Monday, December 31, 2007

What I like about TV, part 2!

Let's get back to the best in TV for 2007, picking up with the top 5.....


While most channels are veering away from the standard sitcom and moving more towards hour long location dramas or multi set comedy programs, CBS has figured out away to make the forever used live in front of a studio audience sitcom fresh again. With How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men and The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS managed to bring the understated risque of sitcom's past to the very stale format in the early 2000s. This year had all three of these programs hitting their strides and bringing the laughter back. I can only hope that other network see how easily it can happen and bring back the format to their network lineups.

I am a popaholic. Ok there I said it and if you are a reader of this site, you will be all too familiar with this addiction of mine. While 2007 was the biggest year so far in regards to celeb bashing blogs, the TV screen's satire programs got bitchier, snarkier and well god damn funny. Unfortunately, I am an avid watcher of TV, which means on a given day I can either get sucked into an SVU marathon on USA or Real Housewives mess on Bravo. What I love about Best Week Ever and The Soup, is they discuss the stuff I want to at the end of the week. And with abundant paparazzi coverage all of the fools in Hollywood are receiving, its refreshing to find two TV shows who have no problem making fun of everything. BWE manages to mock the weeks events in pop culture with local comedians and 2007 mainstays, like Sanjaya. And I have to thank the executives over at E! for bringing back the Talk Soup format of past years and mocking even their own programming. And if it wasn't for Joel McHale and the staff over at the Soup, I would have never fallen in love with Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, heard about Orpah's vajayjay and or found this little gem:


I am not sure if it was my sincere interest in finally expanding my culinary tricks past macaroni and cheese, but I was all about chef shows this year. Anthony Bourdain will always stick out as the rock star within a very large chef pool. He laughs at vegetarians, drinks, smokes ( well used to) and doesn't mind trying anything at least once. With his program, No Reservations on the Travel Channel, Bourdain travels the globe while showcasing the local delicacies and embracing a bit of culture on the way. It was because of this man I found myself renting "Kitchen Confidential", an adorable flop of a comedy starring the always wicked Bradley Cooper, reading up on coq au vin and purchasing a chef's knife from Japan for my boyfriend's Christmas gift. The man makes cooking look cool. On the other side, you have the best season of Top Chef, lead by the way too good looking Padma Lashimi, which had the creme de le creme of cuisine as guest judges and a really talented group of chef's competing for the op prize. Also, there was no Marcel, which is enough reason for me to watch a program. Top Chef helped me realize that cooking can be interesting and that people who are the best chefs are those who can think on their feet and make a meal out of anything. This year, I also found myself watching way more Food Network and finding out what the heck is semi-homemade cooking and who really is the top Iron Chef. With the enrollment up in culinary education programs, I can definitely say that I am not the only one getting hooked into the culinary culture.

Officially stating this first, I am in love with Larry David and he can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes, well other then Sour Grapes. The sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm began with the crumbling of the marriage between Larry and Cheryl, which resembled David's real life. The caricature of his life this season was amazing, as he could blatantly mock the liberal tendencies of his real wife, Cheryl David. The last two minutes of this program could have been the best moments on TV all year, with Larry falling in love with his house guest , played by Vivica A. Fox and his impromptu family, The Blacks. While David said this could be the last year for his HBO program, I can not see him giving up on the opportunity to utilize his "new family" with the classic inappropriateness of Larry. For those who bashed this episode, I feel sorry that you can see how wonderful subtle way Larry David was able to get back at his ex with season six. I hope that this show will continue to make me laugh at the comfortableness that is Larry for years to come. Here it is again, the best moments of TV this year.

1. 30 ROCK

Let's just say it, this is the best comedy on television right now. Tina Fey has managed to make the behind the scenes tomfoolery occurring on the fictional program over at Rockefeller Center the funniest workplace ever!!! With the over the top republican/waspishness of Alec Baldwin, the vacant celeb focused nonsense of Jane Krakowski and indescribably ridiculous funniness of Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock allows quirkiness to override sensibility in the most perfect way. Liz Lemon, the character who could have only been produced by Rhoda and Mary, makes the lonely single woman life of working ladies in NYC affable and well, I hate to say it, realistic. This show manages to find the most perfect one liners and story lines keeps developing and getting better. NBC's strongest used to be The Office and while I still love the program, 30 Rock is bringing the strangeness of Arrested Development to TV again, which I missed so much! If the WGA strike does not stop soon, I might just have to watch the "American Race" neighbor episode again and again. I also love this show because it represents Little Chechnya (or Long Island City) on a major network. It's awesome to know that a lady is behind some of the funniest moments on TV nowadays and I will follow Liz Lemon to a second location any day!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Splitsville - Sean and Robin Wright Penn

These are one of these breakups in Hollywood that always bum me out. Sean and Robin Wright Penn announced through their spokesperson exclusively to People yesterday that they are separating. The actors have been married for 11 years, but were together for seventeen. They have two children together, fourteen year-old Hopper Jack and sixteen year-old Dylan Frances.

No word as of yet for the reason behind the breakup, but hopefully its one of those amicable "we still love each other as people" divorces. Now don't get me wrong, I am sure it is quite difficult to be married to Sean Penn, as he is on the more "dramatic" side of life, but I really thought this couple was in it for the long haul. These breakups also make me weirded out because now we have to see these two dating other people. I mean as long as Sean doesn't start escorting nineteen year old models to premieres, we are fine.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I like about TV!!!!

So let's just say I am in a much better mood today then I was yesterday. Not sure if it was the realization that this holiday actually went off without a hitch or family breakdown, but I am very excited to get back to my little old posting duties and bring you what I consider the best stuff that happened this year on TV and unfortunately the worst 5 things on TV this year.

Before WGA strike of 2007, the fall season was pretty good. There were a lot of gems that occurred in early 2007 too, so let's get to the first half of the top 10 in TV this year. Not sure if they are in any particular order, but here we go.


