Monday, April 16, 2007

Henry Rollins and the Flavor of Love girls made the Nor'Easter a little more entertaining

The Henry Rollins show kicked off its newest season last Friday. The man began the opening with a rant on America - agreed with everything and interviewed Marilyn Manson. Peaches also did her first ever TV appearance and was awesome!

Rollins interviewed Manson about his upcoming album and his thought on America. Manson, as always, was dry but very intelligent. I was a bit bummed they never broached the subject of Manson's relationship with Evan Rachel Wood, but Rollins ain't that kind of guy. Ben Stiller and Ryan Adams will be the guest for this Friday, April 20th. Check here for Henry Rollins show Schedule


On another premiere/relationship note, VH1 premiered "Charm School" with the Flavor of Love girls, hosted by Mo'Nique. Honestly, I was quite excited for this, since it will focus on the most outrageous girls fom the two seasons of Flavor of Love, but this show delivered more then I thought it would. Mo'Nique is a great host and the one contestant - Saphrrhyi, who I thought was literally lethal has seemed to have calmed down and brought her A game to this competition for $50,000.

There has already been an elimination, the girls lost their Flavor nicknames and it already looks like "Pumpkin" Brooke will be sleeping with half the LA population so this is VH1 brilliance at its best. Who knew Bridgette Nielsen and Flavor Flav would create this kind of reality television sensation????

Check out episode guides, cast bios and upcoming scenes here at Vh1's site

And speaking of VH1..."New York" Tiffany was dumped by Tango this weekend at the big "I love New York" reunion. No word yet if there will be a second season or a second chance for, well, Chance. Read the play by play here