Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is why I love Judge Judy....

Yesterday, Southern California was rocked by an earthquake, which registered as a 5.4 on the Richter Scale. Most of Los Angeles came out unscathed, but since this was the first substantial quake in awhile, experts are predicted a big one could be not far behind.

Yesterday, filming of the Judge Judy program, which happens to be one of my favorite shows on television, was in process when the Honorable Judge found herself running for cover during the shaking. The Judge, in the midst of hearing about a disagreement felt the shakes and ran for cover in mere seconds. Video, courtesy of CNN below.

Even Judge Judy knows you got to care about yourself first in cases of emergency. I can not wait until new episodes come back in the fall. My summer has been saddened by the lack of squabbling trash that usually rounds up the litigants on Judge Judy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Movie Box Office Recap - The Dark Knight keeps the top spot!

So the caped crusader has won another battle at the box office this past weekend. The Dark Knight pulled in an additional $78 million this weekend, edging out all of the competition once again. The grim action movie based on the super hero and his battles between good and evil is set to continue to break box office records, and with $315 million gross only in ten days, its not a far fetched idea. If the box office tallies remain this strong throughout summer, there is a possibility this film will come close or beat that of Titanic, which pulled in an all time record high of $600 million more than ten years ago. That movie remained in theaters for six to seven months, so who knows if Dark Knight can retain that kind of interest, but I am sure all of Hollywood and American viewers are surely interested in the Batman.

Step Brothers drew in $30 million giving it a respectable opening weekend showing and making it the number two movie in the country. There was no expectation that this flick, with the power of The Dark Knight could come in first place. What counts for the film is where it ends up next week, with the poor reviews continuously coming in and fresher comedies coming out each week. Surprisingly, at least to me, is that Mamma Mia! remained in the top three this week, pulling in around $18 million. The mother and daughter musical which surrounds a wedding and many many ABBA songs, is proving strong with the female demographics who want to celebrate with a ladies night. Personally, I would rather watch Muriel's Wedding ten times in a row, but that's just me.

Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
1. The Dark Knight - $76 million
2. Step Brothers - $30 million
3. Mamma Mia! - $18 million
4. The X-Files: I Want to Believe - $10.2 million
5. Journey to the Center of the Earth - $9.4 million
6. Hancock - $6.3 million
7. Wall-E - $7.4 million
8. Hellboy II: The Golden Army/span> - $5 million
9. Space Chimps - $4.4 million
10. Wanted - $2.7 million

Friday, July 25, 2008

Will Step Brothers bring down The Dark Knight?

This weekend starts the true warming trend of the summer - blockbuster comedies. This summer they seem to be everywhere, but Step Brothers, the new comedy starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly seems to stand out from all the others because it is aimed at adults and the only action going on is these two hysterical bone heads boxing in a garage. While the movie is getting luke warm reviews all around, there is no way a comedy starring these two funny guys, directed by the ace in a hole Adam McKay and produced by my favorite Judd Apatow can not be funny or really well. But the real question is will it take down the reigning champ from last weekend. You know the one that set all those records, what was it called again, or right The Dark Knight! Step Brothers begins the transition from action to funny, but with the remainder of expected comedy hits this summer, like "Pineapple Express" and "Tropic Thunder", comedic flicks laced with action, is Step Brothers the only one with enough balls to rely on the funny? Check out the trailer below and we shall see on Monday!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What the passing of Estelle Getty has reminded me of......

Ok, so we all know people die. Its an unfortunate, yet very true part of life. The recent passing of Estelle Getty made me think about a few things, but mainly how much things have truly changed for me since The Golden Girls was an important part of my life. By this I mean how important all those quality sitcoms in the 80's were to me. Seriously, what would I do without the adorable randiness between Cliff and Claire Huxtable while making sure their kids were well educated and well rounded? Or the ability to make ends meet even under the worst set of circumstances, like Dan and Roseanne Conner? Or the fun that four women can find with each other after their husbands and loved ones have passed away and they are constantly being told they are "over the hill" like the broads on "The Golden Girls"? I am not sure when it was universally decided by Hollywood executives that people just weren't into life-like stories anymore, but I demand a recount on those votes!!!!