As a fan of Lost, I was as mad as everyone else when the show seemed to lose its focus in the third season, which began in the fall of 2006. With the emergence of new characters and constant repetition of previously begun plots, most fans became fatigued at the possibility of figuring out all that the island had to offer. And just when it seemed that no end to the madness was in sight, they brought it back. What the writers on this show are always able to do is incredibly important to a program that needs continued suspense and that is create lulls. Without the lulls and quiet on the island, suspense can not be sustained. If every 45 minute of the episode was filled with huge twists and turns, what the hell can a viewer get from the program? As much as people complain, if they were not able to follow the path of questions to answers in the show, we would all have quit watching it a long time ago. LOST manages to create mystery within mystery and presenting the cast with a false sense of security, which is incredibly difficult to do with. While watching the Others battle the Others with the survivors, you were able to see that these people can survive living on this island. We were also presented with the fact that people have grown up here, so they aren't that deserted are they? The fall of "Ben", Locke's further disgrace and Jack's return to leader were all favorite parts. We were sad to see Charlie and Eko depart, but at least it did prove that not all can survive the darkness of the island, manmade and not. With the season finale showing us that some of our friends do get off that island, we know that this upcoming season can only present us with more answers to the important questions. But is just me or would more questions along with way really be so bad? Whatever will be said about this program, I have to agree with Stephen King and say that TV doesn't get better then this. Thank god Season 4 is just around the corner.

Project Runway is a perfect example of how something can be done and done well. And since it took them two seasons to get back on the air, I knew this season would definitely be a hit or miss. Thankfully, it is a wonderful hit, with some of the programs best designers to date. While the show could definitely deal with a bit less drama, health woes and that crying dude, its best moments are brighter then those in the past. My favorite part so far and I hope it continues is that the correct people have gone home so far. And with so many strong contenders, the final three is still eluding to me. With the challenges so difficult this early on, I can't wait to see what is produced next year, when the show returns to continue out the season. And hopefully, this season will have enough designers who make an impression in the actual fashion world.


Bravo was incredibly smart to follow this comedienne with a camera and document the self-professed D-Listers life. First, she is brutally honest about herself, second, very funny and lastly, she is incredibly brave. Watching Kathy isn't like watching a celebrity, but closer to like watching a friend. This season presented enough hardships for her with the break up of her marriage, searching for work and the sickness and untimely death of her father. We learned a great deal about Ms. Griffin and not in the "legs wide open way" that the rest of Los Angeles dwellers were giving the public. She showed that funny does have its fair share of hurt and that you can't do it all alone. But while she was going through turmoil, Kathy always seemed to have someone to turn to, which makes it easier to watch the comedienne. And when your staff seems to enjoy your company, we can get the sense you definitely are a real person, especially with the Tivoing of Oprah! While she is gaining a position on the ranks of celebrityhood, I am not sure she will ever forget where she came from and thats refreshing. The Academy finally rewarded her hard work with an Emmy and she of course managed to make a huge deal with her acceptance speech. With the ridiculous events that followed her "Suck it Jesus!" speech, Griffin proved that she can stir up trouble even when the cameras aren't following her. With her love life on the upswing and her career at its highest, I can't wait to see what the next chapter in this lovely lady's life will present us.

7. JIM & PAM
"The Office" continues to be one of the strongest comedies on the air in the past few years and what makes it great is the winning ensemble. Most of us have had the nutty boss, crazy cubical mate and office crush and this show manages to bring it to life with a true flair. But while most comedies are terrified of bringing together the unrequited love couples for fear of losing that tangible chemistry, this program is not. After three seasons of watching Jim and Pam coo over each other in all sorts of situations, we finally got to see the cute couple be just that - a couple. It's always been a "them against the office" mentality, so the official coupling doesn't really change that. The exchange of looks over their desks doesn't need to stop and we can finally stop wondering when these two are going to get together. What I am more interested in (and hopefully will be able to see it before I'm 50) to see what their exes think of the coupling. Let's see what Roy thinks now his suspicions are confirmed.


In the tradition of HBO programming, Flight of the Conchords managed to bring a fresh breath of air to TV. The show that follows the misadventures of a performance group from New Zealand and their attempt to "make it" in New York manages to find another dimension in comedy. Jermaine and Bret, along with their manager Murray and number one fan Mel, discuss their band more then they perform and most music numbers, at least one in each episode, are merely continuation of the plot. The "actual band" started as a stand up/folk act and the quirkiness of that description follows them here. I am not sure if I am more in love with the fact that they eat dinner with men who robbed them, buy leather suits to be "more rock" or sing with David Bowie in their dreams, but for anyone who is looking for an irreverent comedy that showcases the bitterness of an unsuccessful career in NY with the hilarity of a "coming to America" mentality will love it. Oh and if you like to laugh, you will love it too!

Stat tuned for the continuation of the BEST of TV in 2007 tomorrow....And we will be sacking the worst programming too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What we have learned from 2007....

Apologies to my faithful readers, all 35 of you, for my lackluster posting recently. I have to be honest with you all and say I am about as BORED as possible with entertainment news nowadays, one might even say disenchanted. If I see another picture of Paris Hilton frolicking on a beach, Spears driving erratically, Lohan walking into a party and the countless other has beens and not so spectacular celebs we have all grown obsessed with this year, I might have to get sick again.

As I grow wiser and more tired of that god damn WGA strike, I find my tolerance for bullshit news about Heidi and Spencer, "I Love Crabs New York" ad any big ass daughter of murder defenders dying out. I, like most Americans, could give a crap about the Beckhams, that big boobed chick Jordan or any other nonsense that the UK is churning out on the pop charts. I prefer quality British musicians, like Morrissey, Dave Gahan, Oasis and Blur. If you want to talk about a well deserved reunion for the fans, it ain't the Spice Girls, it's Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon. I know I might sound mad, but damn it, I am! I have gone through quality television withdrawal so bad I am Tivoing JUDGE JUDY!!!!!! If there aren't new episodes of "30 Rock" and "The Office" soon, there is no telling what I am capable of. And I will be forced to break my MTV ban because Rob and Big is coming back in January and as much as I love quality reality, i.e. Bravo style, I am a big fan of nonsensical reality too. Don't worry though, I will not be recapping Rob & Big or the The Gauntlet, so take a breath.

