Monday, November 12, 2007


Oh let's just get to it today:

  • Norman Mailer passed away this weekend. The Pulitzer prize winning author will be remembered within various circles as a strong headed and all around interesting fellow, who brought about questions not only about his writing, but his private life as well.

  • Kate Hudson and Heath Ledger were caught making out. Man, who hasn't this chick reportedly banged in the past few months. Watch out, I think that Zach kid from the Disney movie is next.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar sluts it up for the "new" MAXIM. Ugh I was bored enough by this chick already, but sweetie its too late to go the "sexy" route. I always feel these men's magazines are saved for women who don't have the best current careers,

  • Kanye West's mother died over the weekend. The 58 year old mother of the famous pop singer passed away, apparently from a faulty plastic surgery operation. Sources are saying that they are still determining the exact cause.

  • While the WGA strike continues for it's second week, Ellen DeGeneres is being attacked by the union for continuing to work on her daytime talk show. In other strike news, the Stagehands Union in New York has been on strike now for three days causing the lights out on many major Broadway shows.