In the past ten years, the face of television has changed and while I deeply love "The Office", "Project Runway" and "Weeds", that doesn't mean there isn't any space for intelligently written stories surrounding a loving family, best friends or just "regular people" on the seven thousand channels my local cable provider delivers to my TV every night. Where did the heart warming, shit hits the fan but we can still make it through television go? I want to see families be families again and don't try and peddle any of that ABC Family hip crap on me. I want ladies in mumus in Miami. I want successful doctors and lawyers raising children in Park Slope. Hell I will settle for Family Matters pre-Urkel morphing into a "stud years". Reality TV did not and SHOULD NOT take the place of quality sitcoms. So please, get a bunch of people in a room and don't come out until you have penned many scripts in a similar style to The Golden Girls. And I will not take Golden Palace 2.0 !!!!

Thank you ladies for all the family vacations you made bearable, the bellyache filled school days, raining summer nights and allowed me to understand what a "loose woman" meant before I got to junior high. The acidic fueled tongue Sophia Petrillo was as close as I will get to an Italian grandmother and I want to thank Estelle for the many many laughs I have had because of her character. This one is for you.

This is the beginning of my series of looking back at quality sitcoms and great moments! They really should be celebrated with more than just some award show on TVLand.


Project Runway Recap - How Green is your second episode? SPOILER ALERT!

I am still attempting to disassociate myself from all the spoilers and nonsense about the fifth season of Project Runway, but it’s hard. I tuned in for last night’s episode, only knowing that Natalie Portman, adorable actress and green designer, would be the guest judge for the runway show. I thought the idea behind last night’s challenge, using “Green” fabrics for a cocktail dress, was incredibly interesting, but I was really thrown with the models choosing their fabrics. I run a small business aside from writing this lovely blog and my day job, which is an accessories/clothing line with my lovable artist boyfriend, and I am very aware of the importance of fabrics. My first thought once all the models were running around like headless chickens in Mood was – “none of these chicks is going to pick up enough fabric”. While the texture and appearance of the fabric is always important, if you don’t have enough of it, whatever it looks like, to cover a bootie or a coochie, you are going home. As I expected, and most of the designers did as well, the models were not the best at picking out the fabrics, which is why one quarter of them came back with this doodoo brown satin stuff. Yuck! It’s unfortunate that as a designer on this show, you must work with fabrics and other parameters that do not come close to showcasing your talents or design aesthetic. But that’s the point of the show, if you are a great designer, you should be able, quoting Tim Gunn “to make it work!.

Anyways, a lot of designers treaded carefully through this challenge and some blew me away, but I can say those who blew me away were not represented well on the runway. What the judges loved in this challenge was a bit surprising to me and I thought there were two other dresses that should have been in the top three. I also felt that (SPOILER ALERT!) while Wesley’s dress puckered where it shouldn’t, was a terrible length and poor fit on his model, and the mess he made of the fabric only enhanced the muddiness of the color, I am not sure it was the worst of the bunch. Sadly, the preppy designer was auf’d. The winner, for some reason, was Suede’s dress, which the kind folks from MTV said reminded them of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar and I can’t help but agree. My boyfriend felt that it looked like a bunch of bloody bandages and thought I didn’t hate it and sort of liked it, in no way did I think it was worthy of reproduction and to be put up for sale on And is incessant need to talk about himself in the third person made me HATE him right away. It’s like watching some raver chat you up in 1995. Do.Not.Want.

Below are my favorites and below that is my bottom three.

Personally, I thought Kenley or Terri or Jennifer should have taken home the top prize. Jennifer’s mixture of grey and orange jersey fabric is such an adorable nod to the “green movement” and Terri’s dress was picture perfect for a hip cocktail party. I loved Kenely’s ivory satin dress and thought it fit her model SO well.

I also though Jerrell’s was horrid and that Emily and Stella (who I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE) should have been called out for the overt shortness of their dresses! Wesley’s was a good two to three inches longer than Emily’s braided coochie showcase! Also, Korto is beyond lucky her dress was so amazing last week, because the big mess she presented this week was worthy of being Auf’d! And while Wesley was kicked off last night, he did manage to win at love while on PR and People is reporting that he is currently dating fellow cast mate Daniel Feld. So sometimes you can win when you actually lose. What did you all think about the winner? The challenge? Team Ugly Brown Dress?

