Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Video Hoes in all Area Codes

"Superhead" bashes "love of her life". Come on you know you loved that phrase! Karrine Steffans, a video-ho cum writer, who was once quoted saying “Bill Maher is the love of my life” is now telling VIBE that he did not like her “success” and treated her terribly. Really, Bill Maher isn’t nice to his many hooker looking girlfriends. A man who has been single for forever and lives in LA doesn’t respect women??? Hold the phones, I’m shocked!

Seriously, who is running around the US just handing out book deals to all these losers. I think it is amazing that a woman who became famous by gyrating in rap videos and schtooping famous men gets all offended when said famous men do not treat her with respect. Although I can imagine how annoying it would be to date Mr. Maher. I am looking forward to the biographies of more video hoes and rock sluts. Oooh maybe that can be a challenge in the next installment of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.


First, apologies for the delays in Spielster posts. This weekend was CRAZY!!!! in a very good way and I have been working my fingers to the bone on my Halloween costume, so I have been unable to get the job done on the Spielster. Today or tomorrow, I will present a run down of “The Comedians of Comedy” show this past weekend at Irving Plaza, where I laughed for like 3 hours straight and found my new comic crush. Also, I had the chance to see Morissey on Sunday and that guy is fucking amazing. This being the third time I have seen him solo, its awesome that he continues to get better and better each time! And he played my favorite Smiths song “Stop Me if you think that you’ve heard this one before”, so it couldn’t have gotten any better. So more on that coming later, but let’s get to the news:

A Hollywood legend is no longer. Robert Goulet, a star who was always able to laugh at himself and enjoy life, passed away yesterday at 73 years old. The Camelot star and well known Hollywood icon has succumbed to his battle with pulmonary fibrosis and died at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The crooner was waiting for a lung transplant due to his illness and has been on a breathing tube and confined to a bed for the past month. He is survived by Vera Goulet, his wife of 25 years and his three children from previous marriages.
I had the opportunity to see him perform a few years ago and his voice was amazing! I am getting very sad now that all members of the “Old Hollywood” group is starting to pass away. Unfortunately, since Goulet is the second celebrity who has passed this week,
following the death of Porter Wagoner and these things always happen in threes, I wonder who is next.

  • Daily News reports that Jive Records wants nothing to do with Britney Spears and her new ablum. Also, Ashley Olsen (1/2 of Michelle Tanner) was making out with Lance Armstrong this past Monday in the Rose Bar here in NYC. Wow, this dude really knows how to downgrade.

  • What a fun way to celebrate a birthday! Dermot Mulroney and Catherine Keener are officially dunzo. The couple, who wed in 1990, has legally dissolved their marriage and they both will single on December 17th. Today also marks the 44th birthday for Mulroney. This stinks because it seemed they really did well together, but stuff never seems to work out in Hollywood, even for indie actors.

  • Well this would make me commit suicide too! Owen Wilson and Jessica Simpson??? Uhhh, they are both blonde and are from Texas...I guess that's enough to create some kind of bond. I don't care as long as this chick stays away from the in-the-works Grease remake.

  • Heather Mills wanted to kill herself, but was apparently to in love with being famous to get the job done. Wah wah wah, I was married to a Beatle and then spat all this shit on him and women hated me. They were going to hate you regardless but ruining McCartney’s good name is just plain old dumb!

  • Thank you to Entertainment Weekly for pushing Reaper, one of my new favorite shows. This show is about a 21 year old, played by Bret Harrison,who finds out that his parents sold his soul to the devil when he was a child. He is now forced to work for the Devil, played wickedly by Ray Wise, from Twin Peaks fame. It is kind of like a funny version of Buffy, for dudes and ladies. The storylines are great, main characters are interesting and seem familiar. And how can a show which each week has people trying to catch escaped souls from hell, while figuring out their love light, not be entertaining? I highly recommend checking this out!!!!!

  • "Bordertown", Jennifer Lopez’s latest attempt at proving herself in the acting world, is going straight to video. Good thing she has twelve other “jobs” that help her pull in $25 million a year.

