, a panel discussion by peers and some words from Ms. Keaton herself.

With a career that spans almost 40 years, Diane Keaton has been a role model for the unconventional woman. Keaton has worked with some of the greatest names in the business and dated half of them as well. As a devoted mother and talented actress, she is a double threat and has brought her talents to the screen through comedies, dramas and everything in the middle. Here is some more information on the , courtesy of the Film Society website.

Nick @ Nite's Funniest Mom in America - Season 3

Tonight, Nick at Nite premieres the new season of Funniest Mom in America 3 at 9 PM. This season starts with the 13 finalists and shows the regional finals.

Roseanne Barr, the actual funniest mom, hosts the series this time around. Kim Coles from "Living Single" and Hal Sparks from "Queer as Folk" fame are judges for the competition. The group of ladies this tim around are real good and definitely have their own styles.

Here is the Funniest Mom PR Release, coutesy of

Check out the show section of Nick @ Nite to find out more information about each finalist and watch highlights from the episodes. Funniest Mom Site

Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen are at it again....

Here is Superbad - from the writers and producers of Talladega Nights and the 40 Year Old Virgin - about two best friends and their night of debauchery leads to separation anxiety and hijinks!!!

You can catch the trailer here, courtesy of SONY Pictures

After watching the trailers, all I know is anything with George Michael (Michael Cera) from Arrested Development and Seth Rogen as a cop with a FU MANCHU - I AM IN!!!!!  Rounding out the cast is Jonah Hill from Undeclared and Bill Heder from Saturday Night Live, this looks just as funny as Undeclared, but not as funny as 40 Year old Virgin.  But who cares, my ass will still be seeing.

If you can wait for your Apatow and Rogen fix until Superbad's premiere on August 17th, then check out Knocked Up - starring Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd and my fave SNLer, Kristen Wiig.  This cast is loaded with Apatow favorites and looks awesome. Heigl is looking forward to this being her break out role from Grey's Anatomy. From the clips I have seen so far, this looks just as good as 40 Year old and I can't wait for it!!!!!!

Here's the trailer....

Daily Round Up - 4.10.07

Gore goes forward with the Live Earth shows...see who is playing where on July 7th, 2007

Larry Birkhead is the daddy - SURPRISE!!! .. Now the real fight begins..Who gets the rights to the tell all???

Does Apatow ever sleep???? Universal hopes that he doesn't.

Blogging can get you a job.... See I knew I was doing this for a reason...

Danny Bonaduce's wife finally wakes up...hopefully

How long before this story is optioned for a "You've Got Mail" type of vehicle??? Sorry Meg Ryan, you are too old!!!

How I Met Your Mother Interview...I heart this show

Pete are making me very mad Come on, can't you get someone who can sing or at least not pretends she can...

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Not sure if it was the holiday weekend or the graphicness of Rodriquez's and Tarantino's double feature, but Grindhouse came in 4th place this weekend at the box office. Blades of Glory has remained in the number one place.

Here's the box office lowdown from this past weekend...

Apr. 6 - 8, 2007

Title (Distributor) Reported Weekend Box Office Engagements This Week Cummulative (Amounts so Far)

1. Blades of Glory (PAR) $22,522,330 3,410 $67,905,237

2. Meet the Robinsons (BV) $16,715,437 3,435 $51,947,271

3. Are We Done Yet? (SONY) $14,262,724 2,877 $18,517,017

4. Grindhouse (TWC) $11,596,613 2,624 $11,596,613

5. The Reaping (WB) $10,025,203 2,603 $11,958,518

It's funny how everyone is freaking out about the "abysmal failure" that Grindhouse was.  The movie premiered on a thousand less screens then Blades of Glory and with this weekend a holiday, which means alot of the audience are kids.  This could be a better explanation for the low numbers for "Grindhouse" the dual effort from director friends Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino.  The film - which is in old school 70's grind house style - is actually two films, each by the respective director.  Unfortunately,  Harvey Weinstein - the producer of the project - fears its the length of the films that stopped the box office massacre they were expecting.  He is saying that within the next few weeks he will release the movies as individual efforts.  So run to the theater now to get your money's worth - unless this is just another marketing tactic.  Read more here and here

Sources: Variety
NY Post

Friday, April 6, 2007


you all might be wondering how I will be spending my Sunday ???

