Friday, July 11, 2008

Whose going to win the sad little box office battle this weekend???

Where have you been? Whats going on? Ehh..let’s skip over the lamenting of laziness and an existential crisis and get to what’s going on in pop culture.

This weekend could be one of the quietest of the summer with the three big releases of the weekend actually being not such big releases. “Journey to the Center of the Earth, “Meet Dave and “Hellboy 2” have received large amounts of marketing and advertising, but neither carry the pull of say “Hancock”, last week’s winner or next week’s king “The Dark Knight”. Let’s look at our options. “Journey is a family friendly romp starring Brendan Fraser, which follows the travels and adventures of a family as they literally go to the center of the earth. Since Fraser is almost D-List at this point in Hollywood, I see families and families only checking this flick out. But that being said, they could just as easily see “Get Smart – at least that was funny! “Meet Dave”, while another family friendly comedy starring Eddie Murphy has received only limited press and the actor himself couldn’t even be bothered to show up to the premiere or various press junkets. We might have a Bowfinger 2.0 on our hands, which would be fine for me, but not for box office results.

“Hellboy 2”, a follow up to the graphic novel cum comic book hero movie, scores major points from comic fanboys and devotees of “Pan’s Labyrinth” director Guillermo Del Toro. The movie looks spectacular and with my boyfriend being a crazy fanboy of the novels themselves, I know I will see the movie. The storyline departs from traditional comic book hero, thanks to the creator Mike Mignola and delves deeper into the depths of evil. In the first installment of the movie series, Hellboy had to battle Rasputin and this time around it looks like there is no lack of villains or evils to be battled. Del Toro is able to create worlds on screen that resemble nothing I have seen before. So while one movie will come out on top, the true winner is “The Dark Knight”, which has a new news item or review up on every entertainment site and has us screaming this weekend “Can’t it just be July 18th already?”.