  • Friday, October 26, 2007


    It’s still dreary and lame here in New York, but this weekend should more then make up for it. Tomorrow night I am hitting up the Comedians of Comedy tour at Irving Plaza, with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and Maria Bamford. Hopefully David Cross will show up, but who knows. And then Sunday night, I am making the trek to Hammerstein Ballroom and see Morrissey’s final New York show. I am excited to start the weekend, but we need to get through the news first, so lets get to it:

  • “Never follow a hippie to a second location”. These priceless words are courtesy of Alec Baldwin from last night’s amazing episode of 30 Rock. You can view the entire episodes, and I highly recommend doing so, right here.

  • Sex Pistols reunited last night for a private show courtesy of Indie 103.1. Reviews are mixed and I am sure any mishaps can be blame on Johnny Rotten (Lydon) and not Steve Jones, who I have a very bizarre crush on right now!. The group is set to bring the act overseas to their native England in November, right before the Led Zeppelin's reunion show in London.

  • And the world weeped… Apparently it took THREE SEASONS of The Hills for people to understand that the “reality” program is all staged. I just assumed you were thrown amazing jobs, such as event planner and stylist assistant, right after high school. And your constant fights with your best friend, they aren’t featured on the cover of US Weekly. Wow this really is shocking news.

  • discusses the top 50 most powerful people in Hollywood chosen by Premiere magazine. Judd Apatow is now THIS close to the top 10, with the releases of Knocked Up and Superbad., as well as four pictures coming in the next year.

  • Entertainment Weekly interviews the stars of the film American Gangster, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Washington dishes on his career in the article and Crowe manages to let the world know that Leonardo DiCaprio was a virgin still at age 17, even though he was a Hollywood star. For some reason, that redeems DiCaprio a lot in my book, but he stills needs to get over the models.

  • Wonkette has found someone who would actually publicly acknowledge they had sex with Larry Craig and it’s a big bear of a man. Thanks for ruining my breakfast people!!!!! I am not sure if this image will ever get out of my head.

  • FCC will be digging into the upcoming purchase of the Wall Street Jounral by Ruppert Murdoch. Michael Copps, commissioner for the FCC, has deemed the acquirement of WSJ could possibly be unlawful because of the other media holds News Corp. has. While many people within the FCC find this action a bit ridiculous, this does not mean they will not look into the issue.

  • Thank you Iggy! Ellen Degeneres’ ratings skyrocketed 10 % last week after the breakdown she had over the removal of the Brussels Griffon she passed off onto her hairstylist’s daughter when it didn’t get along with Ellen’s cats.

  • I know I had discussed this about a month ago, but its never an issue to revisit a ridiculous quote. Dave Navarro is saying he "left” rock music for porn because it has more integrity. Two things are wrong with this statement, the first being, its not “leaving” when no one asked you to stay. And secondly, can a guy who hosted Rock Star: INXS really have the balls to discuss integrity in the rock genre? I mean come on man.

    I can not wait to share some of my footage from this weekend’s shows. ENJOY you Friday!!!!!

  • She's so cute...

    Here is some video of one of my longest running girl crushes, Melissa auf de Maur chatting with the NME staffer while at the M for Montreal music showcase.

    Ms. Auf de Maur is currently working on another solo album and the 15 year old girl in me is super excited!!!!! And seriously, how come no rock star has snatched this woman up by now????

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Tyra is a real piece of work this year on America's Next top Model

    After the last "cycle" of ANTM, I was pretty sure I would never be watching this show again. I am not sure if it was the vast mount of stupidity that followed the last group or just the fact they not attractive and half of them looked like trannys, but I was sure I was not digging it anymore. But of course I am a sucker for crappy reality, so I gave Ms. Banks and her crew another chance andI am very glad I did. This "cycle's" group is much more attractive, actually well spoken and I think the majority of them could actually become working models. To be honest, I am not even sure yet who is going to make it to the final two because there is actually a lot of competition this time around.

    While I will say I am bored to tears with the "green" intervention they had this year, it was nice to see that with this week's PSA contest for, these girls are actually well spolen on camera and seem to understand whats going on. I am really liking most of the models, but the thing that always annoys me and probably always will is the gosh darn Tyra Banks. Well this year she is really picking on these chicks and it finally got to the hard ass of the house. While Ebony was super excited to see Tyson, the male hunk best known for poor acting roles and an amazing body, she didn't seem like she cared about anything else to do with modeling. So it wasn't a surprice when Ebony elected to leave the ANTM house on this week's episode, even though the judges thought she should continue. The one time “bitch of the house” was chosen by the judges to stay so they could send Ambreal home, but Ebony at the last minute said she wanted out! While Ebony might not have taken the best pictures, she was a lot more entertaining and had more potential then Ambreal, who is about as exciting as a wet rag.

