Sunday, April 1, 2007

Merging With From My Mouth to Blog...

Hey there all...

We are building the brand and have begun the Spielster to discuss entertainment and media issues of the day. You can still rely on from my mouth to to deliver the gossip and conspiracy theories running wild through my head and the rags....

We plan on delivering the top information within the Entertainment industry and the weeks info so you all dont have to dig around.

Here is the index for the goodies:

Mondays = Debriefing the weekends events, Box Office Goodies, etc.
Tuesdays = Bringing you the weeks events you need to participate in, film news, gossip, etc.
Wednesdays = "Where are they Now?" articles, interviews, reality recaps, and music news
Thursdays = The Weekend events you need to know, industry gossip, rag recaps, TIX IDEAS, etc.
Friday = Interviews, updates and gossip, art news, etc.
Satruday = we all need to rest one day
Sunday = TV guides, party breakdown and frommymouth recap

We are looking forward to providing you all with the most up to date events and ideas so yout aren't searching for them. Feel free to send comments, ideas, events, anything you want covered to out new address :

Adios and enjoy!!!