Friday, June 29, 2007

And if you think that was funny...

Check out Louis CK and this amazing clip from "Shameless" his HBO Special..

Giggle - its okay...

One of the all time best Saturday Night Live skits ever!!!

Chris Farley was a genius!!! This skit cracks me up cause I love when on SNL the guest host and other comedians in the scene start cracking up. David Spade and Chris Farley were the original crack up team on SNL!!! RIP

I don't like Joss Stone - but I think this is funny

Here is joss Stone "mocking" Perez Hilton.

And here is her getting interviewed about her feelings about "Perez Hilton's illness"

Monday, June 25, 2007

I am bored with "celebrity" and would like to brag on about myself..

Ok this entry will come off harsh, snarky and self-indulging, but isn't that really why we all post on these things.

Let's begin with Entertainment Weekly's TOP 100 of TV and Entertainment Weekly's TOP 100 of Movies. The reason I bring up this awesome read is that it seems they agree with many of my ramblings from previous posts - i.e. My coverage of Hayden Panettiere's rise
My coverage of Shia LeBeouf's rise - Part 1
My coverage of Shia LeBeouf's rise - Part 2

They also send mucho appreciation to some of my main men from the Apatow crowd - in which will hopefully be the big summer comedy of SUPERBAD . Here's the trailer again for those of you who missed it the first time.

And here are some of the great pics from the Entertainment Weekkly issue...




They also managed to point out the funny that is funny or and "The Pearl" controversy. EW has easily become a powerful force in the entertinament media rat race which always seems to cover stories with credibility and honesty. And damn, they are funny...(HINT TO ANY EDITOR READING THIS - HIRE ME!!!) This leads to the anger I had discussed originally....I AM SICK OF PAPARAZZI / CRAPPY GOSSIP SITES / BAD GOSSIP TV....

We can only tell the story of Lohan losing it, Hilton getting what she deserves, hearing Isaiah Washington try to dig himself out of a hole and Jennifer aniston doesn't like her picture taken enough times before I ask - is this news??? was it ever news??? To Be Continued......

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

so i'm a bit behind....

Okay okay, for those of you readers who do not know - my accessory/clothing company - So Little Lions - presented our goods at the Renegade Craft Fair in McCarren Park Pool. It was incredibly hot, but it went really well and Myles and I met a ton of really great people. We also got our first write up - on the marvelous

I want to thank Faran and Alison over at Fashionista for the coverage and photos!!!

We are so excited about the next steps - new website, next edition of shirts and bags, launch parties, shelves in stores - and we hope you all will be with us. But now on with the speilster!!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

More news...

The Sheriff says Paris has real problems... I would say so. I mean the girl is in jail, that's a big problem right there. But apparently they are leaking that Paris has a major case of claustrophobia so jail time is literally making her crazy. Could also be the stick up his ass judge who didn't want to look stupid. Oh and Ann Coulter agrees with me that she Paris is being treated unfairly so hell is about to freeze over people. When me Ann and I are on the same side of the fence - its a scary day!

Oh right I forgot there was other stuff happening today...
Christina with child??? Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Bratman visited a doctor's office which specializes in maternal medicine here in NYC earlier today. She probably thought today would be a great time cause all the paparazzi would be in LA for Parisgate. But wrong. Apparently someone ain't so dirrrtttyy no more.

President Bush seen drinking beers and having fun....Well the White House says it was a non-alcoholic beer, seeing that Bush is apparently clean and sober. But that Chancellor seems to have a real effect on him. And you know the Germans and beer.

And finally, this is what home schooling brings you. The newest Spelling Bee champ being overtly rude to someone 20 years older then him. Yeah great you can spell kid, but its gonna be a lifetime until you get laid and lets face it that's what really counts. Sorry anchor lady.

Spelling Bee Winner

Posted Jun 05, 2007

This is why you don't homeschool your children.

Paris is back in jail...

Yes it's true, she was crying "Mom" when lead away in handcuffs from the courthouse and brought back to jail. For now, I will indulge in the gossip.

The judge has order Paris back to jail to serve out her 45 day sentence for driving on a suspended license. We are not sure as of yet if this means she will serve he remainder of her 23 days or the full 45 days.

Check out CNN's coverage for more information on Parisgate.

Also, in other lame news, Richie Sambora admitted to a rehab facility for his problems with alcohol. No word yet from the band Bon Jovi if they will continue to play the Live Earth festival. No word yet is anyone cares either....

Okay enough already - quit talking about what "might" happen on the Sopranos

I am starting off this post with a plea to all media outlets. Shut your traps when it comes to the Sopranos. I have been an avid watcher since season 1 and have purposely avoided all contact with any spoiler sites or theory boards because this would ruin the mystery behind the last episode. I have decided not to figure out whats going to happen so I can actually enjoy the show. Now I find out and other major media outlets have leaks and sneak peeks everywhere. People its two friggin days to wait for the answer. Are we all this impatient? I mean isn't there a General stepping down from running a war in Iraq
or an heiress getting re-arrested to waste our Friday afternoon fleeting attention spans on???

And on to the news - sopranos leak-free...

About the Paris situation and the insane media coverage it is receiving, what the fuck is going on in this country? The girl was under house arrest and was forced back to court this morning with every paparazzi and media outlet covering the mess. I rarely take this chick's side but get a grip America. You built this monster. Learn it and love it.