    What I did love is how even after Ebony started crying and explaining why “modeling wasn’t for her”, Tyra chose to continue to put her down and mock her. Ms. Banks then went on to say the only she doesn't respect is quitters (nice dig!) and then dismissed her. Ms. Banks needs a rude awakening!!!!! It doesn’t matter cause Ambreal will probably be going home next week anyways. I mean you can not recover from being the worst and getting kicked off to just barely making it to save face. I am glad that Tyra had the guts at least to not reshoot that scene, but then again, maybe it was just to mock Ebony one more time. Geeez, I wonder why she hated being there. Right now my favorites are Jennah, Heather (although the Asbergers situation is DEFINITELY ENOUGH at this point) and Bianca.


    It’s rainy and mucky here and I would prefer to be wrapped up in my bed watching Arrested Developmenton constant repeat, but alas that’ not happening. So in the meantime, let’s check out what we have for you today:

  • First off, apparently the wild fires in California subside just a bit. And they are looking into the incident being caused by arsonists, not Al Qaeda, as Fox News has been reporting, sort of.

  • Alyssa Milano dishes about her new gig. Milano, famous for being one of the only kid actors who NEVER went through an awkward stage, is joining the cast of My Name is Earl for an arc that has her dating Earl (Jason Lee) and she will be staying until December. TV can always do with some more Milano.

  • Journalists are scared about losing their jobs. Yeah yeah….the internet is going to eradicate the written word, on paper. As much as I love me some internets, until you can comfortably read a blog on a crowded 6 train with 150 of your closest strangers all up in your face, the newspaper will be sticking around.
  • JANE part deux??? Word on the street is Ms. Jane Pratt met with her original arsenal of staffers from JANE magazine for a bit of a pow wow. Hopefully this means a new magazine is in the works.

  • Gossip is swirling that Ellen Degeneres cracked up last week because of problems between her and Portia, not because of that breakdown she had about that dang dog Iggy being taken away.

  • Microsoft wins the battle for a stake in Facebook. For about two months, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft were battling to obtain part of the social networking site. Microsoft said that they would be paying about $240 million for less then a 2 percent stake in Facebook. The site is now valued at over $ 15 billion.

  • Heidi Klum explains the real attraction to Seal On today’s episode of Oprah, Klum explains when she first met Seal he was sweaty after the gym and was carrying an impressive package. It was love at first sight. Hell, at least she is honest.

  • Tastebook launched with help from CondeNast’s internet sites. The recipe site, which allows users to create cookbooks from uploaded recipes, was created by the co-founder of Ofoto so you can create a personal feel for a cookbook.

  • I guess this counts as celeb news. The Soup’ American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis and my favorite pop star, Deborah Gibson are apparently dating according to US Weekly I really don’t have anything bad to say about these two, so hopefully this works out.

    Later today we will be dishing about the surprise hits of the TV season so far and this year’s America’s Next Top Model, cause somehow I got sucked back into caring about this show with this season’s cast. Maybe it’s because they are much smarter then last “cycle’s” or the fact that they all don’t look like a bunch of transvestites could also have something to do with it.

  • Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Daily Rounds

    Last night, I had the opportunity to check out Dave Gahan at the Apple store in Soho and let’s just say it was great.

    I am a HUGE Depeche Mode, so I am a bit easier to please when it comes to Mr. Gahan, but he looked amazing and sounds great!!!! While his new ablum Hourglass came out yesterday, the tracks were more beat heavy then his previous solo album. The single “Kingdom” is on my current rotation and you can check it out on songs I can not get out of my head post from last week. I really love how I am able to enjoy live music again after taking a break for a bit!!!! And now let’s get to the news:

  • David Chase chastises "Sopranos" fans who didn’t understand the season’s finale. I have to say I agree with him on some points. It’s a bit bizarre to follow a character for so many years, support him and then want him shot in the head, even as evil as he was. But I think Chase’s most interesting comments were about the kids, Meadow and AJ.

