Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Morning Grind.....

So I am back and full action, as I have been reenergized about this little old blog and chatting about entertainment - and real entertainment, not Britney bullshit. So let's get to it:

  • Debbie Harry thinks Kirsten Dunst can play her in the rumored biopic. And I agree, the offbeat cuteness of Dunst I think would match perfectly with Harry’s aesthetic. My only other nomination for the role would Evan Rachel Wood, who I think carries that elusive sexiness and strength that Harry had and carries over to her performances. I would actually be super interested in seeing a big screen version of the grand dame of New Wave and Punk’s life and times.
    films and other projects.

  • Madonna joins forces with Live Nation. The singer has just signed a ten year contract, rumored to be worth $120 million, the concert promoter giant. The contract will also give Madonna a stake within the business and give LiveNation a stake within her albums, movies, tours and merchandising. This new relationship is just the beginning of the integration between artists and the concert promotions company, says the President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Rapino. It also brings another interesting twist to the very much fledgling music industry, in the wake of Radiohead and others cutting ties with industry giants and releasing their latest albums by themselves.

  • Judd Apatow joins the ranks of The successful comedic director will become partners with fellow funny men, Will Farrell and Adam McKay, who launched the site this past year. Check out the announcement of the news below:

  • And the whining begins about CMJ, as people have to stand in lines to watch new and upcoming bands. How this is different then any other day in New York, I am not sure? I do know that if I have not bought a ticket for any of the CMJ Marathon shows I wanted to see, my ass will most likely not be getting into these shows. What I am excited about is this year has a bunch of showcases that are affiliated with local blogs and media, such as the BrooklynVegan one. Also, most of the action is staying below Houston, even the panel series, which gives the festival, in my opinion, a much more cohesive feel and probably makes it much easier to navigate for those coming from out of state.

    Later, we will be discussing the latest announcement from Stephen Colbert, where the political process is in the US and what will happen with the Sweeny Todd movie....