Entertainment Weekly
Blogging Project Runway

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Picture It: Estelle Getty passes away at age 84 - R.I.P.

Picture it: Some very sad news today folks. Estelle Getty, best known for her role as the adorably sarcastic Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls, has passed away at age 84, just a few days shy of her 85th birthday. The actress had been battling dementia for several years and has remained out of the public eye during her battle. Her son, Carl Gettleman, informed news outlets that his mother passed away at her Hollywood Boulevard home early this morning, surrounded by family and loved ones.

I could literally go on and on forever about how much I LOVE the Golden Girls and what a truly revolutionary program the show was. Getty was the last member of the foursome to be cast and it was her ability to convince those around her that she could play a woman 20 years older then her true age that secured her the part. Let’s just say that if Sophia was cast any differently, who knows what would have been. She was cast among some of the strongest names in television Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan. Getty struggled for years within the Hollywood system to achieve success in smaller roles until she secured the part of the feisty mother to “Old Maid” Dorothy Zbornak. She also starred in Mannequin, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot and Mask. She will be greatly missed by the public and her fellow Golden Girls.

Here is a clip of one of Sophia’s timeless “Picture It” stories…..


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That chick Julie is truly dazzling!

Not to take words out of Amy Winehouse's mouth, but I say NO NO NO! to this terrible remake trend going on in Hollywood. Specifically all the movies I hold dear and that helped shape me into the dysfunctional human I am today. First they flirted with a remake of Adventures in Babysitting, then came a possible butchering of Teen Witch, but this news is way too much for me to handle.

If you know anything about me, it should be my undying love for the film “Valley Girl”. I have been head over heels for the Romeo and Juliet-esque flick that celebrated mall culture and new wave for as long as I can remember. Deborah Foreman (where the hell is she?) plays the most perfect Valley Girl Julie Richman and her taboo love affair with “punker” Randy, played by the newly named Nicolas Cage, makes an ideal 80’s romantic comedy. The movie that follows Julie and Randy battling their friends who oppose their unconventional love affair has one of the best soundtracks from the 80’s and a very realness to it. The film deals with many teenage issues, such as sex, secret love affairs and acceptance from your peers. So the fact that MGM wants to “revisit” the movie, musical style, bothers me to no end. My fear is that one of the little snatches from poop vehicles like High School Musical will get their mitts on the Julie character and somehow Pete Wentz will score the film and I will have to stand on top of the Empire State Building and jump! Let’s look at the genius that is Valley Girl before Hollywood ruins something else for me!

Movie executives are also threatening to remake the classic Monster Squad. Stop the Madness Hollywood! I am sure as heck there are a few writers still out in Los Angeles not penning sitcoms or webisodes for NBC and would love a crack at writing an ORIGINAL screenplay.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Movie Box Office Recap - The Dark Knight takes the number one spot of all time!

Simply put, The Dark Knight blew everyone away this weekend. The second installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga took the crown with the biggest opening weekend in box office history and it was your basic regular weekend. The movie took home around $155 million dollars narrowly beating the previous champ Spider-Man 3. The movie also scored the single highest grossing opening day in movie history.

The madness over Batman this weekend or maybe just over Heath Ledger was well beyond justified (review to follow recap). It also seems that the box office mania was good for other flicks as well, with Mamma Mia!, the big screen adaptation of the musical, secured the number two spot, proving ladies don’t always need to see hot guys in leather suits kicking butt. The adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried (my latest pick for rising star!) had the strongest opening for a musical ever! Hancock came in third place, probably picking up the families and those unable to check out Batman. Rounding out the rest of the top five was Journey to the Center of the Earth and Hellboy 2, respectively.

Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
1. The Dark Knight - $155 million
2. Mamma Mia! - $27.6 million
3. Hancock - $14 million
4. Journey to the Center of the Earth - $12 million
5. Hellboy II: The Golden Army - $10 million
6. Wall-E - $9.8 million
7. Space Chimps - $7.4 million
8. Wanted - $5 million
9. Get Smart - $4 million
10. Kung Fu Panda - $1.8 million

Thursday, July 17, 2008

1..2..3..4..Elmo...I mean Feist..

