Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love Money - Who is going to take home the cash? - Review

Oh dear readers, as I have gone into lengthy detail about before here, I am very much guilty of loving reality programming . Somehow, I will find some little “America’s Next Best Worst Never Always Champion Loser” one Saturday afternoon in marathon form and become glued to finding out who wins/loses/dies/removes all hope of human dignity. As stated many times over on this site, VH1 has a knack for providing the worst competition reality programs, so bad I MUST WATCH THEM. When I first heard about “I Love Money”, I just knew it was going to be the hot mess that it is. Getting a bunch of unstable, fame seeking, money grubbing whores together on some foreign locale where the only thing they can do is conspire, have sex and fight is truly brilliance in programming. And while the show is definitely off to a slow start, with only Pumkin and Toastee lying to poor little Destiny to get Nibblz kicked off last night and Midget Mac being kicked off for calling some of the strippers “bitches”, from next week’s previews, the fun is just beginning.
And with all the teaser trailers Vh1 has been pumping in response to the show, I can only imagine that it gets better and better each episode. Now these losers from Vh1 dating show’s past are all battling it out for moola, $250,000 to be exact.

There are few competitors the others should definitely watch out for and in no particular order, here they are:

Megan – She could be the most dangerous player here. After her win on “Beauty and the Geek”, we all know the chick is 100% smarter than she pretends to be and will do anything to win. Also, she put up with Bret Michaels for as long as necessary to bring up her clout on Vh1. And with all the bonehead dudes competing with her, it shouldn’t be long until she has her claws in all of them.

Rodeo – She is a stronger competitor, literally, than the women there and could probably battle most of the men and win. Not only is she strong physically, she is strong mentally and she is a mom who has suffered through cancer, so the little losers are nothing to them. Her only weakness would be someone tugging on her heart strings, but I think she will be making it to the end.

White Boy – He looks dumb and sounds the same, but I think this dude is all talk sometimes. He obviously wants the money and is physically fit for the challenge. And his alliance with the Stallionaires can’t hurt. The only thing that will be his downfall is repeated mismanagement of the team as a captain or playing too many girls.

The Stallionaires – First, it is never bad to have an ally on these challenges. And if its your brother, even better. Chance could be the first one to go from the dynamic duo since he seems weaker, is less smart and doesn’t seem anywhere near as genuine as Real. The older brother will charm the ladies and participate in all the challenges, making him a viable contender to go to the end.

Hoopz – The insanely athletic, nice and beautiful Hoopz can give them all a run for their money. Chick was smart enough to play Flav and she seems like someone who should have been on Road Rules teaming up with Veronica or Coral to defeat newbies. Her athletic abilities will allow her to dominate challenges, her relative normalness will allow her to fly under the radar for a bit and her beauty will befuddle the dudes trying to kick her off. This truly might come head to head with Megan.

So there you have it, the first installment of our weekly “I Love Money” recap. Who do you think will take it all? And who do you think is playing the best game so far? Reality fans unite!