This is hypocrisy at it's best. Everyone is all about hating this girl that shouldn't be known further then the 5 boroughs of NYC and the tri-state area that surrounds it because of her "coverage" in the Post's Page 6. So all of you idiots get off your high horses and remember when this chick was ass up getting it from behind with night vision viewing for all of us to see - we all ate it up. The American public made her a household name. So quit your whining, no one would be in the house if you hadn't built it. And the second thought in my Paris tirade, this chick drove on a suspended license. She didn't kill anyone (ie Brandy, Rebecca Gayheart, OJ Simpson style)...She didn't assault anyone, jeez she wasn't even drunk this time, so while people are having an aneurysm about justice, look at the three above names and think of what happened or will to these people. And look at what is going on our own highest court system in this country. I think it looks like Paris was just following the administration's good ideas. We all hate her cause she has what most don't in this country - enough money and time to do whatever the hell she wants.

Summer Fridays have apparently started cause my entertainment marketing office is almost void of any productive activity right now, which is why I can post on this before the end of the day. Hurrah!!! Unfortunately the news is pretty slow because of Ms. Hilton's demise.

But here are some points of interest for all of you:
- Find out how to Save Internet Radio here.... The government is raising rates on these groups to 1200% and if it passes it will be effective July 15th and retroactive back to January 2006. 70 million of us listen to Internet radio, so step up

-And another attack on Seth Rogen

First, gawker calls him a "schlub" and then this loser Ben tries to prove a non-existent point by shooting himself in the foot. Stop assaulting Seth Rogen with the term "Sclub" or I will hurt you.

-More justice -
Isiah Washington fired from Grey's Anatomy...

-Hugh Hefner thinks one of his girlfriends is dumb Guess what, so do I!

-Black Lips are heading out on a new tour this fall, and so are Animal Collective

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Hilton is already out of jail....

Today I was gonna do a bit of a recap/rehash on the Paris Hilton jail/DUI debacle, but apparently there is no need to because the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has already let her out of jail and only after 3 days.

Although there wasn't much explanation given at the early morning meeting the Sheriff's department gave in their early morning press conference, we do now know she was released apparently because of "health" reasons. The girl, now famous for porn and jail time, oh and being blind stinking rich, will be under house arrest for the remainder of her original term, so for the 40 days. So West Hollywood will have another criminal in its mist with an ankle bracelet.

For more on the great disgrace to the justice system and the American public, you can hit up some of TMZ's exclusive coverage of her release or TV Guide's coverageI am sure that since it is only 8AM on the west coast, more information will be flowing by the end of the day. All I have to say is what a waste of precious time for all of us...although it is a shame she got more jail time then OJ Simpson, but that's California for you...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh and I forgot

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the best live band I have seen probably ever. 2 & 1/2 hours these gentleman rock within the confines of NYC's most notoriously B&T club meccas. They played here last Thursday, May 31st and it was amazing. Since their newest album, Baby 81 just came out, they were most assuredly playing a lot of songs from it. They also made sure to play all of my personal favorites and what seemed the audiences. Even after they starting taking requests, the boys were able play every song with what seemed a great intensity. They even gave out instruments...see..

And here is them playing "Red Eyes and Tears" to perfection.
If I could see this band live every night, it would be enough reason for me to move to LA. They just really are a genuinely good band. They connected with the crowd enough, but remained aloof, which heightened the cool factor. And with smoke, lights and cigarettes, i actually felt like I was at a live rock show venue. That is until 2 hours and 15 minutes into the show and you can feel the club beats underneath your feet. Shame on you Webster Hall. Its a rarity to see bands like this who remind you what live music should sound and feel like...

Am I the only one who thinks Seth Rogen is cute not a stoner slob??

EW's interview with Seth Rogen...

This summer will be a very good season for Seth Rogen. The comedian/writer who originally hails from Canada has brought his self-effacing brand of humor to the American public at just the right time. I have been cooing over Mr. Rogen since before he could drink with his scene stealing performances in "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared", both Judd Apatow vehicles. When both of those shows were removed from the airwaves, oh yeah good move by the way NBC and Fox, I was heart broken, but I am so glad that the cameraman from "Anchorman" has made it to owning a romantic/stoner comedy this summer. "Knocked Up" is one of Apatow's best efforts and really grabs a hold of the problem for most of my generation, we have yet to grow up and when forced to we need our feet held to the fire. Rogen and crew brings hilarity to a situation(accidentally pregnancy during a one night stand) and turns what could be a one trick pony into a funny poignant look at the new "family". Knocked Up is a Knock out

Celebrity(reality) Couples News...

There was some heartbreaking news today. Larry and Laurie David are officially getting a divorce. The comedian and activist, who were practically my favorite couple in the state of California, are splitting after 14 years. Apparently, no other parties were involved and the split is amicable. I wonder how this will all play out for the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Larry. We will find out late this year when the show returns to Sunday nights on HBO! You can check out People's coverage here:

People's coverage here

Imagine, one of the stars from "The Hills" is seeking publicity Heidi Montag, one the dumb idiots who received mild fame in 13 year old girl circles and just recently amped up her boobs was interested in reving up her bank account as well. Montag and her douchetard boyfriend, Spencer Pratt decided to pretend they were to be married and convinced US Weekly, you know the magazine that likes to talk about other mags fake stories, to cover it exclusively. Well these two nimrods were caught on tape agreeing to the fake by Celebrity Babylonand you can hear these idiots here

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson broke up, so did Jessica Simpson and John Mayer....Boring...