  • I thought I hated my cable company enough to destruction, but this is amazing!!!!! How bad of a company do you have to be to get a 75 year old lady this mad at you!

  • Early reviews are favorable for "Baby Mama", starring Amy Poehler as the surrogate mother for Tina Fey’s baby. Siguorney Weaver and Dax Sheparrd round out the cast for the comedy hitting the big screen this Spring.

  • Robert Goulet’s life depends on a lung transplant. The crooner, best known for his role in Camelot, was admitted to Cedar Sinai in LA with pulmonary fibrosis, a disease with rabid growth that attacks the lungs. Goulet has been put on the lung transplant list and we are hoping that he makes a speedy recovery.

  • Giuliani is not making many friends in New York today. This dude is getting scarier and scarier everyday, and I don’t just mean look wise, but I don’t even know what he believes anymore since he changes his mind constantly. And apparently he employs priests were priests who have molested little boys..repeatedly.

  • Speaking of greedy politicians who take advantage of disasters, G4 is replaying Season 2 of Heroes beginning next month. So if you need catching up on this season or would like to watch the after show interview wrap ups, enjoy. And from the ratings this season, most of you need some catching up or just not interested anymore.

  • wants you to pick your favorite Seinfeld episodes. They will put the top 10 episodes, chosen by the viewers, up on their website for viewing in November. There is also a sweepstakes where fans can win the full series on DVD and other prize packs.

  • In other sweeps news, Taco Bell is promising America free tacos for every base that is stolen during the 2007 World Series. They will also be donating $20,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of America for every base that is stolen. Make sure you check out the games and the dates the tacos will be given away!

  • And finally, I would like to hear which episodes of Seinfeld are your favorite? I am going to put together my own top five list for this weekend and hopefully we have a bunch of the same ones!!!!!

  • Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Review: "samantha Who?"

    The show about amnesia I keep forgetting to tape is KILLING it in the ratings. I am going to say it now, I heart Christina Applegate. I have loved her for about 20 years now and before all those cosmos drinking Murray Hill bitches steal her like they took my Sarah Jessica Parker, I am going on record and saying thank god someone gave her a quality comedic vehicle. “Guess Who” Applegate is really a wonderful and talented comedian and the fact that it has taken THIS long to get her own series, while Jenna Elfman never seems to stop working, is beyond me. So Congrats to Ms. Applegate – All those Bundy bounces finally paid off.

    "Samantha Who?" came in first place for the second week in a row for her 9:30 PM time slot. While most of the fall season's debuts have not faired well, Applegate's new sitcom his erally hitting a chord with viewers. And I say well deserved to the cast!!!

    Daily Rounds

    First, let me apologize for the delay in today’s Daily Rounds. Today’s theme is a mix of entertainment casting news and political stuff, so enjoy. Tonight, I am checking out Dave Gahan at the Apple store in Soho, so I should have some fun gossip from that. So let’s get to the news:

  • Real Time with Bill Maher got a bit more interesting this past Friday when ”9/11 Truthers” infiltrated his audience and Bill made sure they were kicked out, by running out there himself. Say what you might about Maher’s political beliefs, but he is an aggressive man when his audience is unruly. Take my word for it, I saw a similar attitude like this when I watched a taping of Politically Incorrect a few years back and Maher is no joke when he loses control over his audience. Now this time, I think his response was correct since what he said is true, his show is a debate for his guests, not the entire audience. Check out the footage here:

  • Peter Jackson fires Ryan Gosling from the film version of The Lovely Bones days before production was set to begin because he was too fat and wasn’t “movie star” like enough. Mark Wahlberg has since stepped in as the grief stricken dad of a murdered teenage girl in the adaptation of the hit novel. Honestly, I would watch Ryan Gosling in anything and could care less about the weight. He might be a jerk on set sometime, but he is a hell of an actor.

  • Time Inc. created an Entertainment Division, which will house the Entertainment Weekly and People publications and online properties. Ironically, Dave Morris, president and publisher of Entertainment Weekly, announced he will be leaving Time after being there for more then 20 years.

  • Somehow Kelly Slater is still relevant to gossip hounds and so is Dicaprio’s ex-girlfriend, Bar Whatsherface. On the other hand, Leo was searching the LES this weekend searching for a new brainless beauty to save the world with. I really wish Leo would at least start dating semi-intelligent models, like Petra Nemcova.

