Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Review: "samantha Who?"

The show about amnesia I keep forgetting to tape is KILLING it in the ratings. I am going to say it now, I heart Christina Applegate. I have loved her for about 20 years now and before all those cosmos drinking Murray Hill bitches steal her like they took my Sarah Jessica Parker, I am going on record and saying thank god someone gave her a quality comedic vehicle. “Guess Who” Applegate is really a wonderful and talented comedian and the fact that it has taken THIS long to get her own series, while Jenna Elfman never seems to stop working, is beyond me. So Congrats to Ms. Applegate – All those Bundy bounces finally paid off.

"Samantha Who?" came in first place for the second week in a row for her 9:30 PM time slot. While most of the fall season's debuts have not faired well, Applegate's new sitcom his erally hitting a chord with viewers. And I say well deserved to the cast!!!