Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is Amy Poehler bringing her schtick to "The Office"?

As you know, we here at The Spielster have been keeping our eyes peeled for any new developments on the highly anticipated, as least by me, spin off of “The Office”. Last month, we learned that Aziz Ansari was the first principal star cast in the project and that Greg Daniels was not definite on the track of the spin-off. Would it be a direct spin-off where a character moves to another office and the show is focused on that or would it be a spin off in just tone and name? Well yesterday we got some interesting news as it is now reported that Amy Poehler is “in negotiations” to star in the spin-off. The actresses’ profile has sky rocketed since her roles in “Blades of Glory” and “Baby Mama, which was number one at the Box Office this past Spring. and her presence as one of the funniest cast members on Saturday Night Live is not lost on anyone. Poehler will join the ranks of her good friend Tina Fey as a prime time star with NBC, if she does take the lead role on the program. And with the upcoming birth of her first baby, a sitcom schedule is much easier to become accustomed to than the crazy, up all night schedule that Saturday Night Live demands from a writer and performer. This could be the thing that cements Poehler’s success in Hollywood, but it could also be another nail in the coffin that is SNL, which has been losing its most successful performers for the past few years.

NBC is also banking on another lady from Saturday Night Live to bring the funny back to prime time. Molly Shannon, along with Selma Blair, are starring in a remake of an Australian comedy classic “Kath and Kim”, which is reminiscent of my favorite Absolutely Fabulous. The comedy, which was given 13 episodes starting this Fall, is about a very dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. Personally, I love both Shannon and Blair and think this could be hysterically funny. And what I have seen from the limited clips up on and YouTube, it looks like Kath & Kim has already secured a spot on my DVR lineup this fall.
Here’s is a preview of the comedy:

What do you think of Amy moving to prime time?

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