Thursday, July 24, 2008

What the passing of Estelle Getty has reminded me of......

Ok, so we all know people die. Its an unfortunate, yet very true part of life. The recent passing of Estelle Getty made me think about a few things, but mainly how much things have truly changed for me since The Golden Girls was an important part of my life. By this I mean how important all those quality sitcoms in the 80's were to me. Seriously, what would I do without the adorable randiness between Cliff and Claire Huxtable while making sure their kids were well educated and well rounded? Or the ability to make ends meet even under the worst set of circumstances, like Dan and Roseanne Conner? Or the fun that four women can find with each other after their husbands and loved ones have passed away and they are constantly being told they are "over the hill" like the broads on "The Golden Girls"? I am not sure when it was universally decided by Hollywood executives that people just weren't into life-like stories anymore, but I demand a recount on those votes!!!!

In the past ten years, the face of television has changed and while I deeply love "The Office", "Project Runway" and "Weeds", that doesn't mean there isn't any space for intelligently written stories surrounding a loving family, best friends or just "regular people" on the seven thousand channels my local cable provider delivers to my TV every night. Where did the heart warming, shit hits the fan but we can still make it through television go? I want to see families be families again and don't try and peddle any of that ABC Family hip crap on me. I want ladies in mumus in Miami. I want successful doctors and lawyers raising children in Park Slope. Hell I will settle for Family Matters pre-Urkel morphing into a "stud years". Reality TV did not and SHOULD NOT take the place of quality sitcoms. So please, get a bunch of people in a room and don't come out until you have penned many scripts in a similar style to The Golden Girls. And I will not take Golden Palace 2.0 !!!!

Thank you ladies for all the family vacations you made bearable, the bellyache filled school days, raining summer nights and allowed me to understand what a "loose woman" meant before I got to junior high. The acidic fueled tongue Sophia Petrillo was as close as I will get to an Italian grandmother and I want to thank Estelle for the many many laughs I have had because of her character. This one is for you.

This is the beginning of my series of looking back at quality sitcoms and great moments! They really should be celebrated with more than just some award show on TVLand.


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Maggie K. said...

Awesome is the only word I can use to describe GG. Carrie Bradshaw and Co. has nothing on these ladies.