  • How is a fake candidate beating out actual Presidential contenders? Not sure what this says for the democratic process of America, but Stephen Colbert, who announced he is running for President in 2008 on his show last week, is officially beating half of the Democrats running in many polls. Now, I am not sure if this shows a) how much we could give a shit about elections, b) That someone who speaks “truth” could actually win an election in this country, or c) that the Democrats have finally wised up and decided to get that Hollywood elite into the actual political game on their side for a change. Whatever the reason, I am hoping that all the politicians running start understanding that Americans will not allow another leader to continuously lie to them, take them for granted, all with a smirk on his face.

  • Speaking of politics, Ben Stein believes religion is being attacked in the U.S. Yeah I hate when the majority who only seems to become “oppressed” during major election cycles are always being thrown around by SCIENCE. I mean just last week some lady wanted her pharmacist to dispense birth control to her and he wouldn’t because he believed birth control is for suckers. Science bitch slapped him with warning at work that he will lose his job next time he pulls those shenanigans. Damn SCIENCE is a bitch!

  • Monday, October 22, 2007

    The Darjeeling Limited The Review

    So as promised, let's get to Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited, which I finally saw last night in a packed theater. While I walked in not expecting much, due to some of the mediocre reviews, I simply fell in love with this movie.

    "Limited" is the tale of a spiritual journey three brothers go on after a year separation from each other. Francis, played by Owen Wilson, orchestrates the trip through the Indian countryside to bring the family back together after the accidental death of their father and disappearance of their mother. The movie follows the spiritual journey and the three brothers finding themselves and each other on a colorful sleeper train.

    The two younger brothers, Peter (Adrien Brody) and Jack Jr. (Jason Schwartzman) seem reluctant to be with their brother and apprehensive for the road trip, or rail in this case, that lies in front them. Wilson charms the viewer with his overzealous interest in the brother's journey and managing the smallest details of everything during the trip. Brody has a subdued performance, which he relied heavily on the strength of his face to bring across the deep mourning his character is going through. And finally, Schwartzman is able to play a complex adult character in which witty retorts are not his only conversations. With the recent events in Wilson's personal life, this movie mirrors the fact that he is a much more complex person then we all thought. And no one is better at easily bringing Wilson's talent to the screen then Anderson. Anderson brought together three very different actors and was able to make them work so cohesively you not only believed their relationship, you wanted it mended.

    This movie brought three severely emotionally injured characters to an incredibly vivid location and allowed me to honestly watch the natural story of this family to progress. While Anderson's films are familiar with the fractured family tales, this movie discusses it a bit more eloquently and brings the hokey endings to an abrupt halt. While his characters are still a bit caricature in their aesthetics, there is definitely more depth behind elaborate "costumes". There is an authentic funeral scene in a small, small town within India that evokes so much emotion, its breathtaking. It also proves that this movie was actually made in a remote location, within a complete opposite culture then Anderson usually resides in.

    This movie jumped leaps and bounds over "Life Aquatic" and I have to say I am glad Bill Murray was only present on screen for 5 minutes. Not only did this movie excel at its fine story telling, but the shots were absolutely gorgeous. The usage of rich and vibrant colors always sets a mood and is much different then Anderson's usual muted, yet rich tones. I can easily say now a cross country train ride through India sounds incredibly appealing to me now. Wes, as always, makes the viewer pull for his characters and want their fractured lives fixed. This movie showed that growth doesn't come in a neat package and that fractured relationships do not always mend well. I can not recommend this movie more, even if you aren't an Anderson fanatic. This movie will take you to another place, on an actual journey.

    Daily Rounds....