Well I will be with one huge bowl of pasta, a bottle of red wine and enjoying HBO once again.....

Here's a refresher course, if need be, provided by

this band is awesome

and they are coming to NY next week....

Here's the latest video from the Klaxons - Golden Skans

Someone stands up to O'Reilly...and Bill flips out...

Apparently the two were not discussing the immigration situation in the US when O'Reilly chnaged the topic - SHOCKING, I KNOW!! Watch two blowhards, one with a sick mustache and another with a penchant for falafels go at it...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Rove and conspiracy? Well this is a new one...

Like I needed anymore reason to be scared of Karl Rove...

NBC makes some decisions.....

30 Rock will be back next year...

courtesy of

So NBC has announced that 30 Rock, the slow but increasingly funnier each week program, will be back next season. The show which pokes fun at NBC and its elk has been picked up for a full season and will hopefully remain a part of the already funny Thursday night lineup.

Unfortunately, there is no word yet if Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has been renewed or is definitely coming back to air this season. D.L. Hugley, one of the stars of the program, said as late as last week that he was unsure the near future for the show.

NBC also announced that The Black Donnellys will not be back and have ripped it right off the airwaves.

Casting for Project Runway isn't doing well...

Apparently, no one wants to hear Auf Wiedersehen !

Are you in or are you out??

I have to say that the casting calls/try outs were kept pretty hush hush and I m sure now they are getting the people applying who just want to be on TV.

I do hope this season is 8 times better then lasts or Bravo reality might have finally lost me...

Daily Round up 4.4.07

Jane Pratt doesn't want to say she never "did it" with Drew Barrymore, but she does here...

Keith Richards is back peddaling as well...

It's hard out there for an actress, well at least when you work with John Singleton it is

Showtime brings out the big guns with Henry VIII

My girl wants you to know she ain't Lohan...

Out magazine gets bold....

So Out magazine is the new perez hilton....

Radar's coverage of the May 2007 Out issue

Apparently its okay to out celebrities nowadays. Here's the thing: Are straight men really wondering if they have a chance with Jodi Foster??? Are straight woman afraid to lust after the well dressed Cooper if he prefers to make out with young latino men? I'm pretty sure our Gaydar is up and ready to pick these folks out, if need be, but since I ain't planning on sleeping with either of them anytime soon, who cares? And if you are going to discuss gay rumors - lets do it as funny as gawker does it..

This will be a short one...

I have been up to my ears with my knitting projects tonight and since this could have been one of the most boring days in all of entertainment, i'll keep it short and sweet:

-we still dont know who fathered Anna Nicole Smith's baby
-New York went with Tango on the finale of VH1's I Love New York
-Someone got kiced off " Dancing with the Stars
-Britney is still wearing a wig
-A new episode of Lost tomorrow might piss me off....
-Top Design picks the final two tomorrow night...
-and speaking Bravo reality - Project Runway is casting as we speak

Tomorrow we will be dishing on HBO's premieres this weekend, what I recommend for you NYers, up and comers Kristin Stewart and Shia LeBouf, and finally a new epsiode of "The Office" this Thursday....

Gossip Round up 4.3.07

hit it here:

From My Mouth To...

Monday, April 2, 2007

News Roundup - 4.2.07

Howard Stern wants credit for Sunjaya debacle on "American Idol"

Dave Matthews Band will be coming to a city near you this summer...

Not sure how this movie is going to work, but I am sure Pollack will do it up!

Talented Child Actors unite - Abigail Breslin scheduled to work with Jodie Foster

Someone is attempting to remake a classic...

Raven Simone and Miley Cyrus reportedly set to star in Remake of "Adventures in Babysitting"

Ok come on.  As much as I love this movie and the nostalgia it brings back, I can’t really understand why they are remaking it.  The basic plot points in the film were suburban kids terrified of a night in the big city.  Is it me or does the younger generation give an appearance of being comfortable with the big city?

And I’m pretty sure that opposed to going into a blues club, the girls will somehow get stuck in a hard rock club or a rap show.  Oh and will the little girl be obsessed with Thor or some other cartoon character??  How about the Playboy references?  Are we expected to believe that either Raven Simone has an identical look alike that would be in Playboy????  I see the remake becoming a tepid and lame version that Disney will capitalize on.  Gosh, can’t these screenwriters come up with anything original????


