Tuesday, November 6, 2007


No time for idle chit chat….the WGA strike continues and has caused most of daily and late night programming to go into repeats, but in good news could bring the last season of “Scrubs” to an even quicker ending. Well that’s a positive right? So let’s get to it….

  • Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton back the Writers strike. Oh you Dems, always helping out those unions. Jay Leno and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have been supporting the strike along the picket lines in Los Angeles and Tina Fey found herself toting a sign along with other writers outside Rockefeller Center yesterday and Silvercup Studios this morning. Fey is part of the many writers/actors group that could have the biggest effect on getting a proper contract for the writers. When your on air talent, like stars of “30 Rock” and “The Office” are also head writers, you can’t allow them to strike for too long. The last WGS strike back in the 80’s lasted 22 weeks, so hopefully we can get some negotiations soon! I can’t watch that many reality programs!!!!

  • Speaking of quality TV, one of my favorite shows is coming back. "Weeds" gets picked up for a fourth season. Its really refreshing to see a dramedy which definitely covers new territory do so well with the viewers. This is what I love about subscription cable programs, if it does well with the viewers, the show gets to flourish. I am also excited that "Californcation" will also be returning to Showtime nest year, since the duo works so well together on Monday nights. Its also great to see two wonderful actors, who get better looking each year, find a project that works for them.

  • Is MSNBC learning that Fox News’ formula actually works? Amidst rumors that the network is turning “left”, it is confirmed that Rosie O'Donnell will have her own talk show on MSNBC. The show is supposedly part politics and very much like Larry King Live on CNN, as well as during the 9PM timeslot shared by Mr. King and Hannity & Colmes. Hmm, sounds like great timing since Hannity lost any sort of relevance he had back in 2003 and King can't even remember the most famous guest's credentials.

  • Owen Wilson ignored a hot blond, fat girls are complaining about Star Jones and Stella McCartney just released a one legged pendant from her new jewelry collection.

  • And in gross news, Crazy Cabbie, the gross dj on KRock will release a porn movie made in Howard Stern’s studio, after hours and without his permission. Apparently, the movie’s stars, which include Ron Jeremy, utilize much of Stern’s recording equipment as “toys”. Yecch!!!!!!!! Just hearing Crazy Cabbie, Ron Jeremy and porn in one sentence makes my skin crawl.

  • Myspace: always happy to let the celebutards express their feelings. Lindsay Lohan’s newest boyfriend, Riley Giles, is “covertly” hating on her mom by posting the least anonymous rants/advice on his Myspace page. As predicted, Dina Lohan played with fire way too much and should be losing her own daughter aas a client within the next three months I predict. Hey, I more then welcome to step in and help this girl out with her career when she comes to my neck of the woods in December!!!! Call me!!!

  • And finally in the no shit news of the day, Christina Aguilera finally admits she is pregnant. Umm, unless she got paid a nice wad of cash to tell it to British Glamour, why the hold up? I know that in the Jewish faith you need to wait past the first trimester, but I thought this kid was two seconds away from crowning. Sweetie, you can’t hide a baby the same way you hide breast implants. It don’t work.

    Well, tune in later today for some music news……ENJOY!!!!