Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daily Rounds

First, let me apologize for the delay in today’s Daily Rounds. Today’s theme is a mix of entertainment casting news and political stuff, so enjoy. Tonight, I am checking out Dave Gahan at the Apple store in Soho, so I should have some fun gossip from that. So let’s get to the news:

  • Real Time with Bill Maher got a bit more interesting this past Friday when ”9/11 Truthers” infiltrated his audience and Bill made sure they were kicked out, by running out there himself. Say what you might about Maher’s political beliefs, but he is an aggressive man when his audience is unruly. Take my word for it, I saw a similar attitude like this when I watched a taping of Politically Incorrect a few years back and Maher is no joke when he loses control over his audience. Now this time, I think his response was correct since what he said is true, his show is a debate for his guests, not the entire audience. Check out the footage here:

  • Peter Jackson fires Ryan Gosling from the film version of The Lovely Bones days before production was set to begin because he was too fat and wasn’t “movie star” like enough. Mark Wahlberg has since stepped in as the grief stricken dad of a murdered teenage girl in the adaptation of the hit novel. Honestly, I would watch Ryan Gosling in anything and could care less about the weight. He might be a jerk on set sometime, but he is a hell of an actor.

  • Time Inc. created an Entertainment Division, which will house the Entertainment Weekly and People publications and online properties. Ironically, Dave Morris, president and publisher of Entertainment Weekly, announced he will be leaving Time after being there for more then 20 years.

  • Somehow Kelly Slater is still relevant to gossip hounds and so is Dicaprio’s ex-girlfriend, Bar Whatsherface. On the other hand, Leo was searching the LES this weekend searching for a new brainless beauty to save the world with. I really wish Leo would at least start dating semi-intelligent models, like Petra Nemcova.

  • How is a fake candidate beating out actual Presidential contenders? Not sure what this says for the democratic process of America, but Stephen Colbert, who announced he is running for President in 2008 on his show last week, is officially beating half of the Democrats running in many polls. Now, I am not sure if this shows a) how much we could give a shit about elections, b) That someone who speaks “truth” could actually win an election in this country, or c) that the Democrats have finally wised up and decided to get that Hollywood elite into the actual political game on their side for a change. Whatever the reason, I am hoping that all the politicians running start understanding that Americans will not allow another leader to continuously lie to them, take them for granted, all with a smirk on his face.

  • Speaking of politics, Ben Stein believes religion is being attacked in the U.S. Yeah I hate when the majority who only seems to become “oppressed” during major election cycles are always being thrown around by SCIENCE. I mean just last week some lady wanted her pharmacist to dispense birth control to her and he wouldn’t because he believed birth control is for suckers. Science bitch slapped him with warning at work that he will lose his job next time he pulls those shenanigans. Damn SCIENCE is a bitch!