Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's freaking nice out today here in New York. Sunny, 65 and slightly breezy it feels like fall just started, but I know this will be very short lived since it will be December soon and my ass will be as frozen as the fruit bars in my freezer. I love the week after Thanksgiving since it seems that all the bitches who were missing the limelight during the holidays come out in droves. I think it's cute that Paris Hilton and Tara Reid think they are still relevant somehow. Anyways, lets get back to the deal at hand and discuss today's news.....

  • I love starting off the day discussing skanky conservatives. And if you were wondering, Ann Coulter continues to suck. The WASPy bitch successfully petitioned Palm Beach to remove her address from public records after she was being repeatedly harassed at her home. Isn't this the same bitch who whined a few months ago that she wanted a fatwa against her ass. Pick a side lady...do you want people to try and kill you or do want to be protected? How can a Deadhead end up to be such a shrew?

  • Speaking of swarmy Republicans, Trent Lott will resign from politics at the end of this year, after 35 years in the Senate. Rumors are flying high in DC and allegedly the politician is stepping down because of a possible scandal involving himself and a GAY MALE ESCORT. This story wouldn't be funny it this didn't keep happening to the GOP every 6 months.

  • And in no surprise news, Winehouse cancels remainder of 2007 scheduled appearances. After her terrible reviews for her most recent shows, Amy has canceled all concerts and promotional efforts, allegedly due to her missing her jailbird hubby.

  • The Chili Peppers sue SHOWTIME. My favorite boys are currently trying to sue one of my favorite new shows, Californication. WB and the Peppers believe the name is synonymous with the group ever since the similar titled album released in 1999. I love how business always has to ruin the artistic side of shit.

  • Another supermodel out of ANTM. Due to "scheduling conflicts", Twiggy will not be returning to the America's Next Top Model judging panel for Season 10. Paulina Porizkova, the model famous for her Sports Illustrated covers in the 1980s and her small roles in movies, will be stepping in for Twiggy. Dang, Tyra Banks can't let anyone get too comfortable in their role on ANTM.

  • Alicia Keys hit number one on the Billboard chart and some lovely adult contemporary rounded out the rest. (If you can't read the sarcasm in that, well I'm sorry)

  • And finally, IFC announced the Spirit Award nominees and they will be presented in February of next year. The list holds a lot of my favorites and one movie I am SUPER STOKED to see, JUNO. The upcoming comedy starring, Ellen Page and Micheal Cera, is about a young teen who finds herself pregnant and whether she will have the baby or not. The movie, which focuses on Page's Juno and her struggle in one of the wittiest ways I have seen in a long time.

    This movie looks amazing, stars some of my all time favorites, Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Allison Janney and has just the right amount of indie buzz. Here are a few articles about the movie and its screenwriter, Diablo Cody and one on the star of the film, Ellen Page, who is my new favorite girl and soon to be rising star. While NY thinks she is headed towards Molly Ringwald status, I hope a more successful career for this girl. This chick is what Samantha Mathis could have been, but with better chops.