Monday, November 12, 2007

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Kicking out the Jams

Did Larry David listen to the critics this time around??? With the sixth season ending last night on Curb Your Enthusiasm, we saw that Larry David was able to live without Cheryl, his soon to be ex-wife (in real life, as well as the TV show). From him grabbing the mike at a Bat Mitzvah to discount a gerbil rumor to stealing a phone number from a doctor's sign in list, David took his most lovable, while remaining unlikable character, to new heights. But with all the chatter about Vivica A. Fox's great job this season so far, did Larry see a great opportunity to come back? The season endedwith Larry marrying his Hurricane victim housemate and making her family his. The last two minutes of "Curb" had us watch Larry and his new family at soccer games, fighting in the car and Lorretta (Fox) fighting with the ever present and always hostile Susie.

Now the genius of this plot twist is so multi-layer, its pure Larry David. First, Cheryl is the one who brought them together and second, Fox is the only woman who could probably easily take on Larry just as much as Susie does. What I find the best part of this ending is that if Larry does decide to continue the program for another two years, he can now come back with a black wife and family, opening the flood doors for indecent and non pc behavior the world has never seen. This truly couldn't have been a better end to a show or an even better beginning for the more twisted places David is just WAITING to take us to. Bravo Mr. David, as always, you make it very worthwhile to be a fan!


jkfan87 said...

There is no way you could be serious with this review. The last few minutes of the episode were horrendous. Then again, EVERY scene with the Blacks were as torturous as any Seinfeld scene iwth Julia Louis Dreyfus. Leon needs to die a horrible death. (both the character, and the actor who played him.) Since Season 3, each subsequent season has gotten steadily worse. Larry David is the George Lucas of TV and showed it with last night's episode, and the last 2-3 seasons.

spielster said...

Hey jkfan,

Thanks for stopping by and letting us here know how you feel about David and "Curb". While I don't agree with your review of the show, I do have to say most of my favorite episodes are from the second and third season of "Curb". But it's never a bad thing for pop culture junkies to have different opinons.