I hate James Taylor. I have hated him since I was a little child and it really doesn’t have a lot to do with the man himself. As a kid who grew up in the 1980’s, I found myself watching Sesame Street EVERYDAY! Unfortunately, some dang hippie and obvious friend of James Taylor thought it was necessary to have him as a guest on the show ALL THE TIME. Now, I have this ridiculous hatred for a man because he sat in an “alley” playing his acoustic guitar with Big Bird. So that’s why I thought it was really interesting that Feist shot an episode guest starring for the bazillionith season premiere of the program this August. Earlier this week, footage of the chanteuse remixing her hit “1,2,3,4” for the little tykes and muppets on the show was EVERYWHERE on the interwebs. So here it is again. How lucky kids are today? No James “Stinky” Taylor for them, just rocking indie chicks from Canada. You go PBS!!!

Project Runway is in and one designer is out....

So the fifth season of Project Runway debuted last night and it was marginally eventful, although I am excited to see what this batch of designers churns out this season. I am not sure if the fanfare was lost because of the lack of promotion Bravo did this time around or if I thought the talent was going to be ho hum, since this is the last season the program will appear on Bravo before the bold move to Lifetime. Getting past that, the episode featured a guest appearance from Austin Scarlett, who was also the most fitting judge for the first challenge since it’s the one he did so well on his original go-around. Yep, they sent the designers to Gristedes, a NYC supermarket, like the original cast, and asked them to take $75 and create an original outfit out of items one would find on a grocery list. While most went the route of table cloths and other “fabric like” pieces, this go around there were some wonderful and fresh pieces that evoked talent. The winner was Kelly for her incredibly inspired vacuum bag/school binder/coffee filter dress! And unfortunately, we ended up saying goodbye to Jerry Tam and his “American Pscho”-esque rain slicker.

I already have a few favorites this go around, actually way too many to even begin to pick the top contenders. Last night, I think Kelly, Daniel, Korto and Kenley are the most interesting ones to watch this go around fashion wise and there really are only a few whose voices have already become grating on my brain – i.e. Suede and Blane. Here are my favorite looks that hit the runway,(Daniel's, Korto's & Kenley's respectively), other than the winner above.

Obviously, the first episode is always the least exciting, but it was impressive that all of the designers, even Stella, finished their garments and sent full outfits down the runway – which could be a first in PR history. And of course, The Spielster will always be recapping each episode for this season.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is Amy Poehler bringing her schtick to "The Office"?

As you know, we here at The Spielster have been keeping our eyes peeled for any new developments on the highly anticipated, as least by me, spin off of “The Office”. Last month, we learned that Aziz Ansari was the first principal star cast in the project and that Greg Daniels was not definite on the track of the spin-off. Would it be a direct spin-off where a character moves to another office and the show is focused on that or would it be a spin off in just tone and name? Well yesterday we got some interesting news as it is now reported that Amy Poehler is “in negotiations” to star in the spin-off. The actresses’ profile has sky rocketed since her roles in “Blades of Glory” and “Baby Mama, which was number one at the Box Office this past Spring. and her presence as one of the funniest cast members on Saturday Night Live is not lost on anyone. Poehler will join the ranks of her good friend Tina Fey as a prime time star with NBC, if she does take the lead role on the program. And with the upcoming birth of her first baby, a sitcom schedule is much easier to become accustomed to than the crazy, up all night schedule that Saturday Night Live demands from a writer and performer. This could be the thing that cements Poehler’s success in Hollywood, but it could also be another nail in the coffin that is SNL, which has been losing its most successful performers for the past few years.

NBC is also banking on another lady from Saturday Night Live to bring the funny back to prime time. Molly Shannon, along with Selma Blair, are starring in a remake of an Australian comedy classic “Kath and Kim”, which is reminiscent of my favorite Absolutely Fabulous. The comedy, which was given 13 episodes starting this Fall, is about a very dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. Personally, I love both Shannon and Blair and think this could be hysterically funny. And what I have seen from the limited clips up on and YouTube, it looks like Kath & Kim has already secured a spot on my DVR lineup this fall.
Here’s is a preview of the comedy:

What do you think of Amy moving to prime time?

