Monday, November 19, 2007


Let's start off by apoogizing about the delays in posting. My life had gone mucho haywire last week with a sick dog and holiday madness. I see this week being quite as crazy, but I will definitely be doing my best to get the news out there for you folks. So let's get to it:

  • SNL is performed at the UCB Theater here in NYC. The cast and some crew members of SNL did a a full rendition of what would have been Saturday's show with Micheal Cera as the host at the UCB Theater. $20 bucks a pop had you sitting in 150 person theater watching new and classic sketches from the SNL crew and raised money for those writers laid off by NBC due to the strike. I for one WOULD HAVE LOVED to have been there. But apparently NBC is not the only one firing strikers.

  • Beowulf comes out on top of this weekend's box office draw. The animated tale, starring Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins and directed by Robert Zemeckis pulled in about $28 million this weekend. The movie was shown in 3 styles, 3D, 3D Imax and normal formula. Almost half of it's money was made in the 3-D format. "Bee Movie" and "American Gangster" came in second and third, respectively.

  • And speaking of movies, Tom Cruise is only "playing" bald and fat. The actor has been reportedly at work on "Tropcial Thunder", which is being directed by Ben Stiller in Hawaii. The movie has had it blows with the departure of Owen Wilson after his suicide attempt and now apparently Cruise and Katie Holmes have roles in it. Hopefully this picture will deliver, but with all the setbacks you can never tell.

  • Bob Dylan wants to record with Jack White. The rock and folk icon is interested in White and others to help him out with a Hank Williams album he is currently working on. It must be nice to have Bob Dylan come and ask you for a favor.

  • Kanye West breaks down on stage. While performing in Paris, the hip hop star brokedown over the recent death of his mother. Our heart really goes out to him.

  • BLENDER interviews Amy Winehouse for their December issue. Throughout the interview, she nods off, says she is a heavy drinker, while denies alcoholism and basically proves the case to go to rehab. Oh and this video of her reportedly snorting coke in the midst of a performance doesn't help her case either.

    I hate to say this, but this girl has about 3 - 6 more months on this planet. She doesn't seem to want to get her act together at all.

  • And finally, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested in an airport for drunkenness, Martha Stewart's mom has passed away, Julia Roberts is NOT handicapped and Nicole Richie has her baby shower - it's gonna be a boy!

    This will be the only post of the day I think as I have to care of one sick little puppy, but ENJOY!!!!!!