Friday, November 2, 2007

Nip/Tuck brought it back this season....

Ok so today’s posts were cut short due to:
-boring things happening
-mice running amuck through my house
-mere excitement of the “Twin Peaks” Box Set that awaits my return to my home
-and my concentration on this week’s Nip/Tuck Episode

So after last season, with dwarf romeos, lobster handed babies and women too cookey for Scientology, I thought for sure Nip/Tuck lost me as a viewer. But this season came back with a vengeance with its season premiere this past Tuesday. The necessary move to Los Angeles for these image hungry and mentally broken down plastic surgeons is not only perfect, but it allows the city to become a character as well, which unfortunately doesn’t happen when your show is based in Miami.

With the introduction of new characters, the breakdown of all artificial relationship and the continued success at the only working partnership these two have, each other, it gives the cast, the writers and the show a breath of fresh air and a whole new set of circumstances to occur. I am in love with the idea of Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) being the low one on the totem pole this time around and having Sean McNamara(Dylan Walsh) the lead guy once again. The breaking of the fourth wall that is going to go on this season, them being consultants on a Nip/Tuck style show, a possible reality program and being successful bachelors in a city that foams at the mouth for “personalities” will make me easily forgive all of Nip/Tuck’s previous crimes. The addition of Bradley Cooper, as his usually over brazen and self unaware ego maniac is a much welcome fixture and his affect on Christian will be interesting to watch. The other new characters, Lauren Hutton as a tough publicist and Oliver Platt as a meek tv show producer, will flesh out a much needed addition to this “family”. I am interested in the resurgence of Julia (Joely Richardson) and the most likely return of Matt (John Hensley), the troubled son and his nutty Scientologist wife, Kimber (Kelly Carlson), and ex-lover of all three lead men. I mean hell this ain’t a show in LA if there is not one XENU follower.

So if you like the original flair of “Entourage” and like intelligently bizarre adult programming, make sure to tune into the fifth season of Nip/Tuck.