    This weekend found me for the first time kicking back in my own house after a few weekends away traveling and I have to say it was quite nice. CMJ was winding down and people were all over the streets and I did manage to run into Michael Cera, from Superbad on my way to an art opening at Giant Robot NY. I unfortunately dorked out over an 19 year old and managed to just gawk at him for a block. Anyways, while the weather here in NYC was beautiful both days, I can not say the same for Southern California. Let’s get to the news:

  • Malibu is burning. No literally.... The Santa Ana winds have been creating destruction all along the Pacific Coast Highway this weekend and have burned about 40,000 acres from Malibu to San Diego. In Malibu, multiples residences, including the landmark Castle Kashan, churches and stores were destroyed by the fire. The Governor has declared a state of emergency within 7 counties in Southern California and it seems the fire is no where near being contained. Since I can not do anything other then send out some good wishes towards the devastated area and hope that this fire gets handled and soon, I will continue to keep those affected in my thoughts. And now onto some happy info……

  • And to disprove those rumors that Kid Rock went all Hollywood, he was arrestedhe this weekend,for starting a fight. In a waffle house parking lot! Thank you Mr. Rock for keeping it real. We always knew the Pam thing was an interruption in the white trash party.

  • Rolling Stone compiled the list of the 25 best moments of "The Office" so far. I have to say this season has been amazing so far. I am loving the Pam and Jim and Michael’s breakdown storylines. It’s nice to see a sitcom get the unrequited lovebirds get together plot right and the hour long episodes are a blessing. I am very mad that “Scrubs” is back this week to ruin the night.

  • J.K. Rowling announced at a Carnegie Hall event this past Friday that she believes Dumbledore is gay. Oh lord, who cares. I love love love these books, but I seriously hate when adults need to dissect everything. Now I know Rowling was just expressing what she believed led to Dumbledore’s loner existence, but she wrote the darn book, so of course she knew into his psyche. I am just not sure what this has to do with anything, especially since its so below the surface, no child could even see it.

    And in Box Office news, 30 Days of Night, the Vampire thriller starring Josh Hartnett, came out on top with a $16 million box office total for its first weekend. Ben Afflecks’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone, family fare, such as The Game Planand Why did I get married? and political drama, Michael Clayton rounded out the rest of the box office. Here is the full list of this weekend’s biggest box office flicks:

    While I didn’t see any of these pics this weekend, I was finally able to catch Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited. While I will be doing a full review later today on Spielster, I would just like to say if you have not seen this movie yet, go now!!!! Beautifully shot, this film allowed Anderson to go where he has not before with a more genuine feel to his characters and a more truthful look at the separation of families after death.

  • Friday, October 19, 2007

    Daily Rounds....

    For a Friday morning, we have some goodies here. If you are in the New York area and haven't had some CMJ fun yet, check out Oh My Rockness for a few show ideas. And now onto the news:

  • Naomi Watts will star in a remake of "The Birds" With casting even Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t get upset about, Watts is going to revive the role made famous by Tippi Hedren back in 1963. Martin Campbell, director of the recent James Bond flick, is set to direct the remake. I can already safely say that this will be a thousand times better then the travesty of the "Pscyho" remake, which starred Vince Vaughn and a boring Anne Heche. Although, I would have love to have seen what David Lynch could have done with this though.

  • Who said reality programming is all real? Victoria, the Yalie who was kicked off last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, tells IvyGate she is not prickly. And with the interview, she proves it. She also explains how much Tyra did not like her.

  • Amy Winehouse got busted for drug posession yesterday in Norway. The singer was found with seven grams of marijuana in her hotel room after the cops were tipped off. She was held for a few hours, paid a fine to the Norwegian government and played her show in Bergen that night. She is headed to the Netherlands, where I am guessing she went to pick up more drugs or visit the Anne Frank house, whichever…

  • Bruce Dern makes directorial debut a family affair. Dern will step behind the camera for his first time to direct the feature length "Hart's Location", which is about daughter attempting to regain custody of her son and seeking out her father who left the family when she was three years old. This will be a first for the Dern family and having Bruce Dern, daughter Laura Dern and ex-wife Diane Ladd all starring together in the film. Production begins in February of next year.

  • Isla Fisher, star of Wedding Crashers and Sacha Baron Cohen, widely known as Borat, are now the proud parents of a baby girl. Fisher gave birth to a baby girl in a Los Angles hospital this past Wednesday. No word yet on the child’s name or which hospital she was born in. Congratulations to the Fisher-Baron-Cohen family!!!!!!

  • Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Songs I can not get out of my head right now...

    Its been a bit since I have done a list post and I don't know if its the CMJ madness, my recent visit to Europe or my endless listening to Indie 103.1, but I am all about the new music that is coming out. These songs are in no particular order, with no preferance..which is why numbers were not used... Enjoy and check it out...

