Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tyra poses the question - How stupid can the models be this season? LIVE BLOG

When a loser from the second season of America's Next Top Model gets the people excited, you know its a bad season. This chick April, who I last saw guest bartending at "Calico Jacks" for corporate happy hour has obviously gone quite far in her career. I am so glad Tyra Banks brought this girl back to teach these students the tricks of the trade.

Its amazing when a show manages to make a mail away Russian bride one of the more intelligent chicks in the pack. So Tyra decides to drag all this nimrods to Austrailia and the winner of the next competition will become a correspondent on, you guessed it the Tyra Banks show. God I hate this woman.

Did Tyra find these girls off a yellow short bus??? Oh and Jael - coked out hybrid of Lohan and Scarlett, was kicked off tonight. Watch out Silverlake - someone's coming back fro her drugs...