After this angry rant about the sad and depressing state of entertainment coverage, I will begin my New Years resolutions. I began this blog to discuss my love for entertainment and pop culture. More specifically to chat about the stuff I love to death, things I am positive will become a part of your vocabulary within months and review movies and tv and music and all the fun stuff that goes along with that. I think that at some point I lost my footing and got focused on the daily posts of things of note, not quality stories. The need to post the newest and latest things almost becomes a competition, especially in today's media culture. I now know, not only could I not waste my time like Perez Hilton does, but I wouldn't want to. Nothing against the dude, but that's just not where my head is. So starting off in 2008, Spielster is going back to the original format. No bullshit about hoebags and shenanigans I really could care less about to drag readers over. Don't get me wrong, if Im into, IIm posting about it, but there will be no updates on the American travesty that is the Spears family cause if your that interested you might as well watch Jerry Springer.

To start off this trend, I will be rounding out this week with the continuation of the best of 2007 and it ain't a small list. So hopefully you all have enjoyed your holidays, have overcome that stomach virus that knocked me on my ass and ruined my birthday and started your own "2008 to do list". Tomorrow, we will be discussing the next big things that really made waves this year from comedic actresses who took to the screen in the lead for the first time to adorable local comedians who I will be saying "I knew him when". And if you haven't seen it yet and you like to laugh, check out " Walk Hard" the Dewey Cox story. The cameos alone are enough for the price of admission, but the Apatow crew brings home another hilarious comedy. They hold no punches when it comes to the legends of rock and manage to parody everyone from the Beatles to Johnny Cash to Brian Wilson. John C. Reilly is adorable as the troubled, yet successful Cox and brings a warmth to a very funny mockumentary. Its what Anchorman was to 2007. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Best of 'O7

Instead of the Daily Rounds for the next week, I am bringing you my picks for the best of 2007. Our first review will be about my favorite movie of the year: No Country for Old Men.

This year, hands down, my favorite movie so far since the year is not yet over, is "No Country for Old Men". I waited for this this film for many months, after hearing the critical acclaim it received at the various 2007 festivals. The western/drama, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, is an adaptation of a Cormac McCarthy book. In preparation, I read the novel, which follows three men's travel throughout the southern border of the USA in search for money, escape and "their country". The book was not one of my favorites, but I always attempt to read them before an adapted movie. When I was finally able to the see the film, I can honestly say I have never seen a book come to life better, other then the Harry Potter scenery.

The Coen brothers were able to have each page of the book unfold upon the screen, with the daybreak lit plains of Texas rounding out the cast. Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones provide the viewer with some of\ the best strong man/sensitive man character work that I have seen since the time of Robert Mitchum and Cary Grant. The movie is set in the early 1980's in rural Texas, where everyone knows you and your business and bad things just don't happen. Brolin plays Llewelyn Moss, a Vietnam vet, just getting by in Texas with a simple life and a simple family. While hunting one day, Moss comes upon a bloody scene in the desert, which looks to him as a drug deal gone bad and during his investigation of the scene finds a briefcase filled with millions of dollars. Since almost all of the men in the grizzly scene are deceased, Moss leaves with the money, but not after speaking with a man in need of aqua. While trying to sleep that night, Moss is overcome with a feeling and finds himself traveling back to the scene of the crime with a jug of water and knows in his heart he is making the biggest mistake of his life. What comes next is what suspense westerns are all about. Jones is the county's sheriff, Ed Tom Bell, who is in charge of investigating the grizzly scene in the desert. Bell has been recently confronted with the plain fact that America is a different place then it was 65 years before and is figuring out if he can continue to work in these conditions. He also can see that Moss has gotten himself into something so dark, almost no one can save him now. Javier Bardem, who plays the apathetic, destiny-denier Anton Chigurh, whose murderous nature brings Bell and Moss together. Bardem plays the sociopathic killer so well he has officially replaced any movie monster created by David Lynch in my nightmares. The ability of him to bring sheer terror to people's lives with a flip of a coin is genius.

The Coen brothers are always able to bring to life parts of the American life that most of us don't see and if we do, we can not appreciate it. They manage to find plain people who participate in magnificent stories. "No Country for Old Men" is no different and has already been added to my top 20 films of all time. Pictures like this can bring back people to cinema and reignite the passion for American films. While some complain about the ending deviating from the book, I do not believe this film misses a beat. It has also been complained about because of its violence, but the blood and bullets in this film are part of its symbolism. Its poetic beauty with the backdrop of southern Texas and Mexico, allows us to see the beauty in many forgotten places in our country. It also delves so well into the topic of are the times changing or are people changing. If I can recommend anyone with a brain, an eye for beauty and an earnest interest in seeing how to bring romance to a bloody thriller, you need to see this film. If only for the haunting magic that Bardem has brought to my dreams and most likely yours.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I love playing catch up with pop culture and to be honest I have been bored silly with anything current. With the writer's strike still on, it seems that the only TV I am set to watch anymore is Nip/Tuck, Project Runway and Reaper when my DVR remembers to tape it. I am still attempting to fully update this site to make it user friendly, so you the wonderful readers will have some more new features coming soon. With the holidays upon us, I know my butt will not be posting daily, but I am going to be doing more reviews and fuller posts, as opposed to the usually Daily Rounds. If y'all aren't into it, fill me in.

But enough about me, let's get to it:

  • Nicole Richie and Joel Madden created a non-profit for needy moms in Los Angeles. The Richie-Madden Foundation threw a baby shower for 100 expectant mothers yesterday in Los Angeles, where the expecting couple gave away $200,000 worth of gifts. I have to say, I love him and her together. It seems she got her stuff together and being pregnant seems to really be agreeing with her. I wish the best for both of them and hope they stay far away from Hilton.