Hollywood Reporter

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There is nothing left to say!

There are sometimes where my brain just needs a nap after attempting to process certain information. After the following trailer, it might have gone into a coma. Enjoy!

Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Coming to Theaters in September.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love Money - Who is going to take home the cash? - Review

Oh dear readers, as I have gone into lengthy detail about before here, I am very much guilty of loving reality programming . Somehow, I will find some little “America’s Next Best Worst Never Always Champion Loser” one Saturday afternoon in marathon form and become glued to finding out who wins/loses/dies/removes all hope of human dignity. As stated many times over on this site, VH1 has a knack for providing the worst competition reality programs, so bad I MUST WATCH THEM. When I first heard about “I Love Money”, I just knew it was going to be the hot mess that it is. Getting a bunch of unstable, fame seeking, money grubbing whores together on some foreign locale where the only thing they can do is conspire, have sex and fight is truly brilliance in programming. And while the show is definitely off to a slow start, with only Pumkin and Toastee lying to poor little Destiny to get Nibblz kicked off last night and Midget Mac being kicked off for calling some of the strippers “bitches”, from next week’s previews, the fun is just beginning.
And with all the teaser trailers Vh1 has been pumping in response to the show, I can only imagine that it gets better and better each episode. Now these losers from Vh1 dating show’s past are all battling it out for moola, $250,000 to be exact.

There are few competitors the others should definitely watch out for and in no particular order, here they are:

Megan – She could be the most dangerous player here. After her win on “Beauty and the Geek”, we all know the chick is 100% smarter than she pretends to be and will do anything to win. Also, she put up with Bret Michaels for as long as necessary to bring up her clout on Vh1. And with all the bonehead dudes competing with her, it shouldn’t be long until she has her claws in all of them.

Rodeo – She is a stronger competitor, literally, than the women there and could probably battle most of the men and win. Not only is she strong physically, she is strong mentally and she is a mom who has suffered through cancer, so the little losers are nothing to them. Her only weakness would be someone tugging on her heart strings, but I think she will be making it to the end.

White Boy – He looks dumb and sounds the same, but I think this dude is all talk sometimes. He obviously wants the money and is physically fit for the challenge. And his alliance with the Stallionaires can’t hurt. The only thing that will be his downfall is repeated mismanagement of the team as a captain or playing too many girls.

The Stallionaires – First, it is never bad to have an ally on these challenges. And if its your brother, even better. Chance could be the first one to go from the dynamic duo since he seems weaker, is less smart and doesn’t seem anywhere near as genuine as Real. The older brother will charm the ladies and participate in all the challenges, making him a viable contender to go to the end.

Hoopz – The insanely athletic, nice and beautiful Hoopz can give them all a run for their money. Chick was smart enough to play Flav and she seems like someone who should have been on Road Rules teaming up with Veronica or Coral to defeat newbies. Her athletic abilities will allow her to dominate challenges, her relative normalness will allow her to fly under the radar for a bit and her beauty will befuddle the dudes trying to kick her off. This truly might come head to head with Megan.

So there you have it, the first installment of our weekly “I Love Money” recap. Who do you think will take it all? And who do you think is playing the best game so far? Reality fans unite!

Monday Movie ReCap - Hellboy 2 wins the battle!

So my prediction came true and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army owned this weekend at the box office. Following rave reviews from comic book fans and devotees of Guillermo Del Toro alike, Hellboy 2 brought in $36 million this weekend, edging out last weekend’s winner Hancock. Also as predicted, Journey to the Center did reasonably well, but wasn’t able to grab a more prominent spot than number three. But the weekend’s true loser is “Meet Dave”, the sci-fi comedy starring Eddie Murphy and from the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Following poor reviews and less than exciting advertising and promotions, “Meet Dave” opened at the number seven spot with a mere $5 million for the weekend. Murphy better start figuring out how to gain his presence back at the box office or I don’t see another vehicle starring him for a long time! Another winner this weekend was Kit Kittredge:An American Girl, the first big screen adaptation of the classic series American Girl novels. The movie began as a small push in only a handful of theaters earlier in this summer, but has continually received praise from critics and audiences, securing it a spot in the box office top ten. Hopefully this encourages other film makers to look at children’s films in a different way and make sure they are enjoyable for all audiences.

Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
1. Hellboy II: The Golden Army - $36 million
2. Hancock - $33 million
3. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D - $20.5 million
4. Wall-E - $18.5 million
5. Wanted - $11.6 million
6. Get Smart - $7.1 million
7. Meet Dave - $5.3 million
8. Kung Fu Panda - $4.3 million
9. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - $2.4 million
10. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $2.3 million

Friday, July 11, 2008

Enjoy the weekend....

Check back this weekend and next week to read:
* The issue with feminism and Jezebel
* Has Reality lost all of the "real"?
* Top Five Reality Quotes!
* "I Love Money" Recap
* And as always, The Box Office Recap on Monday


Can HBO regain its grip on cable?? Maybe the movies can help out!

Word on the street is with the surprise success of the Sex and the City film that HBO is more than interested in working on a second flick. Michael Lombardo, president of the HBO programming group said at an event this week that Warner Brothers and HBO were incredibly excited about the success of the feature film and that if all the right people were on board, there would most definitely be a second film. Lombardo also alluded to an interest in a Sopranos feature length film, as long as executive producer and creator David Chase was interested.

HBO has been hitting some high notes recently after a decline in ratings and passing the coolness torch to Showtime. The cable network recently joined forces with the successful online comedy property of Will Farrell, Adam McKay and Judd Apatow, FunnyorDie. They also have cast Jason Schwartzman as the lead in dark comedy "Bored", slated to begin in September. And to really bring back the network, a "Sex and the City" style show, based in Washington D.C. and executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker herself will be part of the 2009 channel lineup, as well as a post-Katrina Louisiana based drama in the vein of the critically acclaimed "The Wire". Lombardo said that he is not nervous about HBO working its way back to the top, especially with another series coming to the network from one of my favorite movie men, Martin Scorsese. Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Big Love" and "Entourage" are also set to come back in 2009.

Use this when visiting bars in Williamsburg

I love this kind of crap and truly the hipster hate doesn't seem to get old. What I do find even more hilarious is the actual lack of "hip" within most of the new generation of hipsters.

Whose going to win the sad little box office battle this weekend???

Where have you been? Whats going on? Ehh..let’s skip over the lamenting of laziness and an existential crisis and get to what’s going on in pop culture.

This weekend could be one of the quietest of the summer with the three big releases of the weekend actually being not such big releases. “Journey to the Center of the Earth, “Meet Dave and “Hellboy 2” have received large amounts of marketing and advertising, but neither carry the pull of say “Hancock”, last week’s winner or next week’s king “The Dark Knight”. Let’s look at our options. “Journey is a family friendly romp starring Brendan Fraser, which follows the travels and adventures of a family as they literally go to the center of the earth. Since Fraser is almost D-List at this point in Hollywood, I see families and families only checking this flick out. But that being said, they could just as easily see “Get Smart – at least that was funny! “Meet Dave”, while another family friendly comedy starring Eddie Murphy has received only limited press and the actor himself couldn’t even be bothered to show up to the premiere or various press junkets. We might have a Bowfinger 2.0 on our hands, which would be fine for me, but not for box office results.

“Hellboy 2”, a follow up to the graphic novel cum comic book hero movie, scores major points from comic fanboys and devotees of “Pan’s Labyrinth” director Guillermo Del Toro. The movie looks spectacular and with my boyfriend being a crazy fanboy of the novels themselves, I know I will see the movie. The storyline departs from traditional comic book hero, thanks to the creator Mike Mignola and delves deeper into the depths of evil. In the first installment of the movie series, Hellboy had to battle Rasputin and this time around it looks like there is no lack of villains or evils to be battled. Del Toro is able to create worlds on screen that resemble nothing I have seen before. So while one movie will come out on top, the true winner is “The Dark Knight”, which has a new news item or review up on every entertainment site and has us screaming this weekend “Can’t it just be July 18th already?”.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Enjoy a funny while I have an existential crisis....