Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reality Round up

Another one bites the dust.. Leeza Gibbons will dance again, just not on this show....

Sanjaya could actually win this thing.... With a poor showing from most of the contestants, Sanjaya and Blake are the only ones who stand out next to Jennifer Lopez on last night's latin themed American Idol Check out some recaps before the results show tonight here

Not sure when the Apprentice turned into the Real World...but another contestant has left the mansion To be honest, this is the season that lost me. Tents, LA and love problems - this show might as well be produced by the WE! network. But this past Sunday, Heidi and Kristine were "fired"!

Speaking of women's programming, if you haven't started watching it yet, don't wait - you need to check out Bad Girls Club on Oxygen Network. With a season starting where a girl attacks multiple members of the house, falls asleep and then goes on the attack again, you know its better then the tepid Real World. Watch women drink, make out and party on Tuesdays....