  • Dennis Quaid is suing the drug company that poisoned his twins. Baxter Healthcare, the company who made and labeled the drug Heparin. Last month, Quaid's twins were given 1,000 the dosage when in Cedars-Sinai. No word yet if the actor and his wife will be suing the hospital or the nurse for the incorrect dosage which could have killed their newborn twins.

  • Winehouse caught running around London in like 5 AM. But her rep assures the public she wasn't messed up on drugs, just that she had recently woke up and ran around the streets half naked. I mean that makes sense. Oh and she is hanging out with Pete Doherty again. And I am sure its a sober party with the two of them. Ugh.

  • Viacom is finding new ways to screw over their employees and freelancers all the while that they are churning out this crap. Is New York ever finding love? I can simply say no.

  • So I am finally forced to go to Bonaroo. Led Zeppelin is supposedly going to be headlining the annual outdoor festival in Tennessee next June. This would be the band's first US performance in almost 30 years. And it would also mean I would crawl to see them. I don't care if Zeppelin is in wheelchairs, if they are coming to the US - I AM THERE!

  • And finally "The View" goes too far. I actually ended up checking out Hot Topics today and was shocked with the ridiculous conversation about happiness and faith that occurred. Below you can watch the absurdity.

    First, if you call yourself a Christian, that hopefully means you have read a Bible, which would have clued you into the fact that yes, there were people before Christianity you moron. Second, faith does not forgive ignorance and when you do not have anything to discuss on a topic, throwing Jesus into the mix is just stupid pawn at looking like you know anything. And thirdly, why didn't any of the other three women on the panel said "No you are wrong!". I am bored to death with Sherri Shepard and her ignorance. It is not cool to be wrong all the time and obviously poorly educated and I would really appreciate someone discussing this at any point. Barbara Walters you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Enough reason for the WGA strike to be over...

    James Franco and Mila Kunis do their rendition of an scene from "The Hills", the MTV reality program that is supposedly scripted. I know its edited to shit, but if there are writers getting paid to produce this shit, they must be dragged out into the street and shot. Franco and Kunis are perfection in this scene!

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007


    It's freaking nice out today here in New York. Sunny, 65 and slightly breezy it feels like fall just started, but I know this will be very short lived since it will be December soon and my ass will be as frozen as the fruit bars in my freezer. I love the week after Thanksgiving since it seems that all the bitches who were missing the limelight during the holidays come out in droves. I think it's cute that Paris Hilton and Tara Reid think they are still relevant somehow. Anyways, lets get back to the deal at hand and discuss today's news.....

  • I love starting off the day discussing skanky conservatives. And if you were wondering, Ann Coulter continues to suck. The WASPy bitch successfully petitioned Palm Beach to remove her address from public records after she was being repeatedly harassed at her home. Isn't this the same bitch who whined a few months ago that she wanted a fatwa against her ass. Pick a side you want people to try and kill you or do want to be protected? How can a Deadhead end up to be such a shrew?

  • Speaking of swarmy Republicans, Trent Lott will resign from politics at the end of this year, after 35 years in the Senate. Rumors are flying high in DC and allegedly the politician is stepping down because of a possible scandal involving himself and a GAY MALE ESCORT. This story wouldn't be funny it this didn't keep happening to the GOP every 6 months.

  • And in no surprise news, Winehouse cancels remainder of 2007 scheduled appearances. After her terrible reviews for her most recent shows, Amy has canceled all concerts and promotional efforts, allegedly due to her missing her jailbird hubby.

  • The Chili Peppers sue SHOWTIME. My favorite boys are currently trying to sue one of my favorite new shows, Californication. WB and the Peppers believe the name is synonymous with the group ever since the similar titled album released in 1999. I love how business always has to ruin the artistic side of shit.

  • Another supermodel out of ANTM. Due to "scheduling conflicts", Twiggy will not be returning to the America's Next Top Model judging panel for Season 10. Paulina Porizkova, the model famous for her Sports Illustrated covers in the 1980s and her small roles in movies, will be stepping in for Twiggy. Dang, Tyra Banks can't let anyone get too comfortable in their role on ANTM.

  • Alicia Keys hit number one on the Billboard chart and some lovely adult contemporary rounded out the rest. (If you can't read the sarcasm in that, well I'm sorry)

  • And finally, IFC announced the Spirit Award nominees and they will be presented in February of next year. The list holds a lot of my favorites and one movie I am SUPER STOKED to see, JUNO. The upcoming comedy starring, Ellen Page and Micheal Cera, is about a young teen who finds herself pregnant and whether she will have the baby or not. The movie, which focuses on Page's Juno and her struggle in one of the wittiest ways I have seen in a long time.

    This movie looks amazing, stars some of my all time favorites, Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Allison Janney and has just the right amount of indie buzz. Here are a few articles about the movie and its screenwriter, Diablo Cody and one on the star of the film, Ellen Page, who is my new favorite girl and soon to be rising star. While NY thinks she is headed towards Molly Ringwald status, I hope a more successful career for this girl. This chick is what Samantha Mathis could have been, but with better chops.

  • Monday, November 26, 2007


    Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. With the beginning of the week ahead of us and hopefully the WGA strike is near an end, we need to get to the news.

  • This weekend was a good one for Disney with Enchanted, starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey coming in at number one this weekend. This Christmas and Beowulf rounded out the remainder of the top three, so as always, family favorites and kid fare did well on a holiday weekend.

  • In Iowa, Hillary Clinton discussed her "relationship" with Mr. Murdoch. While doing her usual political press crap, Senator Clinton was put on the spot and forced to explain why the US shouldn't be scared of our media all being owned by one or two companies. I swear as the election comes closer, I become increasingly scared of who will take over for Howdy Doody.

