Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragedy today at Virginia Tech

Since I have been stuck home all day , I have been albe to watch the tragedy unfold at Virginia Tech University. At this time, 33 people are dead, 21 are injured and of those 21, 4 are in stable condition.

I can not even express what a tragedy this is and how insane it is to think that someone could take these many lives with such actions.

Please read more at: CNN , MSNBC & Yahoo where coverage has been updated all daily on a routine basis.

During the press conferences, we have learned that the shooter has killed himself, but was without ID and that there were two actual individual shooting crime scenes - the first one of 2 students at around 7 in the morning and then the hugeh blood bath at around 9 AM. Students were apparently warned about the situation via email.

Hopefully those injured will survive and get strong enough to surpass this senseless tragedy. And this almost might open up a real conversation regarding campus security. All I know is that this story has many loose ends that will take quite awhile to tie up. Our hearts and hopes go out to the victims and loved ones of this tragedy and hope that something - if any - comes out of this.