Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tyra is a real piece of work this year on America's Next top Model

After the last "cycle" of ANTM, I was pretty sure I would never be watching this show again. I am not sure if it was the vast mount of stupidity that followed the last group or just the fact they not attractive and half of them looked like trannys, but I was sure I was not digging it anymore. But of course I am a sucker for crappy reality, so I gave Ms. Banks and her crew another chance andI am very glad I did. This "cycle's" group is much more attractive, actually well spoken and I think the majority of them could actually become working models. To be honest, I am not even sure yet who is going to make it to the final two because there is actually a lot of competition this time around.

While I will say I am bored to tears with the "green" intervention they had this year, it was nice to see that with this week's PSA contest for, these girls are actually well spolen on camera and seem to understand whats going on. I am really liking most of the models, but the thing that always annoys me and probably always will is the gosh darn Tyra Banks. Well this year she is really picking on these chicks and it finally got to the hard ass of the house. While Ebony was super excited to see Tyson, the male hunk best known for poor acting roles and an amazing body, she didn't seem like she cared about anything else to do with modeling. So it wasn't a surprice when Ebony elected to leave the ANTM house on this week's episode, even though the judges thought she should continue. The one time “bitch of the house” was chosen by the judges to stay so they could send Ambreal home, but Ebony at the last minute said she wanted out! While Ebony might not have taken the best pictures, she was a lot more entertaining and had more potential then Ambreal, who is about as exciting as a wet rag.

What I did love is how even after Ebony started crying and explaining why “modeling wasn’t for her”, Tyra chose to continue to put her down and mock her. Ms. Banks then went on to say the only she doesn't respect is quitters (nice dig!) and then dismissed her. Ms. Banks needs a rude awakening!!!!! It doesn’t matter cause Ambreal will probably be going home next week anyways. I mean you can not recover from being the worst and getting kicked off to just barely making it to save face. I am glad that Tyra had the guts at least to not reshoot that scene, but then again, maybe it was just to mock Ebony one more time. Geeez, I wonder why she hated being there. Right now my favorites are Jennah, Heather (although the Asbergers situation is DEFINITELY ENOUGH at this point) and Bianca.