Friday, October 19, 2007

Daily Rounds....

For a Friday morning, we have some goodies here. If you are in the New York area and haven't had some CMJ fun yet, check out Oh My Rockness for a few show ideas. And now onto the news:

  • Naomi Watts will star in a remake of "The Birds" With casting even Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t get upset about, Watts is going to revive the role made famous by Tippi Hedren back in 1963. Martin Campbell, director of the recent James Bond flick, is set to direct the remake. I can already safely say that this will be a thousand times better then the travesty of the "Pscyho" remake, which starred Vince Vaughn and a boring Anne Heche. Although, I would have love to have seen what David Lynch could have done with this though.

  • Who said reality programming is all real? Victoria, the Yalie who was kicked off last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, tells IvyGate she is not prickly. And with the interview, she proves it. She also explains how much Tyra did not like her.

  • Amy Winehouse got busted for drug posession yesterday in Norway. The singer was found with seven grams of marijuana in her hotel room after the cops were tipped off. She was held for a few hours, paid a fine to the Norwegian government and played her show in Bergen that night. She is headed to the Netherlands, where I am guessing she went to pick up more drugs or visit the Anne Frank house, whichever…

  • Bruce Dern makes directorial debut a family affair. Dern will step behind the camera for his first time to direct the feature length "Hart's Location", which is about daughter attempting to regain custody of her son and seeking out her father who left the family when she was three years old. This will be a first for the Dern family and having Bruce Dern, daughter Laura Dern and ex-wife Diane Ladd all starring together in the film. Production begins in February of next year.

  • Isla Fisher, star of Wedding Crashers and Sacha Baron Cohen, widely known as Borat, are now the proud parents of a baby girl. Fisher gave birth to a baby girl in a Los Angles hospital this past Wednesday. No word yet on the child’s name or which hospital she was born in. Congratulations to the Fisher-Baron-Cohen family!!!!!!