Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway Recap - How Green is your second episode? SPOILER ALERT!

I am still attempting to disassociate myself from all the spoilers and nonsense about the fifth season of Project Runway, but it’s hard. I tuned in for last night’s episode, only knowing that Natalie Portman, adorable actress and green designer, would be the guest judge for the runway show. I thought the idea behind last night’s challenge, using “Green” fabrics for a cocktail dress, was incredibly interesting, but I was really thrown with the models choosing their fabrics. I run a small business aside from writing this lovely blog and my day job, which is an accessories/clothing line with my lovable artist boyfriend, and I am very aware of the importance of fabrics. My first thought once all the models were running around like headless chickens in Mood was – “none of these chicks is going to pick up enough fabric”. While the texture and appearance of the fabric is always important, if you don’t have enough of it, whatever it looks like, to cover a bootie or a coochie, you are going home. As I expected, and most of the designers did as well, the models were not the best at picking out the fabrics, which is why one quarter of them came back with this doodoo brown satin stuff. Yuck! It’s unfortunate that as a designer on this show, you must work with fabrics and other parameters that do not come close to showcasing your talents or design aesthetic. But that’s the point of the show, if you are a great designer, you should be able, quoting Tim Gunn “to make it work!.

Anyways, a lot of designers treaded carefully through this challenge and some blew me away, but I can say those who blew me away were not represented well on the runway. What the judges loved in this challenge was a bit surprising to me and I thought there were two other dresses that should have been in the top three. I also felt that (SPOILER ALERT!) while Wesley’s dress puckered where it shouldn’t, was a terrible length and poor fit on his model, and the mess he made of the fabric only enhanced the muddiness of the color, I am not sure it was the worst of the bunch. Sadly, the preppy designer was auf’d. The winner, for some reason, was Suede’s dress, which the kind folks from MTV said reminded them of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar and I can’t help but agree. My boyfriend felt that it looked like a bunch of bloody bandages and thought I didn’t hate it and sort of liked it, in no way did I think it was worthy of reproduction and to be put up for sale on And is incessant need to talk about himself in the third person made me HATE him right away. It’s like watching some raver chat you up in 1995. Do.Not.Want.

Below are my favorites and below that is my bottom three.

Personally, I thought Kenley or Terri or Jennifer should have taken home the top prize. Jennifer’s mixture of grey and orange jersey fabric is such an adorable nod to the “green movement” and Terri’s dress was picture perfect for a hip cocktail party. I loved Kenely’s ivory satin dress and thought it fit her model SO well.

I also though Jerrell’s was horrid and that Emily and Stella (who I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE) should have been called out for the overt shortness of their dresses! Wesley’s was a good two to three inches longer than Emily’s braided coochie showcase! Also, Korto is beyond lucky her dress was so amazing last week, because the big mess she presented this week was worthy of being Auf’d! And while Wesley was kicked off last night, he did manage to win at love while on PR and People is reporting that he is currently dating fellow cast mate Daniel Feld. So sometimes you can win when you actually lose. What did you all think about the winner? The challenge? Team Ugly Brown Dress?

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David Dust said...

Wesley may be dating Daniel, but KEITH is "making Daniel's bed"...

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Deb said...

I loved Terri's dress. It should have definitely been the one to win! Why is she so slept on this season so far?