  • The lead singer of Quiet Riot, Kevin DuBrow was found dead in his Las Vegas home. There is no confirmation as of yet what was the cause, but friends of the musician are already saying it had nothing to do with drugs. In other music news, Hawthorne Heights' guitarist Casey Calvert was found dead on the band's tour bus this past Saturday. No cause has been determined as of yet in this case as well. Our best wishes to both of their friends and family.

  • Oprah has some explaining to do. Apparently, there is a tell all book written by a one time high level executive at Harpo Productions. Only problem is that there doesn't seem to be any takers in the publishing industry. I guess no one wants to mess with Ms. Winfrey so they don't lose a possible place on her book club list.

  • Dan Rather discusses his suit against CBS. The anchorman wants everyone to know he didn't want to end his career like this, but once he realized his credibility was questioned, he needed to prove he was right.

  • The WGA Strike conversation picks up again this week. Hopefully they make a decision so my ass can start watching new episodes of The Office.

  • Lauren Ambrose joins the cast of Where the Wild Things Are. Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers wrote the screenplay adaptation of the classic children's book. I for one am quite excited for this animated flick.

  • And finally in boring news, The Hogans are getting divorced.

  • Friday, November 23, 2007

    PROJECT RUNWAY Episode 2 recap

    Ok, so this week on Project Runway was a favorite of mine because of the special guest. There had been many rumors about Sarah Jessica Parker appearing on an episode, but I can't believe it happened this early in the season. Parker was also the guest judge because the challenge this week had the designers coming up with design concepts to compliment her fall line of BITTEN, the affordable sportswear line. First, Parker had the designers sketch out their ideas, which had to fit in the line, as well as retail for $40 or less. This meant the designers had to make outfits that would cost them no more then $15 to make. Parker picked the best 7 and then the designers paired up. I think Parker missed out on a few cute designs and I think some of the "winners" were picked to see what kind of crap they could make. The Dark horse pair going into this was Elisa, the wacky hippie who spit marks her fabric and Sweet P, the rocker designer who saw her pairing with Elisa as a kiss of death. But their final project came out really well and was one of the judges favorites.

    The contest was won hands down by Victorya and her partner Kevin. Their empire style dress with the cute plaid vest was obviously a favorite from the beginning and chosen by Parker to actually be sold underneath her line's name.

    The losing team at the somber and not very good designer Marion and his partner Stephen, who I can see staying around a few more episodes. Their pullover poncho style top and business attire skirt did not flow well as an ensemble, nor with the BITTEN collection.

    My favorite part of the episode was not only Parker's presence, but her humbleness when it came to the contestants. This lady is class all the way and has really brought herself to another level of fame. It was adorable how uncomfortable she was giving bad news to the designers and actual critique. I have to say this season's designers are really bringing it and its definitely a toss up who will be there till the end.

    I heart lists!

    With the holiday upon us, it seems that nothing of note will happen until next week. So while I get over my food coma and attempt to get ready to bro down with some friends tonight, I thought let's put together a list.

    As y'all known, each Friday is gonna be LIST MADNESS!!!! So let's get to the five songs that can't get out my head.

    From Nothing to Nowhere - PINBACK

    No Cars Go - ARCADE FIRE

    An End has a Start - The Editors

    Cold Hands - The Black Lips

    My Moon My Man - FEIST

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007


    So my puppy is closer to getting better, but definitely not there yet. The holiday will be taking most of my energy, especially since I am hosting my family for the first time - I know I am fucking crazy! As a vegetarian, its kind of fun though to have a reason why there is no turkey at the Thanksgiving table.

    So hopefully you enjoy your holiday and time with friends and we will get back to business on Friday! Let's get to today's news:

    Applegate takes it off for PETA. The star of "Samantha who?" is PETA's girl this season supporting their anti-fur campaign. Christina also tells the organization why she has been a proud vegtarian since she was 15 years old.

    BWE.TV discusses the best, yet pointless rivalries of TV history. My faves are Michael Scott vs Toby on "The Office" and Marcy and Al Bundy on "Married with Children".

    "The Bachelor" ironically remains one. I thought this guy was dumb as a box of rocks, but apparently I was wrong. I think he kind of wanted the chick he kicked off a few episodes again. (not that I watch that show).

    Dennis Quaid's newborn twins were poisoned at Cedars Sinai. The twins were given 1,000 times the dosage they were supposed to be of Heparin, a blood thinner. Both babies are reported to be in stable condition, but all this botched shit going on in hospitals nowadays is getting scary.

    Lohan is in 212 area code. This means my homegirl is celebrating the holiday tomorrow in my hometown, Merrick. Call a sister - We will hit up the Treethouse and you can drink some Shirley Temples.

    Just Call him Doctor Scumbag. Dr. Adams, whose botched operation killed Kanye West's mother Donda last week blames patients for poor recovery in PEOPLE magazine. Ugh this dude needs to join up with OJ and get into a Bronco and drive off a cliff.

    And finally in ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT NEWS, IN TOUCH is "reporting" or reciting PR from Scientology that Tom Cruise is NOT GAY. Ok seriously are we still talking about this? How many years, reports and gossip do I need to prove something? My LA friends have said that this is not only widely known in Hollywood, but the Church has gone out of its way for years to shush it up. I for one will not believe this dude is straight, but I do hope that one day he could be honest with himself and others.

    Monday, November 19, 2007


    Let's start off by apoogizing about the delays in posting. My life had gone mucho haywire last week with a sick dog and holiday madness. I see this week being quite as crazy, but I will definitely be doing my best to get the news out there for you folks. So let's get to it:

  • SNL is performed at the UCB Theater here in NYC. The cast and some crew members of SNL did a a full rendition of what would have been Saturday's show with Micheal Cera as the host at the UCB Theater. $20 bucks a pop had you sitting in 150 person theater watching new and classic sketches from the SNL crew and raised money for those writers laid off by NBC due to the strike. I for one WOULD HAVE LOVED to have been there. But apparently NBC is not the only one firing strikers.

