Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway is in and one designer is out....

So the fifth season of Project Runway debuted last night and it was marginally eventful, although I am excited to see what this batch of designers churns out this season. I am not sure if the fanfare was lost because of the lack of promotion Bravo did this time around or if I thought the talent was going to be ho hum, since this is the last season the program will appear on Bravo before the bold move to Lifetime. Getting past that, the episode featured a guest appearance from Austin Scarlett, who was also the most fitting judge for the first challenge since it’s the one he did so well on his original go-around. Yep, they sent the designers to Gristedes, a NYC supermarket, like the original cast, and asked them to take $75 and create an original outfit out of items one would find on a grocery list. While most went the route of table cloths and other “fabric like” pieces, this go around there were some wonderful and fresh pieces that evoked talent. The winner was Kelly for her incredibly inspired vacuum bag/school binder/coffee filter dress! And unfortunately, we ended up saying goodbye to Jerry Tam and his “American Pscho”-esque rain slicker.

I already have a few favorites this go around, actually way too many to even begin to pick the top contenders. Last night, I think Kelly, Daniel, Korto and Kenley are the most interesting ones to watch this go around fashion wise and there really are only a few whose voices have already become grating on my brain – i.e. Suede and Blane. Here are my favorite looks that hit the runway,(Daniel's, Korto's & Kenley's respectively), other than the winner above.

Obviously, the first episode is always the least exciting, but it was impressive that all of the designers, even Stella, finished their garments and sent full outfits down the runway – which could be a first in PR history. And of course, The Spielster will always be recapping each episode for this season.

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David Dust said...

The fact that Bravo recycled a challenge without changing anything, tells me that they're "phoning in" their last season of Project Runway before it moves to Lifetime.

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