Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Daily Rounds

Last night, I had the opportunity to check out Dave Gahan at the Apple store in Soho and let’s just say it was great.

I am a HUGE Depeche Mode, so I am a bit easier to please when it comes to Mr. Gahan, but he looked amazing and sounds great!!!! While his new ablum Hourglass came out yesterday, the tracks were more beat heavy then his previous solo album. The single “Kingdom” is on my current rotation and you can check it out on songs I can not get out of my head post from last week. I really love how I am able to enjoy live music again after taking a break for a bit!!!! And now let’s get to the news:

  • David Chase chastises "Sopranos" fans who didn’t understand the season’s finale. I have to say I agree with him on some points. It’s a bit bizarre to follow a character for so many years, support him and then want him shot in the head, even as evil as he was. But I think Chase’s most interesting comments were about the kids, Meadow and AJ.

  • I thought I hated my cable company enough to destruction, but this is amazing!!!!! How bad of a company do you have to be to get a 75 year old lady this mad at you!

  • Early reviews are favorable for "Baby Mama", starring Amy Poehler as the surrogate mother for Tina Fey’s baby. Siguorney Weaver and Dax Sheparrd round out the cast for the comedy hitting the big screen this Spring.

  • Robert Goulet’s life depends on a lung transplant. The crooner, best known for his role in Camelot, was admitted to Cedar Sinai in LA with pulmonary fibrosis, a disease with rabid growth that attacks the lungs. Goulet has been put on the lung transplant list and we are hoping that he makes a speedy recovery.

  • Giuliani is not making many friends in New York today. This dude is getting scarier and scarier everyday, and I don’t just mean look wise, but I don’t even know what he believes anymore since he changes his mind constantly. And apparently he employs priests were priests who have molested little boys..repeatedly.

  • Speaking of greedy politicians who take advantage of disasters, G4 is replaying Season 2 of Heroes beginning next month. So if you need catching up on this season or would like to watch the after show interview wrap ups, enjoy. And from the ratings this season, most of you need some catching up or just not interested anymore.

  • wants you to pick your favorite Seinfeld episodes. They will put the top 10 episodes, chosen by the viewers, up on their website for viewing in November. There is also a sweepstakes where fans can win the full series on DVD and other prize packs.

  • In other sweeps news, Taco Bell is promising America free tacos for every base that is stolen during the 2007 World Series. They will also be donating $20,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of America for every base that is stolen. Make sure you check out the games and the dates the tacos will be given away!

  • And finally, I would like to hear which episodes of Seinfeld are your favorite? I am going to put together my own top five list for this weekend and hopefully we have a bunch of the same ones!!!!!