  • Beowulf comes out on top of this weekend's box office draw. The animated tale, starring Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins and directed by Robert Zemeckis pulled in about $28 million this weekend. The movie was shown in 3 styles, 3D, 3D Imax and normal formula. Almost half of it's money was made in the 3-D format. "Bee Movie" and "American Gangster" came in second and third, respectively.

  • And speaking of movies, Tom Cruise is only "playing" bald and fat. The actor has been reportedly at work on "Tropcial Thunder", which is being directed by Ben Stiller in Hawaii. The movie has had it blows with the departure of Owen Wilson after his suicide attempt and now apparently Cruise and Katie Holmes have roles in it. Hopefully this picture will deliver, but with all the setbacks you can never tell.

  • Bob Dylan wants to record with Jack White. The rock and folk icon is interested in White and others to help him out with a Hank Williams album he is currently working on. It must be nice to have Bob Dylan come and ask you for a favor.

  • Kanye West breaks down on stage. While performing in Paris, the hip hop star brokedown over the recent death of his mother. Our heart really goes out to him.

  • BLENDER interviews Amy Winehouse for their December issue. Throughout the interview, she nods off, says she is a heavy drinker, while denies alcoholism and basically proves the case to go to rehab. Oh and this video of her reportedly snorting coke in the midst of a performance doesn't help her case either.

    I hate to say this, but this girl has about 3 - 6 more months on this planet. She doesn't seem to want to get her act together at all.

  • And finally, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested in an airport for drunkenness, Martha Stewart's mom has passed away, Julia Roberts is NOT handicapped and Nicole Richie has her baby shower - it's gonna be a boy!

    This will be the only post of the day I think as I have to care of one sick little puppy, but ENJOY!!!!!!

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2007


    So my little site freaked out today fro some of you, namely me and we are forced to post our DAILY ROUNDS quite late. Because of this, I wanted to bring the music news into the rounds. Sorry that I am forced to keep this short, but let's get to it:

  • Britney Spears failed court mandated drug test. Apparently it was meth, but her spokespeople are saying it could be a false positive cause of her asthma inhaler. Damn these chicks always relying on good ol' asthma to blame.

  • The doctor who opperated on Kanye's mom should have lost his license. According to many reports on TMZ, the doctor has been arrested for multiple DUIs, sued for malpractice and is an overall jerk! My heart goes out to Kanye.

  • For those of us who missed it, here is coverage from last week's MTVU Woodies 2007, which took place at the Roseland Ballroom. I wish MTV would care about new music ALL THE TIME as opposed to the fight betweenn LC and Heidi.

  • Entertainment Weekly discusses movies so bad they are good. And good thing, many of my favorites showed up on this, such as Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, which is early 90's romantic/comedy/straight to video perfection.

  • Radiohead blames record label for them leaving and the new box set. Thom Yorke also says he would not rush to work with Sir Paul McCartney.

  • And in the "Does anyone care about this band anymore news?", Weezer's new album is completed and a release date is set.

  • Finally, A stagehand apparently overdosed at the Knitting Factory this weekend.

  • Monday, November 12, 2007

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Kicking out the Jams

    Did Larry David listen to the critics this time around??? With the sixth season ending last night on Curb Your Enthusiasm, we saw that Larry David was able to live without Cheryl, his soon to be ex-wife (in real life, as well as the TV show). From him grabbing the mike at a Bat Mitzvah to discount a gerbil rumor to stealing a phone number from a doctor's sign in list, David took his most lovable, while remaining unlikable character, to new heights. But with all the chatter about Vivica A. Fox's great job this season so far, did Larry see a great opportunity to come back? The season endedwith Larry marrying his Hurricane victim housemate and making her family his. The last two minutes of "Curb" had us watch Larry and his new family at soccer games, fighting in the car and Lorretta (Fox) fighting with the ever present and always hostile Susie.

    Now the genius of this plot twist is so multi-layer, its pure Larry David. First, Cheryl is the one who brought them together and second, Fox is the only woman who could probably easily take on Larry just as much as Susie does. What I find the best part of this ending is that if Larry does decide to continue the program for another two years, he can now come back with a black wife and family, opening the flood doors for indecent and non pc behavior the world has never seen. This truly couldn't have been a better end to a show or an even better beginning for the more twisted places David is just WAITING to take us to. Bravo Mr. David, as always, you make it very worthwhile to be a fan!


    Oh let's just get to it today:

  • Norman Mailer passed away this weekend. The Pulitzer prize winning author will be remembered within various circles as a strong headed and all around interesting fellow, who brought about questions not only about his writing, but his private life as well.

  • Kate Hudson and Heath Ledger were caught making out. Man, who hasn't this chick reportedly banged in the past few months. Watch out, I think that Zach kid from the Disney movie is next.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar sluts it up for the "new" MAXIM. Ugh I was bored enough by this chick already, but sweetie its too late to go the "sexy" route. I always feel these men's magazines are saved for women who don't have the best current careers,

  • Kanye West's mother died over the weekend. The 58 year old mother of the famous pop singer passed away, apparently from a faulty plastic surgery operation. Sources are saying that they are still determining the exact cause.

  • While the WGA strike continues for it's second week, Ellen DeGeneres is being attacked by the union for continuing to work on her daytime talk show. In other strike news, the Stagehands Union in New York has been on strike now for three days causing the lights out on many major Broadway shows.

  • Aaarrrggghhh..Upgrade annoying!

    So upgrading your blog by yourself is always an interesting project. Does this look better? Will this make the readers more interested in coming back? Can I update this format on my own? Will my new puppy ever stop nibbling on my laptop?

    I have made the move to a three column format, which I thought would provide me with more usable space, but it really just detracts from the content - which is always more important - so we are most likely going back to a two column blogosphere. While I continue to stress out over my lil' ol' blog here, I was wondering, what you the readers are most interested in?