    B. Tegan and Sara - Back into your Head....

    These sisters write some very yummy pop melodies and whenever I hear this song it makes be bob around like a douche and smile.

    Q. Satellite Party - Hard Life Easy

    Ok, I am sorry. As a Jane's Addition/Porno for Pyros fanatic, I know I shouldn't like this, but there is something about the wonders of Perry Farrell, mainly the fact he got Nuno Bettencourt back in action. And the damn chorus is so ridiculously catchy. This is much better then anything Dave Navarro has put out in the past 10 years.

    Z. MuteMath - Typical

    This group from New Orleans mixes some mid 90's alternative, a bit of indie emo and the recent funkified rock sound so well this song is nearly addictive. I will be seeing them live the next time I can.

    L. David Gahan - Kingdom

    This magician can practically do anything musically and I am putty n his hands, but this song from his recent solo work is great. Part later Depeche Mode and part David Lynch movie soundtrack, no one makes sexy work so well with depression as Mr. Gahan.

    M. Rilo Kiley - The Moneymaker

    This LA based band might have some children stars in it, but they brought the trashy, dirty version of their city to this latest album. I can almost place where Ms. Lewis was for each little story, but I am super glad they brought the sultry to indie rock. Its also nice to hear a female's point of view when it comes to LA, where it doesn't seem if that most have a choice to use their feminine charms, but merely how far they must have them carry you.

    John Goodman leaves Promises

    John Goodman, star of Roseanne and The Big Lebowski, has checked out rehab. The actor reportedly left the Promises Treatment Center, located in Malibu, CA for an undisclosed addiction. While Goodman has been looking worse for wear recently, I am not sure if anyone thought addiction was the reason behind it.
    A statement released on his behalf by his publicist Stan Rosenfield stated "For my family and myself, I voluntarily took the necessary steps to remain sober the rest of my life". Rosenfield would not comment on the duration of Goodman’s treatment, nor when he was actually released from Promises.

    I would like Walter Sobchak to recover as soon as possible and get back to being funny. His recent appearances have been filled with struggle and angst. It’s also nice to see a celebrity keep these kinds of issues private and not benefit from an addiction by contacting magazines to do cover stories on their struggles.


    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Norman Mailer admitted to NYC hospital

    Norman Mailer was admitted to a NYC hospital with with acute respiratory problems. The prominent writer has been suffering recently from serious asthmatic and respiratory issues, but was released in September to attend the wedding of his daughter.

    The Pulitzer Prize winner is reportedly in Mount Sinai Hospital and is supposedly in bad shape. We hope Mailer receives the best treatment and finds himself healthier in the coming days.

    Morning Grind.....

    So I am back and full action, as I have been reenergized about this little old blog and chatting about entertainment - and real entertainment, not Britney bullshit. So let's get to it:

  • Debbie Harry thinks Kirsten Dunst can play her in the rumored biopic. And I agree, the offbeat cuteness of Dunst I think would match perfectly with Harry’s aesthetic. My only other nomination for the role would Evan Rachel Wood, who I think carries that elusive sexiness and strength that Harry had and carries over to her performances. I would actually be super interested in seeing a big screen version of the grand dame of New Wave and Punk’s life and times.
    films and other projects.

  • Madonna joins forces with Live Nation. The singer has just signed a ten year contract, rumored to be worth $120 million, the concert promoter giant. The contract will also give Madonna a stake within the business and give LiveNation a stake within her albums, movies, tours and merchandising. This new relationship is just the beginning of the integration between artists and the concert promotions company, says the President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Rapino. It also brings another interesting twist to the very much fledgling music industry, in the wake of Radiohead and others cutting ties with industry giants and releasing their latest albums by themselves.

  • Judd Apatow joins the ranks of The successful comedic director will become partners with fellow funny men, Will Farrell and Adam McKay, who launched the site this past year. Check out the announcement of the news below:

  • And the whining begins about CMJ, as people have to stand in lines to watch new and upcoming bands. How this is different then any other day in New York, I am not sure? I do know that if I have not bought a ticket for any of the CMJ Marathon shows I wanted to see, my ass will most likely not be getting into these shows. What I am excited about is this year has a bunch of showcases that are affiliated with local blogs and media, such as the BrooklynVegan one. Also, most of the action is staying below Houston, even the panel series, which gives the festival, in my opinion, a much more cohesive feel and probably makes it much easier to navigate for those coming from out of state.