Stinkee Simpson bothers Goths everywhere!

Come on....
Are you kidding me?  How is this girl still making music period?  Am I the only person who would rather kick this girl in her face then ever hear her name again?  Remember when rock chicks (and yes there is a very small amount) were awesome?  Chrissie Hynde, Siouxiee Sioux, Patti Smith, Deborah Harry, Kim Gordon, Shirley Manson, etc?  I mean what happened to credibility in music.  I get there has to be pop music and that the genre is pushed forward by young teenage girls, but this girl needs to go.  I guess lip synching and then blaming it on the only people actually playing music on stage wasn’t enough.  She is like the George W. Bush of the music industry.  She is only famous because she jumped on her marginally talented sister’s coat tails and pretended that dying your hair black means you are punk.  I am sick to death of no talented girls who get styled at Hot Topic, where black eyeliner and cite “The Cure” as a favorite band trying to garner some creditability in the rock world.  And if Robert Smith thinks this could re-energize the need for Cure music, he is sadly mistaken.  I am just glad The Smiths former members have respect for themselves and their fans.  And this little tidbit makes me hate Pete Wentz even more.  Yuck!!  Boo on all of you!!!

Gossip Roundup - 4-2-07

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Paul Rudd and Michael Showalter mock meanie director

So while filming "I heart Huckabees" director David O. Russell flipped out on his actors - specifically Lily Tomlin. Someone on the set made sure to videotape it and it made its rounds finally on the internet. Mr. Showalter sort of re-enacts the clip with guest - and fellow indie cutie - Paul Rudd on an upcoming episode of his show. Check it out:

Here is the original, in case you want to see an assface in action:

I guess this explains why George Clooney clocked this guy while shooting "Three Kings".

I do recommend checking out Michael Showalter's program on - Michael Showalter Showalter

MTV tries to bring funny and credibility back...

In the long line of things MTV does right (and this does happen alot..), they are bring sketch act HUMAN GIANT to the little screen. Below is an interview GenArt did withe the guys....

human giant's site

The boys will be tesing out their new sketches all this month at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in NYC. You can reserve tickets at their website...

Modest Mouse was number one...

Modest Mouse Hits # 1 on Billboard chart

So I am excited to see that the cover of Float On that the American Idol semi-finalists did a few weeks ago have not ruined Modest Mouse’s cred. The boys struck gold this week with hitting the number one spot on the Billboard charts, beating out Joss Stone and “American Idol” alums Elliott Yamin and Chris Daughtry. “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank”, the bands latest release ending the week by selling nearly 129,000 copies. This is a first for this band and it’s incredibly exciting I think for credible rock music! Maybe this shows that the music industry might be changing paths, but I won’t hold my breath. The guys have been on fire recently, with the amazing addition of original guitarist of The Smiths, Johnny Marr. (I mean freaking Johnny Marr is in their band, what the heck???!!!) It’s pretty crazy to think that less then 10 years (yikes…10 years) ago this band was playing to 200+ crowds at NYC venues like Tramps and Coney Island High (RIP). Who knows if it was the newest album’s songs or just the mere presence of Marr that assisted Modest Mouse to make this leap, but whatever it is, it’s working. Hopefully they can maintain a top slot on the list for weeks to come.

This band has really made it apparent that there is no need to sell out, change your image, or cater to the masses when you are talented. It might have taken them longer then other bands to get here, but the past few years for Modest Mouse has made them a band almost everyone knows. Its kind of exciting to know the general public can really get down with this. Here’s an article from SPIN where Isaac Brock and Johnny Marr discuss their collaboration and what brought the pair together within Modest Mouse. I will upload the remainder of the article for those of you who don’t have the April 2007 issue yet.

There are headed this way on their national tour in late April and tickets are still available for shows. To be honest, this is probably the last time you will be able to see this band in a smaller venue –

Here are the dates near/in the NY area:

Fri, 04/27/07 7:30 PM Modest Mouse Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA

Sun, 04/29/07 8:00 PM Modest Mouse United Palace Theatre New York, NY

Mon, 04/30/07 8:00 PM Modest Mouse United Palace Theatre New York, NY

Thu, 05/03/07 08:30 PM Modest Mouse The Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA

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