Friday, October 26, 2007


It’s still dreary and lame here in New York, but this weekend should more then make up for it. Tomorrow night I am hitting up the Comedians of Comedy tour at Irving Plaza, with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and Maria Bamford. Hopefully David Cross will show up, but who knows. And then Sunday night, I am making the trek to Hammerstein Ballroom and see Morrissey’s final New York show. I am excited to start the weekend, but we need to get through the news first, so lets get to it:

  • “Never follow a hippie to a second location”. These priceless words are courtesy of Alec Baldwin from last night’s amazing episode of 30 Rock. You can view the entire episodes, and I highly recommend doing so, right here.

  • Sex Pistols reunited last night for a private show courtesy of Indie 103.1. Reviews are mixed and I am sure any mishaps can be blame on Johnny Rotten (Lydon) and not Steve Jones, who I have a very bizarre crush on right now!. The group is set to bring the act overseas to their native England in November, right before the Led Zeppelin's reunion show in London.

  • And the world weeped… Apparently it took THREE SEASONS of The Hills for people to understand that the “reality” program is all staged. I just assumed you were thrown amazing jobs, such as event planner and stylist assistant, right after high school. And your constant fights with your best friend, they aren’t featured on the cover of US Weekly. Wow this really is shocking news.

  • discusses the top 50 most powerful people in Hollywood chosen by Premiere magazine. Judd Apatow is now THIS close to the top 10, with the releases of Knocked Up and Superbad., as well as four pictures coming in the next year.

  • Entertainment Weekly interviews the stars of the film American Gangster, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Washington dishes on his career in the article and Crowe manages to let the world know that Leonardo DiCaprio was a virgin still at age 17, even though he was a Hollywood star. For some reason, that redeems DiCaprio a lot in my book, but he stills needs to get over the models.

  • Wonkette has found someone who would actually publicly acknowledge they had sex with Larry Craig and it’s a big bear of a man. Thanks for ruining my breakfast people!!!!! I am not sure if this image will ever get out of my head.

  • FCC will be digging into the upcoming purchase of the Wall Street Jounral by Ruppert Murdoch. Michael Copps, commissioner for the FCC, has deemed the acquirement of WSJ could possibly be unlawful because of the other media holds News Corp. has. While many people within the FCC find this action a bit ridiculous, this does not mean they will not look into the issue.

  • Thank you Iggy! Ellen Degeneres’ ratings skyrocketed 10 % last week after the breakdown she had over the removal of the Brussels Griffon she passed off onto her hairstylist’s daughter when it didn’t get along with Ellen’s cats.

  • I know I had discussed this about a month ago, but its never an issue to revisit a ridiculous quote. Dave Navarro is saying he "left” rock music for porn because it has more integrity. Two things are wrong with this statement, the first being, its not “leaving” when no one asked you to stay. And secondly, can a guy who hosted Rock Star: INXS really have the balls to discuss integrity in the rock genre? I mean come on man.

    I can not wait to share some of my footage from this weekend’s shows. ENJOY you Friday!!!!!