    With our upgrade, new features are coming your way and daily themes will be added to the DAILY ROUNDS and Gossip content.

    Mondays will be bringing us the latest news on Movies. We will provide the readers with the Box Office figures from the weekend, a review or two, as well as some casting news.

    Tuesdays will have us visiting the music world with the newest releases, reviews, upcoming concerts and industry gossip.

    On Wednesdays, we will visit some blasts from the pasts in our "Where are they now?" segments. We will dig deep into Hollywood's past and find out what the leading ladies and men from the 80's and 90's are doing now to pay the bills. Hopefully, we will even be getting to interview these stars one on one.

    Thursday will have my "Project Runway" review and our countdown on who's in and who's out!! The Spielster will be running a contest after the first week and if you guess correctly who will be in the FINAL THREE, you will be receiving some excellent goodies!!! We will also be discussing the ins and outs out the TV world.

    Friday will be our catch up/round up with the gossip and content of the week. We will also resume our picks for the weekend!

    Saturday and Sunday will be for Trailers, Must Have Lists, Gift Guides and Holiday Survival tips until January.

    As always, our DAILY ROUNDS will feature a peek in on my everyday life, local news and some puppy training news.

    Other additions will be sprouting up over the next few weeks and I can't wait for it all to come together. So while we are upgrading, lets get to the DAILY ROUNDS and discuss our movie news later today. We are also welcoming subscriptions through Feedburner and Technorati and those subscription buttons all over this dang site!!!!

    Any suggestions or help with content would be much appreciated and should be forwarded to:

    Thursday, November 8, 2007


    Hi all....So I have been meaning to do this for months, but we are fianlly upgrading the look and feel of the Spielster. Unfortunately for you the readers, I will be offline until in the meantime, please check out these clips below.

    And starting Monday, November 12th, we will be bringing you some new features, reviews, and more! We are growing and evolving and I am very excited!!!!! For the past three months, our traffic has increased by 250%, no joke!!!! I want to make sure the steady upswing continues!!!!! So until Monday, enjoy yourselfs!!!!

    Today's Special...for all you folks who grew up in the 80's

    Self Esteem Issues...always handled well by Degrassi Junior High

    Silly goths, girlfirends are for jocks....

    Tuesday, November 6, 2007


    No time for idle chit chat….the WGA strike continues and has caused most of daily and late night programming to go into repeats, but in good news could bring the last season of “Scrubs” to an even quicker ending. Well that’s a positive right? So let’s get to it….

  • Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton back the Writers strike. Oh you Dems, always helping out those unions. Jay Leno and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have been supporting the strike along the picket lines in Los Angeles and Tina Fey found herself toting a sign along with other writers outside Rockefeller Center yesterday and Silvercup Studios this morning. Fey is part of the many writers/actors group that could have the biggest effect on getting a proper contract for the writers. When your on air talent, like stars of “30 Rock” and “The Office” are also head writers, you can’t allow them to strike for too long. The last WGS strike back in the 80’s lasted 22 weeks, so hopefully we can get some negotiations soon! I can’t watch that many reality programs!!!!

  • Speaking of quality TV, one of my favorite shows is coming back. "Weeds" gets picked up for a fourth season. Its really refreshing to see a dramedy which definitely covers new territory do so well with the viewers. This is what I love about subscription cable programs, if it does well with the viewers, the show gets to flourish. I am also excited that "Californcation" will also be returning to Showtime nest year, since the duo works so well together on Monday nights. Its also great to see two wonderful actors, who get better looking each year, find a project that works for them.

  • Is MSNBC learning that Fox News’ formula actually works? Amidst rumors that the network is turning “left”, it is confirmed that Rosie O'Donnell will have her own talk show on MSNBC. The show is supposedly part politics and very much like Larry King Live on CNN, as well as during the 9PM timeslot shared by Mr. King and Hannity & Colmes. Hmm, sounds like great timing since Hannity lost any sort of relevance he had back in 2003 and King can't even remember the most famous guest's credentials.

  • Owen Wilson ignored a hot blond, fat girls are complaining about Star Jones and Stella McCartney just released a one legged pendant from her new jewelry collection.

  • And in gross news, Crazy Cabbie, the gross dj on KRock will release a porn movie made in Howard Stern’s studio, after hours and without his permission. Apparently, the movie’s stars, which include Ron Jeremy, utilize much of Stern’s recording equipment as “toys”. Yecch!!!!!!!! Just hearing Crazy Cabbie, Ron Jeremy and porn in one sentence makes my skin crawl.

  • Myspace: always happy to let the celebutards express their feelings. Lindsay Lohan’s newest boyfriend, Riley Giles, is “covertly” hating on her mom by posting the least anonymous rants/advice on his Myspace page. As predicted, Dina Lohan played with fire way too much and should be losing her own daughter aas a client within the next three months I predict. Hey, I more then welcome to step in and help this girl out with her career when she comes to my neck of the woods in December!!!! Call me!!!

  • And finally in the no shit news of the day, Christina Aguilera finally admits she is pregnant. Umm, unless she got paid a nice wad of cash to tell it to British Glamour, why the hold up? I know that in the Jewish faith you need to wait past the first trimester, but I thought this kid was two seconds away from crowning. Sweetie, you can’t hide a baby the same way you hide breast implants. It don’t work.

    Well, tune in later today for some music news……ENJOY!!!!

  • Friday, November 2, 2007

    Nip/Tuck brought it back this season....

    Ok so today’s posts were cut short due to:
    -boring things happening
    -mice running amuck through my house
    -mere excitement of the “Twin Peaks” Box Set that awaits my return to my home
    -and my concentration on this week’s Nip/Tuck Episode

    So after last season, with dwarf romeos, lobster handed babies and women too cookey for Scientology, I thought for sure Nip/Tuck lost me as a viewer. But this season came back with a vengeance with its season premiere this past Tuesday. The necessary move to Los Angeles for these image hungry and mentally broken down plastic surgeons is not only perfect, but it allows the city to become a character as well, which unfortunately doesn’t happen when your show is based in Miami.

