Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Movie Box Office Recap - The Dark Knight keeps the top spot!

So the caped crusader has won another battle at the box office this past weekend. The Dark Knight pulled in an additional $78 million this weekend, edging out all of the competition once again. The grim action movie based on the super hero and his battles between good and evil is set to continue to break box office records, and with $315 million gross only in ten days, its not a far fetched idea. If the box office tallies remain this strong throughout summer, there is a possibility this film will come close or beat that of Titanic, which pulled in an all time record high of $600 million more than ten years ago. That movie remained in theaters for six to seven months, so who knows if Dark Knight can retain that kind of interest, but I am sure all of Hollywood and American viewers are surely interested in the Batman.

Step Brothers drew in $30 million giving it a respectable opening weekend showing and making it the number two movie in the country. There was no expectation that this flick, with the power of The Dark Knight could come in first place. What counts for the film is where it ends up next week, with the poor reviews continuously coming in and fresher comedies coming out each week. Surprisingly, at least to me, is that Mamma Mia! remained in the top three this week, pulling in around $18 million. The mother and daughter musical which surrounds a wedding and many many ABBA songs, is proving strong with the female demographics who want to celebrate with a ladies night. Personally, I would rather watch Muriel's Wedding ten times in a row, but that's just me.

Here is the rest of the Box Office Top ten, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.
1. The Dark Knight - $76 million
2. Step Brothers - $30 million
3. Mamma Mia! - $18 million
4. The X-Files: I Want to Believe - $10.2 million
5. Journey to the Center of the Earth - $9.4 million
6. Hancock - $6.3 million
7. Wall-E - $7.4 million
8. Hellboy II: The Golden Army/span> - $5 million
9. Space Chimps - $4.4 million
10. Wanted - $2.7 million