Friday, November 23, 2007

PROJECT RUNWAY Episode 2 recap

Ok, so this week on Project Runway was a favorite of mine because of the special guest. There had been many rumors about Sarah Jessica Parker appearing on an episode, but I can't believe it happened this early in the season. Parker was also the guest judge because the challenge this week had the designers coming up with design concepts to compliment her fall line of BITTEN, the affordable sportswear line. First, Parker had the designers sketch out their ideas, which had to fit in the line, as well as retail for $40 or less. This meant the designers had to make outfits that would cost them no more then $15 to make. Parker picked the best 7 and then the designers paired up. I think Parker missed out on a few cute designs and I think some of the "winners" were picked to see what kind of crap they could make. The Dark horse pair going into this was Elisa, the wacky hippie who spit marks her fabric and Sweet P, the rocker designer who saw her pairing with Elisa as a kiss of death. But their final project came out really well and was one of the judges favorites.

The contest was won hands down by Victorya and her partner Kevin. Their empire style dress with the cute plaid vest was obviously a favorite from the beginning and chosen by Parker to actually be sold underneath her line's name.

The losing team at the somber and not very good designer Marion and his partner Stephen, who I can see staying around a few more episodes. Their pullover poncho style top and business attire skirt did not flow well as an ensemble, nor with the BITTEN collection.

My favorite part of the episode was not only Parker's presence, but her humbleness when it came to the contestants. This lady is class all the way and has really brought herself to another level of fame. It was adorable how uncomfortable she was giving bad news to the designers and actual critique. I have to say this season's designers are really bringing it and its definitely a toss up who will be there till the end.