Thursday, October 18, 2007

Songs I can not get out of my head right now...

Its been a bit since I have done a list post and I don't know if its the CMJ madness, my recent visit to Europe or my endless listening to Indie 103.1, but I am all about the new music that is coming out. These songs are in no particular order, with no preferance..which is why numbers were not used... Enjoy and check it out...

B. Tegan and Sara - Back into your Head....

These sisters write some very yummy pop melodies and whenever I hear this song it makes be bob around like a douche and smile.

Q. Satellite Party - Hard Life Easy

Ok, I am sorry. As a Jane's Addition/Porno for Pyros fanatic, I know I shouldn't like this, but there is something about the wonders of Perry Farrell, mainly the fact he got Nuno Bettencourt back in action. And the damn chorus is so ridiculously catchy. This is much better then anything Dave Navarro has put out in the past 10 years.

Z. MuteMath - Typical

This group from New Orleans mixes some mid 90's alternative, a bit of indie emo and the recent funkified rock sound so well this song is nearly addictive. I will be seeing them live the next time I can.

L. David Gahan - Kingdom

This magician can practically do anything musically and I am putty n his hands, but this song from his recent solo work is great. Part later Depeche Mode and part David Lynch movie soundtrack, no one makes sexy work so well with depression as Mr. Gahan.

M. Rilo Kiley - The Moneymaker

This LA based band might have some children stars in it, but they brought the trashy, dirty version of their city to this latest album. I can almost place where Ms. Lewis was for each little story, but I am super glad they brought the sultry to indie rock. Its also nice to hear a female's point of view when it comes to LA, where it doesn't seem if that most have a choice to use their feminine charms, but merely how far they must have them carry you.