Monday, October 22, 2007

Daily Rounds....

This weekend found me for the first time kicking back in my own house after a few weekends away traveling and I have to say it was quite nice. CMJ was winding down and people were all over the streets and I did manage to run into Michael Cera, from Superbad on my way to an art opening at Giant Robot NY. I unfortunately dorked out over an 19 year old and managed to just gawk at him for a block. Anyways, while the weather here in NYC was beautiful both days, I can not say the same for Southern California. Let’s get to the news:

  • Malibu is burning. No literally.... The Santa Ana winds have been creating destruction all along the Pacific Coast Highway this weekend and have burned about 40,000 acres from Malibu to San Diego. In Malibu, multiples residences, including the landmark Castle Kashan, churches and stores were destroyed by the fire. The Governor has declared a state of emergency within 7 counties in Southern California and it seems the fire is no where near being contained. Since I can not do anything other then send out some good wishes towards the devastated area and hope that this fire gets handled and soon, I will continue to keep those affected in my thoughts. And now onto some happy info……

  • And to disprove those rumors that Kid Rock went all Hollywood, he was arrestedhe this weekend,for starting a fight. In a waffle house parking lot! Thank you Mr. Rock for keeping it real. We always knew the Pam thing was an interruption in the white trash party.

  • Rolling Stone compiled the list of the 25 best moments of "The Office" so far. I have to say this season has been amazing so far. I am loving the Pam and Jim and Michael’s breakdown storylines. It’s nice to see a sitcom get the unrequited lovebirds get together plot right and the hour long episodes are a blessing. I am very mad that “Scrubs” is back this week to ruin the night.

  • J.K. Rowling announced at a Carnegie Hall event this past Friday that she believes Dumbledore is gay. Oh lord, who cares. I love love love these books, but I seriously hate when adults need to dissect everything. Now I know Rowling was just expressing what she believed led to Dumbledore’s loner existence, but she wrote the darn book, so of course she knew into his psyche. I am just not sure what this has to do with anything, especially since its so below the surface, no child could even see it.

    And in Box Office news, 30 Days of Night, the Vampire thriller starring Josh Hartnett, came out on top with a $16 million box office total for its first weekend. Ben Afflecks’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone, family fare, such as The Game Planand Why did I get married? and political drama, Michael Clayton rounded out the rest of the box office. Here is the full list of this weekend’s biggest box office flicks:

    While I didn’t see any of these pics this weekend, I was finally able to catch Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited. While I will be doing a full review later today on Spielster, I would just like to say if you have not seen this movie yet, go now!!!! Beautifully shot, this film allowed Anderson to go where he has not before with a more genuine feel to his characters and a more truthful look at the separation of families after death.