Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ugghh this woman really wants some additional media coverage....

As promised, I have not posted anything about Britney until she has fulfilled one of the specifications and she did, right before I jet set to London. Man this chick can not stay away from the press.

The train wreck has officially lost custody of her kids, according to TMZ. Kevin Federline brought evidence to the judge handling their custody battle that Spears was driving with her two children this weekend, without a license. Although, she had applied for one, the singer has been driving all around town without for who knows how long. Federline used the ever present paparazzi against Spears and brought evidence of her illegally driving, while their children were in the car.

"L.A. County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon issued an order today, stating that Kevin Federline, the boys' father, "is to retain physical custody of the minor children on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 12:00 PM until further order of the court."

Hopefully, Spears surrenders the children calmly and without much fanfare on Wednesday, but I won't bet on it. This woman really is steps away from embodying Michael Jackson, except he still has his kids. I sincerely hope she rethinks everything she is doing so it will not longer effect her kids, but I think that is also asking for too much. Mental help should be mandatory at this point though, because these kids don't deserve to lose their mom all together.