Monday, April 16, 2007

For those of you about to rock - check these local bands out

So I am a native New Yorker and for a couple of years, our music scene, was not so good.  Not sure if because all the major labels came in and swooped everyone up or even the indiest of bands were getting major coverage, but after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs thing we were in a stale mate.

Then TV on the Radio came out and other bands and New York started picking up again.  Recently, most shows are selling out and i have had the privilege of seeing some great bands, such as Black Lips, Les Savy Fav and The Thermals.  Two groups that will be going places and fast are thankfully local goodies and I am excited to see the next steps for both of them.

The first happens to be a good friend of mine for years, Peter Toh.  He is a great musician, wonderful lyricist who doesn't fall into any genre exactly.  His video - Ages has just been featured on and his recent performances in his hometown of New York have been creating quite a buzz.  Toh has the ability to bring any listener into his world through of carefully and romantically executed songs.  I can't wait to see what comes next to this truly versatile musician.

Here is the video ages: care of Hidden Track TV

The second group destined for indie greatness is the Big Sleep.  I had the opportunity to see this band open up for Les Savy Fav when they played Bowery Ballroom April Fools Day.  The three piece, signed to French Kiss Records, has been playing for the past few years.  It's their newest release "Son of the Tiger" that is making waves within the industry.  And their recent shows with The Thermals and Les Savy Fav is allowing them to show their talent to a whole new audience.  The band's songs can transistion through a Sonic Youth style roar to a Zeppelinesque riff and with dueling vocals from Sonya the bassist and Danny the guitarist, this group manages to bridge about 10 genres together without losing their flow once.

With a sincere presentation and a wild rock based sounds, The Big Sleep can only get bigger.  And they are quite nice people to boot!  Here's their video for Murder.