Sunday, April 22, 2007

Speaking of celebrity sightings and NBC

While we were enjoying the first real nice day New York has had in about 4 months, my boyfriend and I ran into the cast of the Office - Jim (John Krasinski), Karen (Rashida Jones) and Toby (Paul Lieberstein) drinking coffee chilling by a dog park. Meerly 15 minutes after that, Myles and I visited the GIANT ROBOT Printed Matter 2 show, which opened yesterday. We were quite lucky to come away with a few great prints and ran into Parker Posey sifting through the art.

I recommend all locals to visit this gallery and buy some original prints. More infor here Giant Robot New York

And my favorite gossip bit has to be about Laurie David (love her) and Sheryl Crow (love her as well) gave Karl Rove some shit last night at the Annual Correspondent's Dinner in Washington, DC.

Crow and David' version from the Huffington Post
Rove and Crow go at it. AOL's version

I think what these women are doing is great and its a much needed does of reality that has to be shown to Americans. Honestly, there are things we can all do to make our life a bit better and easier to lvie lets enjoy Earth Day with some helpful tips. Check out these links for more earth friendly and green living!!! hope you all enjoy today!

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