    Later, we will be discussing the latest announcement from Stephen Colbert, where the political process is in the US and what will happen with the Sweeny Todd movie....


  • Messing returns to television this summer..

    The Starter Wife is making its way back to primetime. The USA Network has confirmed it will make the successful mini series, based on the novel by Gigi Levangie Grazer, into a weekly series. The network explained that it was not only the ratings success and bounty of Emmy nominations that made them decide to bring the program back to life in the form of a weekly series, but it was also the creativity coming from the crew. As long as the WGA strike does not occur, production will begin in March and the 10 hour long episodes will begin to air right in time for summer.

    Debra Messing, who played the title character of Molly Kagan, a divorcee trying to find her footing in the ever tedious world of Hollywood, will reprise her role, as well as produce. No word yet on what other members of the cast will be joining her or how they will flesh out the story lines. With USA Network’s recent programming additions, it seems the cable channel is looking to broaden their core audience and male centered programming to bring in the always loyal 25 – 55 year old female demographic.

    Colin Farrell speaks out about his son...

    In an interview earlier this week with Ireland’s Independent , Colin Farrell admitted that his son, four year-old James, was born with a rare form of cerebral palsy called Angelman Syndrome. The actor explained that it is this revelation within his personal life that has dissuaded him from taking just any acting role. Farrell also explained that after his interest and association with The Special Olympics before his son was born has aided him in understanding living with disabilities and the affect they can have on a family. I wish nothing but the best of luck to Colin and his family and find it incredibly brave for a celebrity to be so candid and honest about something so dear to him. It sounds cliché, but I believe that when celebrities bring these personal issues to the forefront it only helps out us regular folks. Awareness in most cases brings a better sense of understanding and in regards to diseases allows us to detect things a bit sooner then we would have.

    Colin Farrell speaks out about his son...

    In an interview earlier this week with Ireland’s Independent , Colin Farrell admitted that his son, four year-old James, was born with a rare form of cerebral palsy called Angelman Syndrome. The actor explained that it is this revelation within his personal life that has dissuaded him from taking just any acting role. Farrell also explained that after his interest and association with The Special Olympics before his son was born has aided him in understanding living with disabilities and the affect they can have on a family. I wish nothing but the best of luck to Colin and his family and find it incredibly brave for a celebrity to be so candid and honest about something so dear to him. It sounds cliché, but I believe that when celebrities bring these personal issues to the forefront it only helps out us regular folks. Awareness in most cases brings a better sense of understanding and in regards to diseases allows us to detect things a bit sooner then we would have.

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007

    Spielster is going on vacation...

    To all devoted readers and for those of you who stumbled upon this site our of curiousity, the Spielster will be in England for the next week and therefore be taking a much needed vacation from the internet. In the meantime, please make sure to check out the following sites:

  • Mollygood
  • Gawker
  • TMZ
  • Entertainment Weekly

    Enjoy the possible marriage of Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon, the further fall of Britney, the audacity of O.J. and the questions over Jake Gylenhaal's sex life without me.....I will be busy sight seeing across the ocean and watching this on my ipod!

  • Ugghh this woman really wants some additional media coverage....

    As promised, I have not posted anything about Britney until she has fulfilled one of the specifications and she did, right before I jet set to London. Man this chick can not stay away from the press.

    The train wreck has officially lost custody of her kids, according to TMZ. Kevin Federline brought evidence to the judge handling their custody battle that Spears was driving with her two children this weekend, without a license. Although, she had applied for one, the singer has been driving all around town without for who knows how long. Federline used the ever present paparazzi against Spears and brought evidence of her illegally driving, while their children were in the car.

    "L.A. County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon issued an order today, stating that Kevin Federline, the boys' father, "is to retain physical custody of the minor children on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 12:00 PM until further order of the court."

    Hopefully, Spears surrenders the children calmly and without much fanfare on Wednesday, but I won't bet on it. This woman really is steps away from embodying Michael Jackson, except he still has his kids. I sincerely hope she rethinks everything she is doing so it will not longer effect her kids, but I think that is also asking for too much. Mental help should be mandatory at this point though, because these kids don't deserve to lose their mom all together.