Sunday, April 8, 2007


Not sure if it was the holiday weekend or the graphicness of Rodriquez's and Tarantino's double feature, but Grindhouse came in 4th place this weekend at the box office. Blades of Glory has remained in the number one place.

Here's the box office lowdown from this past weekend...

Apr. 6 - 8, 2007

Title (Distributor) Reported Weekend Box Office Engagements This Week Cummulative (Amounts so Far)

1. Blades of Glory (PAR) $22,522,330 3,410 $67,905,237

2. Meet the Robinsons (BV) $16,715,437 3,435 $51,947,271

3. Are We Done Yet? (SONY) $14,262,724 2,877 $18,517,017

4. Grindhouse (TWC) $11,596,613 2,624 $11,596,613

5. The Reaping (WB) $10,025,203 2,603 $11,958,518

It's funny how everyone is freaking out about the "abysmal failure" that Grindhouse was.  The movie premiered on a thousand less screens then Blades of Glory and with this weekend a holiday, which means alot of the audience are kids.  This could be a better explanation for the low numbers for "Grindhouse" the dual effort from director friends Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino.  The film - which is in old school 70's grind house style - is actually two films, each by the respective director.  Unfortunately,  Harvey Weinstein - the producer of the project - fears its the length of the films that stopped the box office massacre they were expecting.  He is saying that within the next few weeks he will release the movies as individual efforts.  So run to the theater now to get your money's worth - unless this is just another marketing tactic.  Read more here and here

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