    With the introduction of new characters, the breakdown of all artificial relationship and the continued success at the only working partnership these two have, each other, it gives the cast, the writers and the show a breath of fresh air and a whole new set of circumstances to occur. I am in love with the idea of Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) being the low one on the totem pole this time around and having Sean McNamara(Dylan Walsh) the lead guy once again. The breaking of the fourth wall that is going to go on this season, them being consultants on a Nip/Tuck style show, a possible reality program and being successful bachelors in a city that foams at the mouth for “personalities” will make me easily forgive all of Nip/Tuck’s previous crimes. The addition of Bradley Cooper, as his usually over brazen and self unaware ego maniac is a much welcome fixture and his affect on Christian will be interesting to watch. The other new characters, Lauren Hutton as a tough publicist and Oliver Platt as a meek tv show producer, will flesh out a much needed addition to this “family”. I am interested in the resurgence of Julia (Joely Richardson) and the most likely return of Matt (John Hensley), the troubled son and his nutty Scientologist wife, Kimber (Kelly Carlson), and ex-lover of all three lead men. I mean hell this ain’t a show in LA if there is not one XENU follower.

    So if you like the original flair of “Entourage” and like intelligently bizarre adult programming, make sure to tune into the fifth season of Nip/Tuck.

    Thursday, November 1, 2007


    Let’s just start off with Halloween being pretty awesome this year.

    I dressed up as Tippi Hedren from Hitchcock's The Birds, pictures to follow. While hoping around the city with my zombie friends and I saw some great costumes out there. The parade was a bust, since it was nearly impossible to get to 6th Avenue after 8 pm, but there was a pseudo parade of people trying to get into the area on 5th Avenue, so that was nice. After that we did some party hopping, from Chinatown to Williamsburg and I had a great costume sighting at Galapagos. As I was cutting a rug to sounds of New Order and Kriss Kross (don’t ask!) I ran into David Cross dressed as his incredibly funny character Tobias Funke from Arrest Development. He was covered in the Blue Man Group paint and his omni present never nude cut off denim shorts. He had mentioned during his set on Saturday at Irving Plaza that he would be dressing up as Tobias, but I didn’t believe it, that is until I saw it with my own eyes. He was very gracious when I began chatting him up about how awesome it was that he actually pulled off the costume and he said he was a man of his word. We parted ways and I continued to sweat it up on the dance floor. Hopefully all of you enjoyed your Halloween just as much and I can’t wait till next year!!!

    So let’s get to the news:

  • NBC has decided to scrap the Heroes spinoff, Heroes:Origins, which was set to premiere this Spring. No specifics were given for the change, but we are sure the unimpressive ratings this season and looming writing strike did not help anything.

  • Meryl Streep is set to play Julia Child in the upcoming "Julie & Julia”, adapted and directed by Nora Ephron. Amy Adams is also set to star as Julie, a wannabe master chef following Ms. Child. Production is set to begin in late 2008.

  • A&E stops Dog the Bounty Hunter production after National Enquirer released tape of Dog repeatedly using the N word to describe a black woman who was dating his son. While he has apologized for his insensitivity, A&E is still worried about the outcome of this huge mistake.

  • Broken Lizard scheduled to begin production on The Slammin' Salmon. The comedy troop, who brought you Beerfest and Super Troopers, will beginning filming in 2008 on the comedy set around a former heavyweight champ who is now a restaurant owner. The story has the all too funny waitstaff pitted against each other, similar to Glengarry Glen Ross. Kevin Hefferman will take directorial duty from Jay Chandrasekhar for this pic. They also have another full length in the works with Warner Brothers.

  • Don Vito, Bam Margera’s uncle, was convicted of two counts of sexual assault yesterday. Vito then collapsed within the courtroom after the verdict was read. Sentencing is set for later this year.

  • Justice is served to the bigot Rev. Fred Phelps. Not sure how many of you out there are aware of the moron Fred Phelps who runs a small Baptist based church in Kansas, which celebrates hate and bigotry. He has received notoriety by his congregations’ protests of the funerals of Iraq War soldiers, with such disgusting signs as “God Hates America” and “God Hates Fags”. The bigots believe it is the fault of the gays that these soldiers die, since they are fighting for the freedom to “be gay”. I guess he forgot they were also fighting for the 1st Amendment, anyways, one soldier’s father, Albert Snyder, sued the church after they protested the funeral of his son, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder. The family was awarded an $11 million judgment after the jury deemed the church was liable for invasion of privacy and intent to inflict emotional distress. I hope these assholes can’t pay and are forced into jail!!!!

  • And in funnier legal news, Da Brat arrested after attacking a waitress in Atlanta. The rapper allegedly assaulted a waitress at Studio 72, Jermaine Dupri's club, with a rum bottle to the face. This is the third incident in the past few years that has had Da Brat attacking a woman. Maybe the waitress wasn’t digging her hitting on her…just a thought.

  • In “Can America get any dumber news?” Britney's new album is set to hit the charts at Number 1! The pop tart apparently can do no wrong and even while going through a mega meltdown can still find a way to the top. She is like fucking Teflon!

  • But in better and more respectable music news, the adorable Carrie Underwood just broke her own record with her Number one debuting sophomore album, The album sold more then 500,000 units its first week, which makes Underwood the most successful American Idol on the charts. I was pretty indifferent about this chick until I checked out her latest interview with Entertainment Weekly. She discussed what its like to actually be a celebrity and keep her life private, how it feels to not be accepted in the Country world and what she sees for her future. She seems like a wonderful role model who does what she loves and doesn’t allow the haters to break her down. I hope this girl is just at the beginning of a very long career.

    Hopefully I can get around to the review of the “Comedians of Comedy” and the sneak peek into the Comedy Festival that is headed out way next week!!!!!!!! ENJOY THE DAY!!!!